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Virgo--Even if it's not broken, allow me to fix it...

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When the Sun and Mercury moved into Virgo on August 22 and 23, we might have experienced a lesson in humility.  No matter our life work or life path, suddenly we took stock of needed improvements.  Perhaps when the Sun and Mercury traveled through Leo we felt a grandiose sense of self and our unlimited talents spewed forth like an overactive volcano.  We felt confident, courageous and even generous, but then when the Sun and Mercury moved into Virgo, the sun suddenly hid behind a cloud and our view seemed hazy.

Virgo energy wants to fix and perfect, even when something isn't broken yet because Virgo energy causes us to worry about all the things that could go wrong.  For authors that means going over that text that flowed so easily and readily during the Leo cycle and cutting out anything that doesn't belong in the text.  Virgo energy asks us to look at our values and beliefs while holding them up to scrutiny.  Virgo energy cleans house, organizes and prepares for the colder months ahead.  Virgo energy concludes the summer season and prepares us for the changes that occur during the autumn season.  With Virgo energy it's time to balance the books, pay outstanding bills, fix any broken appliances as well as, clear up any communication that went haywire during the fun summer months.

Since Virgo is polar opposite to Pisces, Virgo delves into its spiritual side and looks for practical ways to serve the world.  This might involve stepping away from the world and going off on a pilgrimage or participating in a silent retreat to find answers within.  But Virgo can also roll up the sleeves and get involved in healing work, helping the neighbors get their lives together, or participating with a charity.  Since Virgo rules Mercury along with Gemini, the Virgo energy might wish to get involved with communication (online, radio, or print).  Or Virgo might wish to work behind the scenes proofreading and editing copy.

If your Sun, Rising Sign or Moon is in Virgo, you are here to perfect and fix what is broken and even what isn't broken yet.  If you are a member of the Pluto in Virgo Generation and also have Uranus in Virgo (in 1968, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus were all in Virgo) then you want to join others of your generation and come up with practical solutions to solving world problems. This could be inventions of new software, or renewable energy technologies.  This could also include learning new ways of farming sustainably in urban environments.  Virgos have solutions and these solutions work.

Look for the House in your chart with Virgo on the cusp and that's where you want to fix and perfect. This is where you desire to serve the Greater Good, this is where you strive for pure thoughts and clarity.  Virgo is represented by the maiden or virgin, but this could also imply that we need to return to our own place of innocence before we became jaded, cynical, and nit-picky.  The Virgo sector of our chart is also where we need space to breathe, think and just be.  For instance if we have Virgo in the Fourth House we will want to live alone and work at home undisturbed.  We would also want a clean, organized, and efficient home and settle for nothing less than what meets our ideals.

Virgo in the 8th House would imply that we delve into our subconscious mind to clean up and clear unworkable patterns and beliefs.  We would criticize those sources or entities that provide for us financially whether that support comes from a spouse, family member or the government.  This Virgo placement also wants to do everything for him or herself and work hard, even martyr oneself to succeed financially.  This Virgo placement plays guilt games saying things, "Do I have to do everything myself?"  "I will give you my last dollar, but..." And we end up feeling guilty and resentful here as the recipient and giver of this guilt.

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Virgo has a bad reputation that I believe is undeserved.  Sunny Leo with his fun and creative spirit is a hard act to follow! And here comes the maiden-nurse-hermit onto the scene carrying a clipboard of everything that's wrong with the world and needs fixing.  However, Virgo also brings with her a refreshing flush of innocence like the child coming indoors with rose cheeks and twigs in her hair after romping around in nature.  Virgo is wholesome and teaches us how to eat better diets, clean up our homes and organize our lives.  Whereas Pisces gets lost in drug-induced fog or escapes into impossible dreams, Virgo brings the practical know-how approach by achieving a dream step by step and plan by plan.  Virgo offers us a map and secure footing.  And while our last days of summer take on a sober quality, at least we know we are heading in the right direction.

Ah, one other thing to watch out for now, is self-judgment and self-criticism.  Remember that self-judgment only leads to self-negation and loathing.  Be easy on yourself now.  Fix what needs fixing and leave the rest alone.  And accept yourself as a divine work-in-progress.

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