Monday, April 11, 2016

Mars RX (Beginning April 17, 2016) Watch Intentions & Motivations

Mars goes retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17. I've already written a post and produced a video on this retrograde. I remind you that if any part of your life is out of alignment or integrity, this will backfire in the coming months, especially in late May and early June with the exact Saturn-Neptune Square and Mutable Grand Cross. For more information, check out my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia.

When Mars moves back into Scorpio, lies and secrets expose themselves. So if there is any area of your life where you are practicing dishonesty or are out of integrity, clean this up and make amends before the retrograde. Mercury also goes RX on April 28 in Taurus (opposite of Scorpio) so that could kick up dust too. Many times we act out of fear by hiding information, lying or even stealing and then rationalizing our behavior. The planetary transits will no longer buffer us from consequences for our actions. We cannot ascend to higher dimensions when we give into fearful practices. So do some mental and emotional housecleaning and decide now to live in integrity with the Higher Good.

Also if you find yourself focusing on someone else' dishonesty and you rally against it, whether that is your neighbor or a politician or Monsanto, take a look at yourself and what you're projecting out in to the world. We don't attract what we're not reflecting. And face it, the societies we live in actually reward dishonesty, well at least, up until now. That's about to change drastically.

I also encourage you to watch the Mars RX video:

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