Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Expect the Unexpected...April 2014 Forecast

Don't be an April fool, lay low this month, practice self-care and refrain from arguments...

If at all possible, put off negotiations, surgery, major events, travel until May or at least the last week of April when the Sun and Mercury move into stable Taurus.  April is going to feel like fireworks even to the most steely and resilient among us. On the other hand, for those who crave adventure or initiation by fire, will probably roll with the punches and tell their stories later.  The Grand Cardinal Cross and the Lunar Eclipse at Libra 25 degrees signal a time of great change and transformation with resistance pushing back.  However, the planets in water and earth signs bring us relief throughout the month as does the Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 9 degrees on April 29.

On April Fool's Day, we experience the lingering Aries New Moon, Sun and Uranus square off with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer.  The next day, the Aries Sun conjuncts Uranus exact and fireworks will explode launching one of the most intense months we have experienced in a long time.  Aries is a fire-starter and fires come in many forms from volatile relationships, a tantrum at the job site that leads to loss of employment, an argument that causes a rift in an intimate relationship, or the sparks of a new business venture.  But this isn't a time to push the envelope, something Aries energy loves to do.  Others will push back and it could get ugly.

Remember these three words, Kindness, Compassion, and Generosity.  We could add tolerance to the list. This is also a good time to get physical exercise to work off tension and irritations which if not dealt with, could quickly transform into inflammation and disease. Head injuries, stomach problems such as ulcers or heartburn, skin rashes, tooth problems etc could erupt now, if we don't deal with extra tension in the home and workplace (not to mention on the planet) which is why self-care is crucial this month.  Remember, if we don't take care of our basic health needs, then we won't be able to help anyone else.  Don't put off taking care of health concerns because of a busy schedule. Prioritize a healthy mind and body by clearing out repressed emotions, asserting yourself etc in a healthy way.  Meaning, don't yell at the kids to relieve stress. Go for a walk instead.

I already covered the eclipses in a previous post, April's Eclipses so let's look at the Cardinal Grand Cross and then the flowing transits in April that bring us relief.  The Grand Cross which we'll call GC begins on April 1st with Sun/Moon/Uranus in Aries squaring Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun conjuncts Uranus exact on April 2nd as mentioned earlier, squares Jupiter exact on April 1 and squares Pluto exact on April 3.  The Moon in Cancer conjuncts Jupiter on April 6-7 and takes its place in the cross, most likely bringing up food security issues and issues around mothering and mothers.

April 8th marks another red-flag day with Mercury transiting into Aries, and Jupiter squaring Uranus exact.  On the 14th, Pluto turns retrograde so now it will backtrack over previous degrees bringing up unresolved issues.  It's time to start a reassessment of themes in the area of the chart where Pluto transits or where Capricorn is on the cusp.  The following day, we experience a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra conjuncting the North Node (fate) giving this eclipse much power.  The following days (16 and 17), Mercury joins the Cardinal GC with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto exact at 13 degrees and Mars in Libra forming the final leg at 15 degrees.  Mars is at 13 on the 23rd and we experience a GC with all four legs at 13 degrees.

Let's take a look at that.  Mars in Libra RX could be waving a peace banner, while Jupiter in Cancer deals with mothers, children and food issues, not to mention represents Cancerian nations such as the United States, Canada, Vietnam or even cities and towns with a Cancer Sun (such as my hometown).  Meanwhile, Pluto represents big government, banks, financial institutions, corporations and in Capricorn also represents rumblings  beneath the earth that result in volcanic activity and earthquakes (we're already seeing this happening in the Pacific Rim) and finally Uranus in Aries represents a volatile attitude of the populace who feels fed up and has had enough of big government, underhanded deals etc...And on a more positive note, Uranus in Aries could represent new technology such as with renewable energy that levels the playing field or maybe the square off with Jupiter and Uranus bring a fair food distribution system.  This GC hangs tough until the end of the month, but wait, there is relief on the way.

The first transits to bring relief include Mercury Trine Saturn during the first week though this will cause us to put on our thinking cap and do some investigative work around health, work or other personal as well as, global issues.  Try not to play the shame and blame game as we uncover secrets or information that feels like hot potatoes in our hands. Mercury in Pisces helps us to feel and express compassion, kindness and hold off on judgements during the first week. Jupiter trines Neptune with a 5 degree orb the first week which causes us to seek spiritual solutions for mundane problems as well as, to break through limitations by confronting our fears. Jupiter also trines Chiron which causes us to accept the wounds we cannot change and to develop spiritual grace because of those wounds.

The Cancer Moon trines Venus in Pisces as Venus heads into a new sign on April 6.  The Moon also conjuncts Jupiter who will expand on beauty, grace, and health of the body.  This is a good day to tackle those dietary issues, but do so with love and not fear.  I like what Michelle Patterson says on her Angel Souls Oracle video for April about not acting negative around food.  She recommends that we stop telling ourselves about we "can't" eat and just make wiser choices by focusing on what we can eat.  In other words, cut the drama and enjoy your food.  The conclusion I reached about food phobias is that eating a little bit of gluten that you blessed is safer than eating something without gluten if fear or obligation are attached to it. Fear is not good for digestion and causes inflammation in the body. If we want to eliminate anything from our diet, let it be FEAR. Enough said.

Chiron in Pisces continues its sextile with Pluto in Capricorn bringing us personal transformation as we explore collective wounds in our societies or generational groups.  This is especially true for people born in the 1960s or even the stellium group that Donna Cunningham mentioned in an earlier interview of the Capricorn Triple Conjunction folks born between 1988-90.  Towards the end of the month Neptune forms a wide sextile with Pluto (6 degree orb) in which we will see the world structures spiritualized.  Expect some about faces around this time where people or entities we never thought would have a change of heart do so in a powerful manner.(April 24-30).

Finally, the Sun moves out of fiery Aries into secure Taurus on the 21st and we start off with a Sun-Moon trine with the Moon in Capricorn.  We will feel like our feet are back and securely on the ground.  Or oddly, we could experience earthquakes that day or old structures crumbling to make way for the new.  Mercury moves into Taurus on the 24th bringing even more grounding.  Other flowing aspects include Sun sextile Neptune from the 23 to 30 (grounding our dreams into reality), Sun sextile Jupiter on the 29 onward and Sun conjunct Mercury from the 24 to the 30th.  And I would like to emphasize that I see the Solar Eclipse as a positive event that ultimately will bring us stability but built on higher ground. (We could also deal with water contamination issues in some parts of the world, especially if an earthquake, hurricane or other type of disaster occurs).

For anyone who catches a viral or other type of infection or is in an accident that lands them in bed, don't think of this as a punishment.  The Universe finds ways to keep us out of our own way.  When we look back later, we realize that we got sick to keep us out of worst trouble, especially for people with a pushy personality during a time when pushing could get us killed.  Don't push any agendas or take any foolish chances in April. Hold off on important decisions and focus on taking care of the health or self-care.  Spend as much time alone, especially in meditation as possible.  Remember to breathe and get some necessary physical exercise (even taking the dog for a walk around the block a few times).

Finally, remember these words: Kindness, Generosity and Compassion.  Say those under your breath as a mantra if that keeps you focused.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it comes during the final week of the month.  In the meantime, we get new opportunities to develop soul mastery and show up as our authentic selves. (Also watch uplifting or peaceful movies and listen to music for stress release. See Whole Music Experience for more info).

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