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Diving into the Subconscious--Scorpio Full Moon (April 22, 2016)

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Why does Jacques Cousteau come to mind when I contemplate the April Full Moon in Scorpio? I get this image of a marine biologist deep under water with fishes of various stripes swimming past him like schools of thought. Well, with this April Full Moon, we'll be questioning those schools of thoughts and swimming past one illusion after another. We'll ask the question what is authentic for me?

If you happen to have your sun, moon, or Ascendant in a Water Sign, you could see huge manifestations during this full moon and the months that follow it. However, those manifestations, depend upon where you have placed your thoughts since Taurus New Moon. We pretty much get what we focus upon, especially during a Fixed Sign cycle. So what are your true desires and passions; do you feel deserving of them?

Ah, and this is such a beautiful moon with amazing transits. Right in the middle of the chart we see a Grand Earth Trine with Mercury in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter at the top in Virgo. Then we have a Mystical Rectangle with planets in Water and Earth Signs (MR contains oppositions, trines and sextiles). This rectangle contains Moon in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo. And while there's probably nothing mystical about this rectangle, we want to communicate solutions that heal our deeper wounds. For any of us working with a therapist now, expect some powerful results.

We're still looking at an on-going Mutable T-Cross with Jupiter, Saturn/Mars and Neptune. So we're still sifting through facts and delusions. In the US, this plays out in the political arena as presidential candidates parade and preen in the fake polls. Well, at least I believe that the polls and surveys are fake because they leave out large segments of voters when they produce these polls according to Thom Hartmann. But I'm not here to talk about politics, but to point out the delusions fed to us by the media. And certainly I don't want to see people taking sides and going to battle either. It's time to transcend all this nonsense and find our passions that feed our souls and let go of these distractions.

The Scorpio Moon forms a trine with Neptune which has us interpreting our dreams and sifting through our deeper emotions. We're not feeling rational and we're wanting to pursue our daydreams which lead to our true passions. Take a leap of faith.

So Fixed Signs, Scorpio wants to go deep with everyone now and figure out how our minds work. They want to delve into the occult and discover past lives. Taurus just wants to engage in sensual experiences and doesn't want to go deep into their subconscious minds. Aquarius detaches and has trouble swimming in emotional waters and wonders why no one is bringing rational thoughts to the table.

With the Mars side of Scorpio playing out (Full Moon), we're all action and no thought. But by emotionally engaging with our desires and focusing on feelings we manifest our desires. Leo might get caught up in other people's drama or go overboard with hedonistic behavior. However, Leos if you get in touch with your generous heart, you could act as an anchor for those folks dealing with gripping emotions. We could see dramatic movies released now too that bring home Oscars next winter.

Cardinal Signs, get to rest out this moon unless you have your Ascendant or moon in Taurus or Scorpio. You still have the Uranus-Pluto square to contend with but you're actually starting to like this energy which brings a breath of fresh air into your life and you can't beat the epiphanies that Neptune brings your way about serving the higher good, Jupiter in Virgo.

Mutable Signs you're engage in a Mutable T-Cross that revolves around serving the higher good (Jupiter in Virgo) through compassion and understanding (Neptune in Pisces), and by engaging with other ethnic groups, nations, or religions (Sagittarius). You usher in change and transcendence but only if you transcend any xenophobic thoughts or feelings you might harbor due to the media's influence. With Mercury in Taurus, the media leans towards conservatism at the time of the Full Moon. So you run into rigid people who give you a hard time. You might want to bash heads with them as you fight about who's idealism is the correct one.

All and all, let's plummet the depths of our souls and see what lies beneath the facades. Time to rip off the masks and find our authenticity. Besides, with a Scorpio Full Moon all is revealed and there's nowhere to hide. We all stand and face our naked truth, whatever that is for each of us. It's a time of exposing the truth and it's a time of getting real.

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