Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Combustible T-Cross (Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter) & Explosion in NYC

Astrology transits tell stories.  Here is one of those stories.

I sometimes dabble in mundane astrology and today when I saw a news headline about a gas explosion in NYC that left buildings in rubble, I automatically thought of the current Cardinal T-Cross with Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto between 10 and 13 degrees.  NYC's Sun is at 10 degrees Capricorn (11 if you round it off) and it's AC is at 9 degrees Libra. The Aries Moon is at 26 degrees experiencing a Mars in Libra at 26 degrees opposition. Also transiting Neptune in Pisces squares NYC's Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius.

I will write more on this later and I'm leaving a link to an article about the event after the chart.  I think this event emphasizes that planets, especially outer planets play roles in major events.  Transiting Mars is also squaring NYC's North Node at 27 degrees Capricorn. North Nodes represent fateful events and Capricorn rules legacies and events we don't soon forget.

I think what has happened is that the outer planets in the T-Cross formation set the event up, and then transiting Mars (even though it is RX) triggered the explosion.  Neptune which rules gas and vapor is currently at 5 degrees Pisces and as mentioned earlier, it square Saturn (structure) and Uranus (unexpected and sudden events such as explosions) which are both in Sagittarius.

A past historic event in New York City's past plays a role here too, something to do with a previous wound, perhaps the 9-11 Twin Towers plays a role.  Transiting Saturn Retrograde conjuncts NYC's Chiron which brings up a wound from the past that needs release and healing now.  A sextile with transiting Saturn in Scorpio and NYC's Mercury in Capricorn (22 degrees) suggests that this healing will come through conversations and other communication.  Unfortunately, this talk could come off as too aggressive laced with outrage since transiting Saturn inconjuncts NYC's Moon in Aries.  This would come off as a minor irritation and would block healing efforts.

Since transiting Mars and Saturn are both retrograde, I wonder if a warning about the event came at the end of February for Mars and on March 1st for Saturn.  Since Saturn is in Scorpio, could someone have kept this information from the public? It will be interesting to see how this event plays out in the news and what comes up during investigation of the cause of the leak and the infrastructure involved with the event.

Here's NYC's chart found on Astro Data Bank:

 (News Article)

Transit Chart for Event which took place on March 12, 2014 (9:30 a.m.)  I'm using NYC natal chart as a reference point.  You could also do an event chart with the location NYC.

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