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Women, Attraction, Natal Mars & Mercury

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Last night I experienced a dream where a boy I knew in high school is looking for my parents' house so he can ask me out on a date.  Only I don't want to date him, not now that I'm an adult.  Then I witness him on a date with Marianne Williamson who is engaged in one of her passionate rants about politics.  When I asked the man if he felt attracted to Marianne he said only when she smiled, laughed and let her guard down which didn't happen enough in his opinion.  Marianne has her Mars in Scorpio, not something for a sensitive man to tackle.

This dream left me pondering Mars and Mercury placements in a woman's Natal charts so I looked up the charts of three prominent women including Marianne Williamson, Marilyn Monroe and Gloria Steinem.  I would like to say that I chose these charts at random but I felt strongly drawn to reading these charts.  So when I found that all three charts featured Natal Saturn in the Fourth House, intrigue set in.  However, for the sake of this post, I'm focusing mainly on Mars and how the Mars by sign and house in the charts attracts or repels men.

First let's look at Marianne's chart since my dream featured her:

With a 5th House Mars in the Natal Chart, we would expect a woman who either plays the field, gets involved with competitive men, takes risks where love affairs are concerned and or dates men in the entertainment business.  A 5th House Mars in Scorpio tells a different story of taking risks and experiencing broken hearts and disappointments that bring the Dark Night of the Soul to mind.  The theme of a child born out of wedlock also comes to mind.

Having read many of Marianne Williamson's books I can see her 5th House Mars in Scorpio playing out all of the above themes. You can also take a look at the biography posted on Astro Data Bank's website.

Now, the version of Marianne that appeared in my dream was passionate (Scorpio), but also playful (5th House Mars), even though the former high school boy character in my dream found Marianne too guarded and not soft enough for his tastes.  He would have rather suffered the illusion of the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, but with a First House Neptune and several planets in the mental Air Signs, Marilyn hid her real self from these starstruck men suffering from Hollywood-induced delusions.

The Mars in Marianne's Chart which by the way masks her Cancer Sun/Uranus/Venus on the cusps of the First and Second Houses, desires a deep-thinking man who cares deeply about the same topics as Marianne.  And if some sword crossing occurs all the better for this competitive and even secretive Mars. When I see Mars in Scorpio in the 5th House I think of the secret love affairs that remain hidden from the public eye and there's also an impulse towards the allure of seduction.  There might even be some game playing or competition between men, especially younger men.  Or she might turn off younger men all together since they found her competitive streak overbearing or her Mars in Scorpio that of a dark goddess character such as Kali.

Marianne was raised by a liberal father (a Jewish attorney specializing in immigration law) and a stay-at-home mother who Marianne rebelled against in that she once saw her mother as weak (Saturn in the 4th House) and confined to a supporting role and household.  But in one of her books, Marianne confessed that she only understood her mother's positive and supporting role in hindsight when she pondered relationships between men and women.  Saturn in Libra in the 4th House most likely represents Marianne's father who she held in great esteem and who shaped her own career endeavors around justice and humanitarian issues.

Now, perhaps, the high school character in my dream would have rather gone on a date with Marilyn Monroe, but as we can see from Marilyn's chart, she went beyond the sexy dumb blonde characters she played in Hollywood movies.  And maybe all her flirting with men, which included flirting with their minds or making them feel smarter than her by downplaying her own intelligence would eventually turn off the dream character.

Despite her hardships as a child (mentally ill mother and grandmother, care of foster homes), with Saturn in her Fourth House, Marilyn was destined for greatness, Sun/Mercury in Gemini in the 10th House of Career/Public Image and she would appeal to intellectual types with Venus in the 9th House and attract sensitive/artistic partners with Jupiter/Moon in the 7th.  But with Neptune in the First House, all that glitters wasn't gold and her love affairs as well as, marriages didn't last after the honeymoon stage wore thin. And she didn't even have a clear idea of her identity often confused by her showbiz image or the image she fabricated for the public's eyes.

But let's look at her Mars weakened by Pisces in the powerful 8th House. Uranus is also in Pisces in the 8th House of other people's resources. This is also the house of psychology, deep soul searching (which she did towards the end of her life), death, rebirth, sex, and other Scorpio-Pluto themes.  Did this imply that she had a weak sex drive or that she attracted men who were impotent in some way? Why did her relationships with men end so badly? The 8th House is also hides secrets such as secret affairs with powerful men such as the Kennedy brothers.  And with that Mars in Pisces she suffered the illusion that these men actually cared for her enough to marry her which lead to disappointment, even suicide.  She has Pisces's planet Neptune in her First House of identity which would have been unclear to her since she was raised in foster homes for the most part and then made her living as a Hollywood actress playing glamorous roles.

Perhaps, my dream character would rather go on a date with Gloria Steinem who also doesn't match the her stereotype of a strident feminist.  In fact, she once went undercover as a Playboy Bunny waitress to pen an article on exploitation of the women who worked in the club and as a teen she entered a beauty contest.  See the biography on Astro Database website for more details. She made the news once again for finally tying the knot at the age of 60 even though she had long-term partnerships with men prior to her first legal marriage.  And she's known for founding Ms Magazine in 1972 which she sold in the early 1980's.  Where is Gloria's Natal Mars?

Similar to Marianne W., Gloria has a 5th House Mars, but hers is conjoined with her Aries Sun.  So Mars is in his own sign and strongly tied to her identity, Sun also in Aries. This is a woman who found herself in a role of contender with men, especially younger men (Mars). She strongly identified with her male side and her female side Venus in Aquarius also seeks another role for women outside of the traditional one.  Jupiter in the 11th shows a woman who attracts like-minded people, especially grassroots types with humanitarian causes.  And that Jupiter (which rules publishing) helped her to attract editors, and publishers to her causes.  By the way, her North Node is conjoined with her Venus in Aquarius in the Third House of thinking/communication/education so her message of equality for women has a fated quality.

Similar to Marilyn and Marianne, Gloria has Saturn in her 4th House in Aquarius.  And like Marilyn she had a rough childhood struggling with a mother suffering from mental illness. But instead of being placed in foster care, Gloria grew up quickly taking care of her mother at home. Her Mercury in Pisces also falls in the 4th House which would have helped her to soften her image of her Aries Sun/Mars by communicating deep felt compassion.  Unfortunately, the downside of this Mercury placement was that she would see her mother as a victim or think that she martyred herself for her mother.

So maybe after dating these three powerful women, my dream character would swear off women for good. Or if he dug a bit deeper within himself, he might transcend any illusions he held about women in general and found real love.

I'm an astrologer and intuitive coach practicing online and in Washington State. For more information visit Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  I spent over 20 years working in the arts as a journalist and multimedia artist so I enjoy reflecting on the Natal Charts of celebrities, as you can see from the above post.  I also coach artists with using my intuitive skills.

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