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Moon, Chart Rulers & Stomach Health Issues

photo by Patricia Herlevi 
The information I'm about to present made more sense at 4:00 a.m. when it first came to me.  In addition, this article is intended for intermediate or advance students of astrology. Let's explore the connection between transiting Moons, Chart Rulers for the Ascendant, Sun and Moon in regard to digestion and stomach issues. 

Sun, Moon and Ascendants in Cancer (stomach), Scorpio (colon), Libra (pancreas) and Virgo (intestines) experience the most sensitivities in these areas. But let's not leave out the polar opposites: Capricorn, Taurus, Aries and Pisces who also experience digestion issues, food allergies, sensitivities, and even food phobias. Also look at the ruling planets of Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio which are the Moon, Mercury (nervous energy, over thinking food and nutrition), Venus and Pluto (elimination process and hidden microbes in the food).  Pluto would also rule over composting food.

Oddly, my mind hasn't had enough time to digest the information that poured through it early this morning. This means that I might make changes to this article on a later date.  Basically, when the transiting Moon crosses an Ascendant, a Natal Moon or Natal Sun or the planet rulers), we experience digestion issues, even experiencing food poisoning or intestinal flu are possibilities.  If Uranus also transits over these points with connections to the transiting Moon or making aspects to a Natal Moon, especially a conjunction, then a sudden food allergy, food poisoning or accident preparing food (such as a knife injury), especially if Mars is also involved could occur.

I'm not sharing this information to frighten anyone and my hope is that we practice mindfulness around food, digestion, nutrition, and how the planets connect to our various organ systems. I also don't proclaim that I'm an expert about medical issues or bodily functions, only that I'm shown patterns of Moon transits and how they relate to digestion issues and ailments connected to food such as food poisoning . I'm using these methods to heal my digestion issues.  I have the Cancer Sun on the cusps of my 6th/7th houses and do suffer from a sensitive stomach.

One example that appeared in my mind is when a Cancer Moon crosses a Cancer Ascendant.  At this time, the person with the Cancer Ascendant experiences sensitivity too food in regard to the stomach.  For the two days that the Moon spends in the First House, the Cancer Ascendant person could experience a nervous stomach especially if a partnership isn't going well at that time and causing the person stress (7th House polarity).  If transiting Mars also aspects the First House during this time or if the Cancer Moon aspects Natal Mars at the same time, then a burning stomach such as heartburn could result.  If the transiting Moon in Cancer opposes transiting or even Natal Pluto in the 7th House, the digestive problems intensify, especially if the person with the Cancer Ascendant is going through marriage or partnership difficulties.

There's a scene in the movie French Kiss when Kate (Meg Ryan) and Luc (Kevin Kline) stroll through a quaint village in Southern France and Kate mentions that she holds all her tension in her stomach.  While she's referring to the comical "lactose intolerance" experience on the train she experienced earlier, I think anyone with the Moon as a ruler of their chart knows about tension and stomachs.

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Eating spicy food at this time doesn't bode well for the stomach and neither does eating foods with high fiber content which the stomach has a challenging time digesting.  If this person already suffers from food sensitivities or allergies and still eats the culprit foods, they could experience vomiting, nausea, hives, a cough or other allergic symptoms more at this time than at other times.  If this occurs during a New Moon in Cancer the problems could grow worse over the next two weeks culminating in an illness around the Full Moon.  If this occurs during the Full Moon in Cancer then the problem peaks then resolves itself.  If the problem persists anyway or if it doesn't respond to the usual remedies (such as food avoidance) seek medical attention.

Transiting Virgo and Scorpio Moons bring up issues with the intestines and colon.  And if these problems are on-going (due to Natal planets and health issues related to the Natal planet placements), seek medical attention of one kind or another.  Personally, I prefer going to a natural doctor or energy healer with a extensive background in nutrition and up on the latest food chemistry and nutrition research.  I also prefer to go to a health practitioner not phobic of astrology or energy medicine.

