Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mercury--One-word wonder or gift of gab

The Magician represents Mercury
We all communicate from grunts, to one-word responses, to the vehement NO! of a toddler going through his terrible two period to soapbox rants and the charming diplomacy.  Our Mercury placement by sign and house determines our communication style, as well as, our intellect and learning style.  Mercury represents the messenger in the Zodiac and when Mercury goes retrograde we end up shooting the messenger.  Consider that all the planets (except the luminaries Sun and Moon) retrograde. Mars retrogrades every two years for two months, sometimes staying up to four months in a single sign as it did the summer of 2005 in Taurus.  The outer planets spend 4 to 6 months of the year retrograde, and yet most people only notice when Mercury goes retrograde and they curse poor Quick Silver.

Mercury is a small, quick planet that revolves closely around the Sun.  It's close to Venus too. And I can't tell you why this planet represents communication, the media, the messenger-reporter, education and intellect, but it does.  And when you learn the sign that your best friend or spouse's Mercury lands in and read the description of their communication style, you slap the side of your head and laugh--"No, wonder he communicates with bullish grunts or no wonder she's passive-aggressive and always tells me I look nice when I really look like crap! The spouse has his Mercury in Taurus and the friend has her Mercury in Libra.  And it's a good thing to know people's communication styles based on their Mercury placement because you can't change how someone communicates even if you send them to a university and force them to major in communications.  The strong silent type will remain the strong silent type, the ranter will continue to rally against societal ills and the Virgo Mercury will continue to nitpick.  Get used to it.

So let's go around the Zodiac (as I listen to the Cuban classic, Guantanamara belted out by the late Celia Cruz) and visit the 12 styles of communication.  Find Mercury in your natal chart by sign and house.  Then check for aspects to other planets because this adds shades to your Mercury. Many people have Mercury conjunct Sun and when this happens the person is subjective identifying strongly with his or her thoughts.  Most people I know have their Sun and Mercury in the same sign with a 5 degree or less orb, but occasionally I view a chart with the Sun and Mercury in different signs, as when Mercury is retrograde.

When Mercury falls in Aries or the First House (ruled by Aries), the native with this Mercury speaks with confidence (even faked confidence) and bravado.  This person thinks he or she should come first in your life and they come first in their own lives.  They speak with enthusiasm laced with naivety as they rush out the door with their head way out in front of their body, as if they would smash their ram horns through the door.  I exaggerate.  This person however, speaks from a place of strength and courage--a true warrior.

When Mercury falls in Taurus or the Second House, the native with this placement either speaks in grunts, one-word responses or possesses the Venusian charm of Audrey Hepburn and speaks in a sensual voice about sensational experiences.  Mercury in Taurus falls must fall in the charts of public speakers, radio hosts with suave voices, and vocalists since Taurus rules the throat and Mercury rules communication.  So stop grunting already and speak up please.

When Mercury falls into the co-ruler Gemini or the Third House, you can't get this native to shut up.  If they're not talking to you, they're talking to them self or to the non-stop radio or television.  This native changes his or her mind a lot, can argue both sides of an issue (confusing the person who they debate with), recite the daily news to you like a reporter. Oh, and they love reporting even in the form of gossip about this or that neighbor. And similar to Mercury in Virgo (the other co-ruler of this planet), Mercury in Gemini can nag us to death.  The dark side of Mercury in Gemini is the complainer, but if this Mercury experiences any oppositions with planets in Sagittarius, at least the complaints are laced in satire.   My advice to Mercury in Gemini write a newspaper column, blog or set up your own soapbox in Trafalgar Square.

When Mercury falls into Cancer or the Fourth House, this native conveys moods and emotions dripping with tears. You will need to bring a hanky when you meet one of these folks when they're in a sad and sentimental mood. They want you to feel what they feel or if you feel sad or disappointed, they want to mother you until you feel better.   They use the statement, "I feel" and have no problem conveying how they feel when communicating to you, unless they confuse your emotions with their own.  Think of Meryl Streep winning an Oscar in another tragic movie and you get the drift.

When Mercury falls in Leo, the native speaks with enthusiasm about creative and heartfelt things.  He or she speaks like the king or queen that they are and they steal the spotlight so please forgive them.  They roar when they're are angry and act as demanding as a two-year old when they don't get their way or you forget to validate them.  Oh, but they can also boost your confidence with kind and generous words.  Like a stage mother they might just push you into the spotlight.

When Mercury falls in Virgo or the Sixth House, this native has little time for gab because he or she has work to do, or a to-do list to ramble through or a problem to fix.  This poor harried soul is rushing the kids off to soccer practice while multitasking with their social networks, that is if he or she isn't the hermit (leave-me-alone-in-my-cave type).  Mercury in Virgo means well but they tend to nag, nitpick and perfect you.  This is because they feel insecure about their own abilities which they project on to you.

When Mercury falls in Libra or the Seventh House, the talk is about us, about partnership and getting along.  This Mercury oozes charm, has a lovely speaking voice (Venus) and can sway you to their side of the argument without ever raising their voice. They aim for balance, peace, and diplomacy. Think elegant and sophisticated Parisian.

When Mercury falls in Scorpio or the Eighth House expect more conspiracy theory and dark secrets to emerge.  These folks like to appear on the fringe and invisible so that they can spy on you. They are spies in the house of love and share resources (or other people's resources).  They won't divulge their tax return or income to you, but they might tell you all about their sex life and exploits.  Expect communication of a darker variety.  Goth anyone?

When Mercury falls in Sagittarius or the Ninth House, we all let out a sigh of relief and then join the native in laughter as we enjoy belly laughs and rolling in hysterics on the floor.  These are the comedians who reveal satire on every corner and area of life on the planet.  Even their religious humor is ribald and their foreigner humor off color, but we forgive these folks as they philosophies into the wee hours while you sit on a plane beside them.  They won't dwell on details as they expand upon the bigger picture.

When Mercury falls in Capricorn or the Tenth House, these natives speak in ambitious terms and serious tones, but look closely and you will find some black dog humor underneath those stooped shoulders.  These folks are serious, conservative and quiet leaders. While they enjoy winning arguments and being right, they can also hide in solitude while sporting the humility of a monk. Mercury in Capricorn don't enjoy socializing and they usually have some work to do somewhere or networking with the right people as they climb their way to the top of the big old mountain.

When Mercury falls in Aquarius or the Eleventh House (yeah, I'm almost to the end of this long post), this native seems at odds with everyone else in the room. They're the only one wearing a suit in a room full of hippies or the only hippie hanging out with Wall Street types. They use shocking words and provocative language on purpose or they electrify a crowd with their speech, not through passion or enthusiasm, but through a humanitarian spirit.  They speak of brotherhood and sisterhood and invite you to the next peace rally.  They care even if their air sign qualities give them a certain detachment and everyone's their friend, not just you.

When Mercury falls in Pisces or the Twelfth House, the native either comes across as wishy washy and as slippery as a freshly caught salmon or speaks like a dolphin (joking).  These folks speak about dreams, and visions as if everyone experiences them.  They speak about far out things and slip in and out of dimensions, sometimes channeling the words they speak to you.  They drift in and out of conversations, going off on tangents and leaving the other person feeling as lost as them.  They have big dreams, but they don't know how to articulate those dreams unless they have a well-placed Mercury (such as in the Third or Tenth houses). Too bad they're swimming in two opposite directions.  The world could really use these folks' compassion and grace.

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