Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dancin' with Neptune (Neptune in Pisces partnering with other planets)

Neptune is on my mind.  Not only does this planet represent spiritual ascension, but we are all receiving a double-dose of Neptune as the planet transits in Pisces until 2025.  But what happens when Neptune in Pisces conjuncts the other planets?  Do the people with those Neptune conjunctions, experience spiritual breakthroughs or psychological breakdowns? How do we navigate the sometimes choppy waters of Neptune when he represents the vast deepness of an ocean while also offering a wellspring of faith?

I think this depends on the soul's evolution, a person's life circumstances up to this point, and the planet Neptune is conjuncting, but I believe that Neptune transforms the area of the chart where it transits by dissolving belief systems and patterns represented in that part of the chart.  In doing this, Neptune leaves people feeling temporary lost, drifting out to sea, and with no hopes of returning to the same shore. With outer planet transits in general, our lives are transformed in one way or another.  We might find ourselves divorced, widowed unexpectedly, without stable employment, or pursuing a lifelong dream because we feel we have nothing left to lose.  But most importantly outer planets (with their long transits) seem more detached from the outcome and more patient with our transformation.  We're going to get there when we get there and it's most likely not to a destination we originally envisioned.

So let's look at Neptune as this planet conjuncts the Rising Sign, MC, and the other planets in a chart.  These transits last around three years so we have ample time to learn the lessons that come up, and with Neptune, "let go and let God."

When Neptune crosses the Rising Sign, it's transiting out of the 12th house (spirituality, invisibility, transcendence, and all the other situations associated with Pisces and Neptune) into the First House of identity and how other people see us.  We will feel and even come across as wishy-washy, unformed, and we struggle to remain visible in the world.  Remember that the bottom half of a chart is the private sector and the top part of the chart is the public sector.

We might completely dissolve our old self and reinvent ourselves with Neptune in the First House or we might identify with a career that falls under Pisces such as cinema, a healing profession or music.  But we won't act realistically and at this point in the transit we just toy with the idea, visualize what we would like to manifest, and explore our new passion, but privately.  Once Neptune transits into the Third House or conjuncts Mercury, we will take the next action which is to get educated in the area that interests us and communicate to others our visions.

Neptune in the First House is an uncomfortable time where it's hard to bring practicality to a dream or vision.  Teaming up with a Saturn type (in a managerial role) could help in grounding a vision into reality while pointing out the next steps in the process.  How realistic is your dream? How realistic are you about your actual skills and talents? What actions are you taking or are you just talking without acting?  You also need to be careful not to use your glamor to charm others since Neptune in the First House is a bit of an alluring trickster who can promise rainbows and never deliver them.

However, when Neptune is in the 12th and First houses it is a good time to take up a meditation or spiritual practice, take a yoga class or with the proper experience start teaching yoga classes.  This is a time when a person could start feeling more compassionate for him or herself, forgive the bitterness of the past, especially recent experiences when Neptune transited through the 12th House.  This person might have healed addictions during that time, made amends with people she or he hurt in the past and forgiving his or herself for the addiction and situations related to it.  The person could have suffered a mental breakdown, a loss of identity that was tied in with a career or ideal or just the opposite experienced a series of transcendental moments that changed his or her life.

When Neptune conjuncts the Sun, the ego feels as if its melting away and since the ego does not wish to merge or join unity consciousness, it will sabotage any efforts a person with the Neptune Sun conjunction in regard to spiritual pursuits. While the Sun represents a big heart, it also longs to hold the center of attention and here comes Neptune to question that.  Neptune feels like a watery grave to the Sun who just wants to shine, be noticed, and experience love reciprocated.  So here you have a push pull effect of hot and cold; fiery/passionate and spiritually non-attachment.  Neptune wants to teach forgiveness, compassion, and merging into the unknown which feels impersonal to the Sun/ego.

But this could also create a situation where a person seen as a celebrity or guru of some kind teaches true compassion while learning how to express compassion for him or herself first.  Here you have the celebrity yoga instructor touring the international circuit and spreading light, compassion and other spiritual principles.  Here you have the movie maker or musician sharing an epiphany with the world on a grand scale or a big stage with bright lights.  You also find the vegan preaching compassionate eating, and the animal rights advocate who identifies too strongly with her or his cause to the point of alienating others.  One needs to stay grounded with any Neptune conjunction, but with a Neptune transit conjuncting a natal Sun, we need sign posts in the form of other people's reactions to our ideas and actions.

When Neptune conjuncts the Natal Moon, we find ourselves in deeper water and we must wade if not swim through emotions surfacing from our subconscious.  We feel a turbulence, if not tidal wave of beliefs and patterns surfacing that we must question and delete from our minds if these beliefs and patterns don't serve us.  We return to our childhood wounds and question the lessons attached to them and I can attest (since Neptune is transiting on my Moon/Saturn) that we cry a lot in a purging fashion and anything can trigger those tears or old childhood wounds.  We feel compulsive and deeply intuitive.  We read people like books and know their motives, or alternately, we seek ideal partners or people in our lives or project our ideals on to someone as if they were a movie screen. Emotional boundaries dissolve and we just want to surrender, but we need to discern how, when and where we surrender.