When we see a Full or New Moon in Scorpio that is close to the Ascendant, conjuncting a Natal Moon or Natal Sun, take precautions against food poisoning (which is usually hidden from us in the food) or even follow intuitive hunches about food prepared or delivered to us in a restaurant, cafe or deli setting.  Scorpio is the secret bearer and even though that waitress or chef might seem jovial on the outside, he or she could have hepatitis or recovering from an intestinal flu (that is still contagious). When I worked at a cafe in the 1980's, I knew of a cafe worker who never washed her hands after using the toilet, for instance.  And I've witnessed customers at my local food cooperative who don't wash their hands after using the toilet. One woman did this then headed over to the bulk foods department.  I thanked my Spirit Guides for giving me this warning.

photo by Patricia Herlevi 
So if you get an intuitive hit not to eat the food placed in front of you, follow your intuition.  You don't have to be rude about returning the food or walking away.  And yes, this is an awkward situation, but it's better than suffering from an illness.  Also when you see a transiting Scorpio Moon approaching the Sixth House or the Eighth House (or conjoining Natal Pluto), keep up to date on food recalls, and stay away from foods that are the usual suspects of harmful, even deadly bacteria such as conventional meats, conventional eggs, and mass produced processed foods.  Buy your produce locally whenever possible, if you must eat meat, eat meat from animals raised and slaughtered humanely.  Instead of buying the usual carton of eggs sold at your grocery store, see if you can get them in bulk from a local farm that raises chickens outdoors and feeds them organic food.

As more industries and old structures breakdown due to the Grand Shift happening on the planet, it's better to err on the side of caution.  Focus on the messages your body gives you.  Those of you experiencing powerful outer planet transits right now could experience food-related and environmental-related illnesses that awaken you. And in your awakened state you help others to change their daily habits.  I heard one astrologer on YouTube (I believe this was Barbara Goldsmith), say that when Jupiter moves into Virgo we will clean up our act around health.  My hope is that we clean up the food system and I think Pluto is well on the way to doing that.  Then when Saturn transited in Scorpio we heard a great deal on the corrupt practices of the food industry.  Yet, it's not enough to have this information, we (the consumers) must act on the information and make wise choices for ourselves instead of playing the victim game.

Astrological Correspondence, Wikipedia 
And again, I'm not sharing any of this information to spread fear or cause more food phobias (we have enough of those). My hope here is that we follow the messages of the planets as they transit through our Natal planets.  And my hope is that we tune in with the wisdom of our bodies and stop acting polite when we know that a certain food is going to cause damage to our digestive or immune systems.  Insists that the person cooking for you washes their hands thoroughly.  Don't accept food from someone recovering from a contagious illness unless you have a powerful immune system and an iron stomach.

As humans, we enjoy feeding one another, but there are times when we give a bit more than intended.  And also understand that even though the food industry has health and safety standards as do food establishments, there are always renegade employees who act thoughtlessly.  Ever heard of the waiter that spat in someone's food when he dealt with a rude customer?  Do you think this is just a joke?

The other option is to bless the food to raise its frequency as well as, to bless the wisdom of your body. But if you hear a voice inside you tell you (not schizophrenic), not to eat the food, then listen to it.  Your body has innate wisdom to keep you healthy and out of trouble.  And I get a sense as we experience more system breakdowns and our bodies raise in frequency, we won't be able to tolerate processed foods, sugars, certain grains, dairy and other foods we once took for granted.

Those of you with Fixed Signs will have a challenging time changing your diet as you raise your frequency. And unfortunately, this will cause you distress, even disease.  Those of you with mostly planets in Mutable Signs you will easily adjust to the changes and find it adventurous.  Cardinals will have a challenging time letting go of traditional or culturally-relevant foods.  Aries will insists on eating spicy foods which may or may not be a detriment.  And Libra, you must stop trying to please people and get away from all those sweet and salty foods. You're not doing your kidneys any favors.

For now, I'll leave you with the Moon transits and ask you to pay attention to your digestion and nutritional health around the time when the Moons transit over your Ascendant, Natal Moon or Natal Sun, especially if you have a 1st, 6th, 8th, or 12th House Moon.  If you have a 4th House Moon, especially one in Cancer or Virgo, take a good look at the foods you choose to eat for comfort, nostalgic or heritage purposes and if those foods cause illness.  Are there any strong emotions with family ties connected to those foods? If you find unhealthy connections work with your doctor or a nutrition expert on healing those food issues.

I'm an Astrology, Intuitive Coach and Author located in Washington State.  I give transit and natal chart readings via long-distance or in-person. My focus is on transformation and soul mastery.  Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  Also check out my monthly specials.

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