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April's Eclipses--Door Opening to Soul Mastery

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
April's Eclipses and transits reflect on being in the right place at the right time or straying into the danger zone...These transits fall nothing short of Soul Mastery.

I'm still in the process of downloading information about April's transits.  And I will say two things in advance.  First, April's transit aren't for the feint of heart because they involve soul mastery at a high level.  Second, the walls will tumble down for anyone living in denial, addiction, escapism, or still pining for people, situations, etc and not facing the music.  We have had at least two decades of opportunities for soul development and too many people decided to sleep at the wheel instead of walking the path to mastery.  The good news is we have two weeks to get our mind body souls on the right path, to take the time to heal our deepest wounds, to remove obstacles from our paths, and to call on Divine Powers such as angels, saints, ascended masters to work with us.

Some humans have chose to hang out at the metaphorical disco and bliss their minds out--partying hard, feeding addictions, and living in illusions.  These folks have little chance of surviving upcoming transits.  Some humans have misunderstood the Law of Attraction and decided to selfishly pursue a life of riches beyond their wildest dreams without taking care of their spiritual house, meaning, they pursued materialism above everything else.  Some folks have not done the work on themselves such as developing self-love and instead focus on meeting their soulmate without realizing that high level soul relationships don't occur until both parties are evolved to handle high level spiritual energy.  You can't do that by fantasizing and constructing vision boards only.  You have to heal the wounds first and honor your soul.  No one, soul mate or not, wants to play the role of rescuer.  That only happens in Hollywood movies and romance novels.  This is real life.

Before I mention the upcoming eclipses, I want to tell you that it's not too late to get on the path to self-mastery.  Start a meditation practice if you don't already have one.  Use meditation CDs or DVDs or listen to guided meditations online such as at YouTube or many spiritual websites.  Get energy clearing done on your mind body spirit, DNA cleansing, emotional release, and get professional help for dealing with addiction.  This isn't a time to party hard, but a time to wake up and discover true paths for this lifetime.  Learn Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, take yoga classes to align the body with spirit.  And if all else, pray for guidance and it will show up immediately.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Refrain from using negative words.  Refrain from ranting about social issues and world problems.  Refrain from focusing on hopeless situations and sinking into despair.  Refrain from repressing anger because it could turn into violent acts (especially around the April 15 eclipse and Grand Cardinal Cross-Square).  Refrain from watching the news, which is fear-based anyway. Refrain from hanging out with negative soul-sucking people, which seems like my equivalent to hell. Kick anything or anyone who isn't serving you to the curb.  That's the Pluto lesson.

As a remedy to violence and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, practice kindness and generosity.  Cultivate compassion.  Listen to high frequency music such as sacred chants, sound healing CDs, some types of classical music such as Mozart, Bach, Renaissance sacred chants or Indigenous music (traditional).  Spend time in the natural world, sink your feet into the earth, allow the rays of the sun to penetrate your skin, and bless the earth with every step.  Most important develop your intuitive skills (everyone has them) and then listen to inner guidance while acting on it.

These last two weeks of March are not about manifestation, but about developing soul power and pure intention. Both Mars and Saturn turned retrograde which suggest that setting and achieving goals now represent futile efforts.  There are times to plant, times to harvest and times to contemplate and times to prepare.  Now represents a time to prepare for the upcoming transits.  We can't avoid this time of mastery given to us by the planets.  And we actually don't want to avoid this time of mastery since we birth a new planet and lift ourselves to a higher dimension.  We have Divine Help which comes when we prove our commitment to soul mastery and ask for guidance.

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The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 25 degrees Libra (Moon) and Aries (Sun) on April 15 (Tax Day in the US).  A Grand Cross (Square) accompanies the Lunar Eclipse with both the eclipse and the Grand Cross falling in Cardinal Signs.  Add to that, several planets join the Grand Cross. So let's look at the Cross first.  Mercury and Uranus in Aries square Jupiter in Cancer (12 degrees) and Pluto in Capricorn.  We can also pull in the Libra Moon before it eclipses (when it's 11 to 15 degrees) into leg of the cross.  Uranus/Mercury and Pluto form an exact square at 13 degrees.  Mars in Libra is retrograde at 16 degrees, but having seen the power of this Mars with recent events in NYC, don't under estimate Mars potential to knock over the cart. He means business.

