Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Fiery Dance of Egos (planets in Leo)

If you have been feeling burned out on all the drama happening around you look no further than Mercury, Sun, Ceres and Vesta's transits through Leo.  While this doesn't compare to actual stelliums we experienced with Pisces, Aries, Gemini and Cancer in previous months, we're still feeling leonine power, fire and drama at this time.  It's as Shakespeare once proclaimed that the world is indeed a stage, only we wish some folks would get off the stage already. Your 15 minutes of Warhol fame have ended.  I recall the Gong Show from the 1970s where a bad act could actually be booed and removed from the stage.  Enough already!

On August 19, a day before the Full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury and the asteroid Vesta formed an exact conjunction in Leo at 20 degrees (and we're still feeling this as I write this post) and further along at another 6 degrees Ceres conjuncting the Sun (our identity) in Leo.  During the Full Moon, we experienced a wide orb of two asteroids (Ceres and Vesta) and the Sun and Mercury opposing the detached Moon in the Water Bearer's sign (Aquarius).  Now, this could have showed up in a number of ways all involving women (Ceres and Vesta), communications (Mercury) and identity/ego, but also the heart-center (Sun) contrasting with a detached brotherhood/sisterhood or humanitarian efforts coming more from a place of pragmatism rather than emotions/feelings/compassion.  I'm certainly seeing more angry women than ever speaking if not shouting their truth.  And while all this is happening, I read about Saint Hildegard of Bingen and I'm now reading about St. Joan of Arc.  Vesta does represent virgins and who is more virginal than nuns and French maidens of the medieval era?

With Vesta we also want to keep our passions alive and burning despite what's going on in the outer world.  Remember that the vestal virgins remained indoors where they kept the vestal fires burning at a sacrifice to themselves for a greater cause.  And isn't this also what the Full Moon in Aquarius asks of all of us, women and men.  What do we need to sacrifice now that isn't serving our passion or anyone else around us?  Ceres conjunct Sun in Leo also refers directly back to self and in this case the harvesting of our grains through acts of self-love.  Ceres too speaks of sacrifice since she was the Goddess who lost her daughter who was abducted by Hades thus bringing the darker and barren months upon the earth (fall and winter).  In one astrology blog post I read the astrologer mentioned both a light and dark side of Ceres which I guess reflects on the grieving mother who takes her suffering out on the world and the mother who reunites with her daughter during the first light of spring.  Ceres is the Harvest Goddess and she carries many names depending on which part of Europe she is worshiped--many faces of the same Goddess.

So as we harvest this sense of self, we also must speak our truth no matter how much that hurts physically or our reputation (Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries) and then Jupiter in Cancer expands upon the idea of not only how each of us nourishes ourselves but with the Aquarius Full Moon how we can come together as a collective humanity and nourish everyone on the planet. While Leo energy brings us back to our self, Aquarius energy detaches from our personal needs and looks to the greater cause.  This represents a revolutionary moon, but a revolution without a vision of true brotherhood or sisterhood just leads to another military dictatorship as we have seen in Egypt and other countries around the world.  Pluto in Capricorn has ambitious willfulness that only serves those in autocratic positions of power, and yet, each of us has personal power on the level of Spirit if we can detach from our egos.  If each of us can see the mirror of the world reflected back to us, when we point the finger at other controllers and manipulators we need to find those tendencies in ourselves and heal them.

Goddess Ceres, Wikipedia
Meanwhile, the Full Moon's Ruling planet Uranus wears Aries battle gear and is fired up over just about everything these days.  Uranus in Aries is the angry child, the rebellious teen, the adult who can't grow up and get his or her life together and takes it out on everyone else.  And in recent decades, we saw the emergence of "the victim" in all his many guises, from cancer survivor to war refugee, to exiled community to the kid on drugs who claims it's his parents' fault (as if his parents forced him to use meth).  And now we have reached a point where none of us wants to deal with our own or anyone else' drama.  Some of us are ready to inspire and create solutions and stop over analyzing the problems that we face, as if over analyzing solves anything.  If it did, we would be better off, wouldn't we?

Meanwhile Venus transits in her own sign of diplomacy, grace and charm, Libra.  However, towards the end of August, Venus battles with Uranus (who she opposes, enough of war already, peace brother) and squares Pluto, you had better treat us women better.  We see this the week of the week beginning with August 26.  Early we saw Venus inconjunct Neptune in Pisces and we were plied with images of Hollywood actresses and other glamorous women, but what's new Magoo?   On the 15th of August, Venus formed an inconjunct with Chiron and we came up with alternative ways to define beauty that would bring us healing.  Or maybe we just got caught up in the Hollywood images that Neptune brought us earlier.  Everything looks better on celluloid, not be confused with cellulite which Hollywood stars never seem to have.

Vesta, Wikipedia
So to end this long post, I conclude with with the Leo/Aquarius polarity playing out, Sun=identity/ego/heart center, Mercury=communication, Ceres =harvest, and Vesta=keeping the passions burning verses the Aquarius Moon representing Brother/Sisterhood and detaching to see the entire picture.  People have roared with their indignities but fail to witness humanitarian efforts already underway on the planet.  The Aquarius Moon asks us to change our perception and revolutionize not the planet, but our own thoughts and let go of the cheap drama.  When Ceres, Vesta, Sun (August 22) and Mercury (August 23) move into Virgo, we will need to let go of the drama and become practical. We must bring our communication skills to the table while borrowing on Neptune's compassion.  In fact, to bring more Neptune healing energy, I recommend cleansing and charging amethyst with compassion and carrying the gemstone around in your pocket or on a pendant/necklace.

Connecting with the Higher Octave of Leo which represents heart-centeredness and generosity will bring a boost of light into our lives.

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