Friday, April 22, 2016

Astro Transits for April 17-24, 2016--A Week of Power Plays or Empowerment

If you have felt hopeless or powerless or just disgusted with the actions of others this past week, here's why. On Sunday, April 17, Mars in Sagittarius turned retrograde. The following day Pluto turned retrograde, then the following day the Sun moved into Taurus followed by the Scorpio Full Moon the next day. We end the week with the moon conjunct RX Mars in Sagittarius. These transits either lead to rallying cries or total exhaustion.

Then while all those planets are shifting directions or signs, Mercury slowed down as it prepares to go retrograde at 23 degrees Taurus on April 28. The signs most affected by all this change are Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Taurus and Scorpio. And when planets turned retrograde they move out of the shadows and take on their purest form or energies. Retrograde planets force us to go inward and anyone who has done their inner work know how exhausting that can be. It's a time when we require extra sleep, and must fuel our brain with lean protein and plenty of water. Most important, with the combination of the Taurus Sun, the powerful Scorpio Full Moon (causes us to go inward and flush out demons), and the RX planets, it's important that we slow down.

Now for us Mutable types slowing down causes us to feel irritable compared to getting stuck in a traffic jam. We want to go with the flow and we want the flow to move us quickly along our path. We don't want to wait for anything, deal with delays, or feel like we're stuck on a hamster wheel. And yet, with Pluto and Mars RX, we get a break from aggressive people and energies, not to say that these folks aren't in the background scheming their next move, like moving pieces on a chess board. So let's take a look at each of the transits individually and then as an overall theme.

Mars RX in Sagittarius (I've covered the Mars transits) puts projects on hold and this includes job searches, job interviews, athletic training, legal documents, legal cases, some classes get cancelled due to lack of enrollment and mostly, we feel drained. People get less caught up in ideology but might question their beliefs, especially with Pluto going RX and then later Mercury going RX. We just don't feel like doing anything big or important. If you find yourself procrastinating, don't worry about it. When Mars turns retrograde it really is a time to rest our bodies and minds. Rome wasn't built in a day applies now. Take projects back to the planning stage Put off surgery if possible, unless it's emergency surgery. Mars will go direct on June 29.

Pluto RX in Capricorn is a much longer transit lasting 6 months. Pluto retrogrades every year for half the year. This represents a wonderful time for psychological counseling and therapy. We plumb the depths of our soul. We also deal less with ruthless people and energies. We find that people are less likely to manipulate, control, and use power plays against us, even though Pluto is in its purest or most solid form--energy wise. Those of you dealing with major Pluto transits find too that you get a break from all that transformation energy. It feels like a weight has literally been lifted off your chest. In fact, when the three most outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) retrograde, we get a vacation, not to say that inner work doesn't happen, but we have less pressure to shift or transform.

Sun moving into Taurus concludes the pushy Aries energy that launches us into the new season. We have less get-up-and-go and we seek sensual experiences such as basking in the sun, working in a garden, going for a hike or stroll, or enjoying food and the company of friends. We might overeat, over drink, or indulge in hedonistic behaviors. We can also create art, enjoy the beauty of the earth or show gratitude to Gaia, such as on Earth Day, a Venus event. Now, is a good time to toss out clothing that no longer suits us, buy a new outfit, get our hair styled, enjoy a massage, and laze about. Think of the stubborn bull out in the meadow. He doesn't want to budge and neither do we.

In contrast, the Scorpio Full Moon dredges up those inner demons we don't want to face. Anything we have suppressed whether that's festering hurt caused by a former partner, a childhood wound, or any other situation that begs for forgiveness and release surfaces around this moon. People who aren't used to dealing with passionate or darker emotions, blow up because we can't repress anything under this powerful full moon. Some people seek revenge while others take the higher road by showing compassion for themselves and others. Secrets are revealed, betrayals rear their heads, and some people gravitate towards dark music, taboo topics, horror movies, or some other form of exorcising their shame, guilt, and "negative" emotions. Not many people enjoy the Scorpio Full Moon, but it does have the potential to heal deep-rooted issues. And it does bring up shadows and projections that show us where we still require growth.

Finally, we arrive at the Sagittarius Moon which conjuncts RX Mars. This moon brightens our spirits but at the same time (because Mercury prepares to go RX), we question the ideologies of ourselves and others. We question where we place our faith and for those of us who have little faith, might develop faith in ourselves or take a leap of faith because the tide feels high. Some people feel like partying during this moon while others head to the mountain or get involved in an adventure.  The Sagittarius Moon also conjuncts Saturn, squares Neptune, squares Jupiter and the North Node again having us question where we place our faith. Are we chasing after moonbeams and illusions, or do we have practicality on our side? Are we practicing integrity and acting with maturity or are we acting like a complete louse?

The month ends with Mercury going stationary and retrograde. Mercury will go direct again on May 21st. Some astrologers aren't worried about this particular retrograde, but I've already noticed that it's slowing down my computer and my mental processes. Well, then, this astrologer requires a vacation anyway.

Mars goes Direct on June 29 (23 degrees Scorpio)
Mercury goes Direct on May 21 (14 degrees Taurus)
Pluto goes Direct on September 25 (14 degrees 56 minutes Capricorn)
Sun moves into Gemini on May 20

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