Friday, August 9, 2013

Outer Planet Transits--No one is off the hook

You probably have heard your astrologically-savvy friends or colleagues grumble about their Pluto/Uranus transits and thought, "I'm so fortunate, I'm not experiencing those planets."  However, even when these planets don't aspect our natal planets with oppositions, conjunctions or squares, we could still experience minor aspects to these planets, for instance if your Sun is in Leo or if any of your planets are in Leo around 7 to 12 degrees, you will experience an inconjunct with Pluto in Capricorn at this time, which feels like a big yield sign in front of your face.  Of course, your planets in Leo would also be experiencing a Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries, which would make you want to move forward even more, but at least keep your inspiration alive.

Or you might say my Sun and many of my planets are in Scorpio and not Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, and you still wouldn't get off the hook as far as transpersonal planet transits go.  You would experience a sextile between your Scorpio planets and Pluto in Capricorn at some point, but you would also experience an inconjunct (that yield sign in your face) with Uranus in Aries and there is that pesky business about Saturn in Scorpio for another year+.  When transiting Saturn conjuncts the Natal Sun, Moon, or other personal planets, life feels like a real grind and you just feel old.  With transiting Saturn conjunct Sun especially, you can feel bone weary and feel like you're living a life of hard knocks, but really what's happening is Saturn is preparing you for future transits such as the square or opposition to your Sun.

And even if you don't have any of the above aspects, the transpersonal planets are transiting somewhere in your chart.  These big guys (Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus) are occupying houses in your chart and each of the houses as its own themes and lessons that these planets trigger.  And I doubt there are any charts that have no planets with hard angle aspects to any of the transpersonal planets.  But for now, let's just look at a few examples of these planets (I refer to them as big guys, but you could also call them teachers), in various houses.

If Neptune falls into the Eighth House, then Pluto would fall in your Sixth House and Uranus in your Ninth House unless you have one of those strange charts with intercepted houses.  For the sake of this article let's use and Equal House chart.  Well, the Sixth House carries the themes of daily work, your daily routine, your health routine, your health, small pets, your home to some extent, especially if you work from your home and this house represents our service to others.

With Pluto in the Sixth House you could experience health problems, especially with those parts of the body represented by Scorpio/Pluto or Virgo which rules the Sixth House.  So you could have problems with your sex organs, bowel, intestines caused by stress from your daily routine.  With Pluto in the Sixth House you are asked to sacrifice those things in your routine that harm your health and prevent you from giving your service to others.  You will also need to give up a need for perfectionism and other nerve-wracking behaviors and strive for better communication with your loved ones and colleagues.

Now, combine all of that with transiting Neptune (in the sign of Pisces) in Scorpio's House (8th), which represents taxes, sex, psychology, other people's resources, soul mates or deeper partnerships.  Neptune dissolves what it touches, leaves us in the fog or wanting to merge with a higher power.  We either experience blind faith or lack of faith.  You could be forced to deal with any addictions or psychological hangups you have now which would free you to receive financial resources from others.  Or if you're not careful and you're living on blind faith (not acting realistic), you could find yourself cut off from a financial source of others.  You could be getting yourself further into debt thinking an inheritance will pay off your debt and then your inheritance never comes because of secret enemies who you erroneously thought were your allies.  Remember you're getting a double dose of Neptune when this planet is in its own sign, Pisces.

Alternately, you could uncover information by being vigilant at this time since the 8th House also represents detectives and secrets that are revealed, but with Neptune here try not to get lost in personal conspiracy theories or thinking the government or some authority is out to get you.  However, with Uranus in Aries in the Ninth House which represents you might want some sudden event, at least subconsciously, to break up your daily routine and liberate you.  Perhaps, you long to travel, but feel stuck in this idea of serving your friends, family, or community so you overwork yourself while dreaming of beaches in Hawaii or the lavender fields of Provence, France. And Neptune in the 8th House has you day dreaming too, but more likely about where you will come up with the financial resources to travel the world.

We can't predict what Uranus might do.  However, when you experience the ongoing square with Pluto in your Sixth, some how in the next few years, you will either purposefully change your daily routine, make improvements to your health, etc or Uranus will toss in the monkey wrench, so some sudden event, accident, or illness could stop you in your tracks and move you into the realm of contemplation.  Meaning, you'll suddenly have to stop whatever you're doing that is affecting your health adversely or not serving your soul's needs so that you can find your true calling in this life.

So pay attention to Neptune's dreams in the 8th House (keep a dream journal), work with an intuitive life coach and get in touch with the deepest parts of your soul which you have ignored because you have been stuck in your mundane daily routine for too long.  And so you see, these transpersonal planets are transforming your life and it is best to pay attention.

Suppose you have Pluto in your Fourth House, Neptune in the Sixth House and Uranus in the Seventh House.  If you are not following your soul path and taking care of your spiritual needs and if you are not paying attention to the subtle and not so subtle signs cropping up in your life, you will most likely experience some kind of disruption in the home or a business around partnership.  With Neptune transiting in the Sixth House, have you not seen the forest through the trees in regard to your daily work and office situation? Have you forgotten to pay attention to your health, have you eaten a healthy diet, have you placed trust where you shouldn't or have you worked yourself so hard that you have ignored the needs of your partner?

Neither Pluto or Uranus will put up with anything in your life that curbs your freedom or lacks integrity.  With Neptune transiting in the Sixth House it is easy to deceive ourselves around working too hard and then having too many drinks after work to relieve stress or just falling so deeply into a Neptune fog (Pisces rules the 12th House which is opposite of the 6th House ruled by Virgo).  If you're life has fallen out of balance, you will feel the repercussion of that when Uranus and Pluto form perfect squares highlighting your Fourth and Seventh Houses (Home, Mother, Partnerships, Contracts, Legal Matters).  So if you actually have the planets transiting in these houses in your chart, pay attention.

The good news is that these planets bring transformation of one kind or another and they all bring the transformation in different ways.  Not only that, we need to look at all the aspects and transiting planets in a chart to get the whole picture.  Perhaps, you have a well-placed transiting Venus and Jupiter in your chart to off-set the Pluto-Uranus Square.  And the current sextile between transiting Saturn and Pluto brings us the level of maturity we need to navigate these planetary waters.  But here is a rule of thumb to remember: Neptune dissolves what it touches, Uranus disrupts or blows up, and Pluto transforms in such a way, that we cannot return to our old life (it no longer exist).  Think of Pluto as a volcanic eruption or a nuclear bomb explosion that alters the landscape of your soul. No one on the planet is going to escape the transformation and awakening that are offered at this time (these planets will make sure of that).

However, by learning the energies of the planet, learning the themes of the houses, and learning about the aspects of the faster moving planets in our charts, we can at least carry a star map with us.  Each planet asks something different from us. Some offer us holidays in Hawaii with a gorgeous partner and others lock us in cloisters demanding that we learn the lessons.  And there are both sunny and shady parts in everyone's chart.  How can you know the good, if you don't know what you consider bad? How can you know lightness without experiencing darkness? Transformation is not something any of us can avoid.  It's a bumpy ride, but after a while, you cling to your map and you trust your inner guidance. And on the worst days, I recommend pulling out your favorite songs and listening to them on the repeat mode.

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