Monday, April 18, 2016

Pediatric Astrology--How Well Do You Know Your Child?

In my community, I encounter a lot of children on a daily basis. I seem to have a magnet for drawing animals and children to me. Maybe this is because I respect the integrity and wholeness of the children and creatures I meet, instead of treating them like they're less than or only in the act of becoming. And often parents complain that their child won't do this or that or their child is too slow, too hyper, too something. They can find out those answers with a pediatric astrology reading.

Often the parents I encounter either dismiss astrology or don't give it much thought when I tell them that I'm an astrologer and I give pediatric chart readings. And yet, the parents desire a road map or an instruction manual for their child, not realizing that pediatric astrology provides the soul blueprint for their child. I understand that parents don't have time to learn the complexities of astrology much less shine that light on their child.

Besides, pediatric astrology, which few astrologers actually practice, requires deep understanding of the way a child's mind works as well as, spiritual evolution of a soul. However, this does not suggest that an astrologer need to become an expert in child psychology or child development, he or she just needs to know how to read an astrology chart well but from the gaze of a child. And a bit of channeling doesn't hurt.

So what can a parent gain from a pediatric astrology reading? Why pay the fee for a pediatric astrology reading? Imagine a theatrical production and you're sitting in the audience waiting for the play to begin. You don't have a glimpse of the chaos and aspirations that exists behind the curtain or backstage. You have no awareness of the driving force behind the performers and the crew; their worries, fears, or hopes. You don't even know the best that these actors can achieve or how well they get along, or who they get along with best.

Now, imagine you're backstage and in and out of the dressing rooms where the makeup artists and costume designers prepare the actors. You watch each actor as he or she goes through his or her rituals, gossips about the other performers, or rehearses lines or paces the floorboards. You see their vulnerabilities and defense mechanisms come into play. In other words, you see more behind the stage than in front of the stage which gives you a more holistic view of the production and its performers.

A pediatric astrology reading gives you the nuances that take place backstage with your child. Sure, you might have a passing understanding of the child's Sun Sign which is probably based on generalizations. Your child might not even fit the Taurus Sun stereotypes, as an example, because he has his Rising Sign or Ascendant in Gemini and several planets in Gemini coloring his First House which makes him more flexible than the average Taurus Sun child. He might talk up a storm and you're thinking, he doesn't seem like a Taurus at all. Of course not because his Sun falls in the 12th House of invisibility so your child doesn't feel or act like a Taurus.

Now some parents would just tell me astrology is nonsense because their child doesn't act like a typical Cancerian or Taurus or Sagittarius. "You tell me that my daughter is a Sagittarius and that she would like to travel long distance or is interested in other cultures, but she despises travel and has no interest in even what exist across the street." Well, 12th House suns work in this way and if a child only has one planet in the Sun Sign, whatever that is, and this the Sun is in the 12th House then there is some work up ahead to unveil the strength of that Sun and to develop into its attributes. Meanwhile, let's find out who else (what other planet) is running the show, usually the Chart Ruler, but not always.

Like any blueprint, an astrology chart reveals structure in the making. It reveals the soul's aspirations, destiny, hidden and obvious talents, communication style, thinking style, learning style, type of friends the child is drawn too, passions, talents, and so on. We can find potential health concerns, strengths, and weaknesses in a child's chart. And by knowing this information, a parent doesn't waste his or her time encouraging the child to go into sports when the child would be better off studying violin or learning math formulas. Yes, I understand the need to have a well-rounded child, but not all children are suited to become the renaissance man or woman. Some really are specialists and virtuosos. Wouldn't you want to know about your child's uniqueness early on or at least long before the child graduates from high school with regrets like I did.

There are few astrologers who give a pediatric astrology reading. Yes, astrologers will read your child's chart, but from an adult perspective and they explore the child's chart the same way they would explore an adult chart with the same house themes. You won't even find many, if any, books on pediatric astrology. You will find articles online and these are helpful. I don't understand why my services are virtually ignored when a pediatric astrology reading done well is a precious gift for both the parent and the child.

Many children complain that their parents don't understand them, me among them. And while parents give so much to their children, understanding on a deeper level is often not one of those gifts. Is it enough only to clothe, feed shelter, and school a child? I mean we live in an age of huge transformation and the children coming on the planet now and in recent years have contributed to a planetary shift. Why is this? Who are these children? Where do their wisdom and gifts come from? Pediatric astrology answers these questions. It's like opening a treasure chest and oh, what sparkling gems await you with a pediatric astrology reading.

Sign up for a pediatric or adult chart reading. Read the services page first and then get in touch. I offer sample readings which cover the Sun, Moon Signs and Ascendant.

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