When transiting Neptune conjuncts Mercury, we become a spokesperson most likely in the realm of spirituality or we fool ourselves into thinking we are a guru who was born to save the planet.  We might find ourselves attempting communication with whales or dolphins, studying esoteric music practices, or making otherworldly movies to get our message out into the world.  But with a true adept, this conjunction could bring some kind of salvation to the planet and certainly compassion is conveyed in written or spoken word.  For those people who love music, this is a wonderful time to launch a community radio show featuring music or a Blog Talk radio show revolving around spiritual topics.  The key words are: Spirituality, messenger, message, education, and transcendence through communication.

When transiting Neptune conjuncts Mars, we see the spiritual warrior or someone experiencing one spiritual breakthrough after another.  We have lots of physical energy and drive for pursuing yoga, walking pilgrimages, or for spiritual studies.  Our Mars softens even more when the watery planet conjuncts it and here we have someone who is passionate about compassion, darn it.

When transiting Neptune conjuncts Venus, well, think Elizabeth Taylor who was a Pisces sex symbol or a glamorous Hollywood actress.  Here glamor and allure combine with compassion and service to others.  We find that our feminine side wants to use its sex appeal to promote animal rights, raise money for people with AIDS, or to help starving children in Africa.  Beauty becomes the trap as it spins illusions, but beauty also captivates the attention of the populace who we can sway towards a greater cause.

When transiting Neptune conjuncts Jupiter, we think expansive spiritual concepts.  We suddenly find ourselves teaching our life lessons to students, sometimes thousands of students around the world.  This is if we don't have the sudden urge to chuck out our day to day life, sell the house, quit the job and travel the world with just a backpack full of our belongings.  We're not realistic, but we long to surrender to God or whoever we think is in charge of this Grand Scheme we call life.  We feel a calling, synchronicity haunts us, and we search for a deeper meaning through travel, exploring higher education or religion.  We think the answer we seek is somewhere over there instead of in our own hearts.

When Neptune transits Saturn, we feel structure dissolving including a career we worked at for decades. Parents could die, authority figures could lose their grip on our psyches and just like with other Neptune conjunction we feel lost and empty.  We are like the fetus in the womb, still unformed and slowly manifesting into human structure of bones, sinew, etc  We don't break rules, but we watch them dissolve along with all the structure we have ever known and trusted.  We feel unstable and everything changes around us in a surreal fashion.  We experience strange dreams, want to escape into something that brings us comfort or a sense of grounding. We try to return to our old lives, but those lives no longer exists.  And we feel ourselves melting into oblivion.  The good news is once we complete this transit, we have a better idea of who we are and what we want out of life.  We will have forgiven ourselves for our perceived wrongs upon the world.  We now look at the world with maturity, grace and compassion for we know what is possible and what isn't.

If someone was born with Uranus in Pisces, they will experience a transiting Neptune conjunction with their natal Uranus.  This includes people born roughly 84 years ago (April 1919-April 1927, and Nov. 1927-Jan 1928) or for people born between 2003 and 2011 when Neptune transited into Pisces.

We actually experienced a Uranus and Neptune energy exchange when the planets were in mutual reception when Neptune was in Aquarius and Uranus was in Pisces (2003-2011).  We experienced radical and life-altering spiritual experiences, felt like we were on the cusp of the famed Aquarius Age, experienced breakthroughs in the realm of sound healing and music, how music affects the neural pathways of the brain, etc...Children born during this time seemed odd, even alien to us, but came bestowing gifts of genius, especially with technology and all of the arts. Genius wedded heightened intuitive gifts and the world felt electrified, if not just plain far out.

Neptune and Uranus energies from 1919-1927 would have also felt shocking with women in droves demanding their rights, especially to participate in democracy by voting.  Women bobbed their long hair, shortened the hem of their dresses considerably, smoked, led jazz bands in some cases, and this was also the time of breaking prohibition laws.  Life was a party for many until the stock market crash at the end of 1929 when Uranus was transiting in Aries (where it's currently transiting).

I don't have all the research to support this claim but since Pluto and Neptune are slow moving planets (Pluto takes 240 years to travel the Zodiac and Neptune takes 164 years) I doubt any of us will experience a Neptune/Pluto conjunction as a transit or as a Neptune transit to our natal Pluto within our life time.  The last Neptune/Pluto conjunction that occurred was in the 1880s in Gemini (and many of the cities in Washington State and Washington State itself were founded during this time).  I saw another date for 1399 for a Pluto/Neptune conjunction.  And certainly none of us will experience a Pluto or Neptune return during our life time.  No one alive has Pluto in Pisces at this time and only people born between 2011 and 2025 will have Neptune in Pisces.  These children are experiencing Neptune conjunct Neptune and it will be interesting to see how this transpires with this generation over the next few decades.  They will be a spiritual force to be dealt with when they come of age. I'm looking forward to this event.

For those of you interested in history and trends, I encourage you to research historic events in the 1880s and around 1399 to see if you find any themes.  Pluto wasn't discovered until the 1930s but it still would have had an effect on the planets events throughout history.

If you have an interest in Neptune or are familiar with outer planet conjunctions, feel free to leave comments here.  I am especially fond of Neptune and if you're in the Bellingham, Washington area and would like a reading for the outer planets in your chart, you can reach me at wholemusicexp at


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  2. I love using the Neptune tuning fork n the Hjuatu Jaji points, also with other tools, when working with the meridians. Tank you for this colorful article Patricia. I think I will read it one more time.

  3. I would love to work with planetary tuning forks. This is something I see myself doing.

    Thank you for sharing and for stopping by to read my article on Neptune. I love this planet's name too, Nep "tune" which to me is musical.