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Awaking the Planet--Meanings Behind the Outer Planet Transits (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto)

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When we find ourselves in the throes of world events, personal crisis, or trauma brought on by transits of the outer planets to our natal planets, we don't spend time searching for meaning. Sure, we throw our hands in the air or bend our heads down in despair, crying out, "Why me? Why this?"  But I can assure you, as most astrologers can, that deeper meanings hide behind the murkiness of transits.  After all, these planets always have something to say if we listen.

I wonder sometimes if the planets will ever allow me a full night's rest.  Early this morning, information about Uranus--the Awakener in Aries flooded my thoughts.  The words tumbled out of my brain or perhaps from collective consciousness and I found myself speaking the words out loud.  Thankfully, I live alone so no one was awakened by me muttering about Uranus and Neptune transits.  But boy, have these planets turned me into a real weirdo or if you will, a planet geek.

Well, here's the deal.  When Uranus whose job is to awaken the collective and in this case, humanity (since every other being already "gets" transformation happening on the planet and is in the process of adapting), moves through a sign, it uses the themes and qualities of that sign to do its job.  So when Uranus sailed through Pisces, awakening happened through music, cinema, photography, yoga, meditation, prayer groups, new age books, spiritual workshops, and exploration of various religions.  In other words, our quest had Pisces' overtones.  The people leading the way were deeply spiritual or creative in some way.

Then Uranus moved into Aries, the Zodiac Sign of the Child in May 2010.  This suggests now that the awakening occurs through children leading the way.  Yeah, that's right, those little rug rats who were 0 to 18 years of age between May 2010 and 2019 when Uranus moves into Taurus (at which time I'm guessing cows will lead the way, joke).  However, on a more serious note, we all know that the children born in the last 20 to 30 years are hardly the same children born in previous decades or centuries.  This is the main reason we have trouble relating to them.  And no, they're not like us and stop trying to make them like us. Why would we wish to raise another neurotic generation of fools living on the precipice of planetary destruction?

On one hand, these children are problematic in that many of them have learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD (or are falsely diagnosed because they are simply wired differently) or they are autistic, have food allergies shooting through the roof and multiple sensitivities. Many are geniuses or savants, and I have met Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children wise beyond their years.  Like the sign Aries, ruled by Mars, they have problems with aggression and violence as we have seen featured in the media. Part of this has to do with us forcing our wills on them.

And while we could start a round table and discuss the youth of today and their unwillingness to conform to our rules and structures, we could also allows these gifted souls to awaken us.  After all, they have the powerful Uranus (Aquarius Ruler) pushing their buttons.  Aries also rules pioneers or in the case with some children, canaries in a coal mine. After all, I see the color yellow when I think of Aries.  Children with strong Mars or Aries in their chart were born leaders and whether they awaken us by sacrificing their bodies to illness caused by environmental pollution or tainted food (think GMO), their true mission under Uranus' influence is to force us to get our act together.  Having that Aries influence, they demand that we get our act together.

And we gotta have compassion for them.  No child really wants to wield a weapon against another.  This is obviously a cry for help and the cry goes deeper than in the heart of that child. We are the true menace to society when we create a world so toxic that it destroys nervous systems, causes brains to misfire (Aquarius/Uranus).  And why do we create a toxic world for convenience or to make some corrupt corporation looking for an easy way to earn a profit? Why do we even care if a transnational corporation bent on destroying the earth makes a profit? Is it because we think the only jobs we can create on the planet are destructive anyway so go along with the program? Nothing is further from the truth and here's why.

If we stop blocking the path of these children born under Uranus in Aries influence and get out of our egos (also Aries and Leo), then these kids are going to lead us to breakthroughs that solve climate change, clean up our air, water, and earth, lead to sustainable employment, heal disease and the list goes on.  Anyone with a strong Uranus influence is a genius no matter how they appear to you. And don't underestimate the talents and gifts of an autistic person.  If we get out of our own way, we can revamp and education system that actually serves these children by bringing out their unique gifts and stop shaming them for their different and unique learning styles.  These children are our saving grace and soon we will be bowing at their feet, I can assure you. That when we humble ourselves and realize that we don't have the solutions we seek, we will turn to youth.  The sooner the better.

Remember the events when Uranus first went into Aries that involved social media, youth and riots? Remember how also Pluto brought us to our knees by sending a wrecking ball through financial institutions and a crushing blow to the world economy?  And then here comes Neptune in his own sign, Pisces dissolving the old structure and reminding us that we're all one.  Neptune is absent of ego and this frightens us.  You mean, we have to dissolve all structure and turn into a big cosmic ball of light? Well, maybe, but at least we will have returned to the Divine Source and all war will have ended.  The funny thing about Neptune is it does not bother searching for meaning.  It just is. And unfortunately, Neptune disallows us making any sense out of it.

I end this long post with these suggestions: First, let's stop labeling children with this or that medical or mental condition.  Second, let's open a dialogue with young people and encourage their passions, gifts and talents. Third, let's revamp the education system so it is aligned with avocation, service and altruism instead of memorizing a bunch of facts and statistics held over from the Patriarchal Era.  Let's create an egalitarian society where everyone benefits that involves renewable energy, connecting with the Earth Mother, building sustainable structures for everyone to have a healthy home, and growing food that doesn't destroy the planet. If you want to know the meaning of Uranus in Aries, there it is.  Like it or not, the youth lead the way into a healthier future, and our job is to quiet ourselves and listen to them.  Are you up for this challenge?

* People who were children during the last years of Uranus in Pisces were harbingers of change.

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