Friday, August 16, 2013

Approaching Harvest Time (personal planets playing switch-eroo signs)

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
As we enter mid-August, we can look forward to some changes of energy with the inner planets.  The Sun transits into Virgo on August 23 and our time in the spotlight or limelight ends leading us to think more about our life purpose and how we can serve the planet in some way.  Kids are thinking about going back to school, and university students soak in the last rays of summer before heading back to their studies.  The Sun in Virgo can either leaves us feeling nit-picky or we find something in our life to perfect, usually our health or work routine.  We might overwork during this time.

A day after the Sun moves into Virgo, Mercury follows so we could hear more complaints and nags than usual from ourselves and others.  Again, we want to perfect, but this time in the realm of communication since Virgo is a co-ruler of Mercury.  Our nerves might feel frazzled from all that socializing when Mercury and the Sun were dancing in Leo.  And now it's time to get back to business as usual.  Watch how you communicate with others, and make an effort not to come across as overly realistic or glum.  Now is a time of service and looking at ways we can serve the world better.

Ooh, la, la, Venus moves into Libra on August 17 bringing the glamor and sparkle back into our lives.  According to Mark Husson during his Power Peek Hour show (Hay House Radio) for this week, "when Venus goes into Libra suddenly people care what they look like."  Time to head to the beauty salon, wear nice clothing and no walking around in sweats and slippers in public, folks!  This Venus is diplomatic and she flits around from social gathering to social gathering.  She matches people up and the talk is about partnership and contracts.  And if it wasn't for the line-up of other planets (mainly Uranus and Pluto), it would be a good time for people to tie the knot.  At least get your haircut and polish your shoes.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Last, but not least, Mars moves out of Cancer and into Leo.  We can take a breather from all those sentiments we've been feeling and acting out.  Maybe the tears of anguish will stop now too, but let's be careful that we don't start acting like we have returned to our terrible twos.  Now, is a good time to set boundaries, but not a good time to cross our arms over our chest and refuse what needs to get done.  Remember Leo is a fixed sign and just like Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, Leos are stubborn.  If there's nothing in it for them, then they're out the door or won't get their butts out of the hammock.  Couple Leo with the Aries energy of Mars and we could have a lot of tantrums on our hands from children and adults.  So please refrain from whining, "I don't wanna!"  And you probably won't want to do a lot of things, but the Sun and Mercury and Virgo tell us that we have to and that it's our time to serve the planet and serve ourselves a plate of humble pie.

News for the outer planets--none of the outer planets are changing signs at this time (no surprises there).  Saturn and Jupiter are moving forward while Pluto, Uranus and Neptune continue to retrograde for the remainder of the summer. Pluto goes direct around the Equinox (September 20).  Other than that, expect status quo from the outer planets with planets in the 2 to 12 degree feeling the brunt of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto transits.  Enjoy the rest of your summer if you're in the Northern Hemisphere and your winter if you're in the southern half.  Most people reading this blog are from the Northern Hemisphere with a few from Down Under.

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