We receive help from Chiron which sextiles Pluto and trines Jupiter, but again, we are looking at healing old wounds so we can move forward.  Neptune also forms a wide trine of a 6 degree orb to help us with our transformation process.  The danger here is that people who feel unable to handle the intensity of the eclipse and Grand Cross will escape into addiction and denial or act out violently towards self and others.  The other route available revolves around embarking on a spiritual path and asking for spiritual guidance.  Hence the spiritual mastery earlier in this post.

Pluto goes retrograde two days before the eclipse. We'll see how that plays out since Pluto will be stationary during the shadow of the eclipse.  Venus in Pisces brings some relief since it trines Jupiter and forms a sextile with Pluto.  Again, I'm seeing the theme of self-honoring playing out. We need to explore all the ways we can honor self, others and the planet.  When we honor ourselves, we honor everything.  This feels like the opposite of enabling people and co-dependent relationships, which the transits won't put up with any longer.  Release guilt and feelings of obligations that leave you feeling heavy and depressed.

April 16 and 17 (shadow of the eclipse) also look intense with Jupiter lining up exact with Pluto and Uranus and Mars still in orb of the Grand Cross.  I actually don't see relief coming until the Sun transits into Taurus on the 21st when it trines the Capricorn Moon and then Mercury transiting into Taurus three days later.  Now, for all of us who have survived the Grand Cross and Lunar Eclipse, will experience a respite with the Solar Eclipse on April 29.

Archangel Gabriel
The Taurus Moon ruler Venus now at 25 degrees Pisces trines Saturn in Scorpio (20 degrees). The Sun in Taurus trines Neptune (7 degrees Pisces) and forms an exact trine on the previous day.  Mars separates from the Grand Cross slowly and by May 8 completes the separation though still leaving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in a T-Cross.  However, Jupiter has moved one degree and is no longer in exact orb with Uranus and Pluto.

To sum up the Lunar and Solar Eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse brings a series of tests and initiations into soul mastership.  Whatever we refused to clear away or heal in the past rears heads now and we can either fight a battle with a relentless dragon called ego or we can surrender to the Divine in each of us.  This Lunar Eclipse represents a crossroads where one road leads to more fear/limitation and violence and the other road leads to soul mastery and entry into a higher dimension.  Soul Mastery takes effort and a willingness to give our lives over to the Divine.

The Solar Eclipse at Taurus/Scorpio at 9 degrees brings respite with several earth-water sign sextiles and water trines as well as, a Moon-Sun Trine in the Earth Element.  I actually see the 4 of Wands card from the Tarot deck with people celebrating a victory in a sunny garden.  The Solar Eclipse occurs on the 29th which breaks down to an "11" which is one of the Master Numbers of numerology that to some mystics represents a door opening to a higher dimension and to others represents Ascended Masters coming to our aid.

Lastly, I received the message that all of us have received warnings or alerts of areas we need to work on in our lives (in recent days). For instance, I received the message for myself to stop multitasking and be careful when cooking food.  I burned out a toaster oven this past week.  Each of us has received different warnings in the form of taking better care of health, paying attention to the needs of loved ones and are own needs and to stop working so hard because we have a guilt-induced work ethic.  Could be anything.  Pay attention and then act accordingly so that you avoid traumas and dramas in April.  Tune into your Higher Self and Divine Guides to navigate through the quagmires of April's Eclipses and transits.

Total Lunar Eclipse,  25 degrees, April 15, 3:46 a.m. EDT

Solar Eclipse, 9 degrees (rounded off), April 29, 2:04 a.m. EDT

If you need help with soul navigation and the message of the transits, I'm taking limited appointments in April.  Book early.  Long distance readings are by money orders only unless you are a returning client, then you can send a check as payment.

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