Monday, April 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders--A Voice Given to Mutable Transits (Change. Movement & Revolution)

for educational use

Those of you in the United States have experienced a revolution led by Senator Bernie Sanders as he makes a bid for US President and younger generations who have fueled his campaign. Internationals have gazed at the United States wondering when this country finally woke up. Since Bernie Sanders (Virgo) embodies the changes brought by outer planets transiting in Mutable Signs (Saturn, Jupiter & Neptune), I produced a video for YouTube.

Since Pope Francis (Sagittarius) also ushers in changes, I ask you to watch my video on the pope as well. Now, I ask you to do something difficult during the Saturn-Neptune Square and that is to move past your ideologies and beliefs to see the men behind politics and religion. My videos are not about either, but about compassion, integrity, and doing the right thing, which is cooperation and caring.

Also I want you to note that we don't actually know if this is the correct birth time for Senator Sanders. Personally, I believe that he has a Sagittarius AC and not a Scorpio Rising Sign, but time will tell. I suspect that most clients that come to me for readings also don't have their correct birth time because most of us don't. You see, it's not a priority in the maternity ward for nurses or doctors to note down the birth time. In most cases, the time is off minutes, if not an hour. The nurses write the birth time in the records almost as an after thought unless they have an excellent memory and happen to be triple Virgos.

So with that in mind, here is my Bernie video. And yes, I support the movement, the revolution, and the man.

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