Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chiron Return in Pisces (Age 50 to 52)

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For those of you born in the 1960's when Chiron transited in Pisces, you have already experienced your Chiron Return or will do so prior to 2019.  My Chiron Return doesn't officially begin until mid-March when Chiron reaches 18 degrees, however, the Chiron crisis began for me yesterday.

For those of you not familiar with Chiron, it is an asteroid named after the Greek satyr Chiron, also known as, the Wounded Healer.  Similar to the planet Pluto, Chiron has a strange and uneven orbit (between Saturn and Uranus) so it spends more time in Pisces than in Virgo.  And during most of the 1960's Chiron transited in Pisces, often opposing Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, but Trining Neptune in Scorpio.  Some people born in the 1960's might have experience Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces or personal planets conjunct Chiron or personal planets in Virgo opposing Chiron.

Now some astrologers dismiss Chiron because it's not a planet and others call the asteroid a planetoid because it acts like a planet with transits and in aspects found in Natal Charts.  And I can see why some astrologers would rather ignore Chiron because it represents deep wounds we receive in childhood, mainly from our parents that we can never fully heal. But by accepting these emotional or psychic wounds, we gain wisdom and healing powers we can use on others.  The Chiron message is, "Healer heal thyself."

Chiron haunts us, playing creepy music in the background, much like the soundtracks for Hitchcock movies until we reach the age of 50 to 52 when we experience a Chiron Return that forces us to deal with the original wound and anything else we repressed that resonated from that wound. And in my case, we might even experience a physical component such as a foot injury since Pisces represents the foot and Chiron is currently transiting in Pisces (and so is Pisces' planet Neptune).  So let me share my personal story with you to see if it resonates.  After all, I believe personal experiences lend weight to astrological transits. And boy, have I endured some whopper transits in the past several years.

First, I mention that I suffer from a controversial medical condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. I began noticing symptoms in my late 20's but I wasn't diagnosed with the condition until 1997 when I was in my early 30's.  By that point, I had already begun isolating myself from others to avoid exposure to chemicals, I retired from my music career, and began making lifestyle changes. I suffered greatly as anyone would with two planets and and Chiron in Pisces opposing Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and a naughty Mutable T-Cross to deliver the pain.

Image used for educational purposes 
However, the MCS I suffered from found its roots in my childhood and I discovered that this medical condition represents my psychic and emotional wound represented by Chiron.  So don't be surprised that an astrologer with a controversial illness embraces a controversial asteroid.  When I look back, other people violated me and my trust by polluting the air that I breathed, water I drank and food I ate.  I have always had an allergy to secondhand smoke of any kind, but people insisted on smoking around me anyway.  I see this as a violation of my personal space and well-being.  And later as an adult, employers violated my health at offices and other spaces by exposing me to secondhand smoke and other chemicals, such as carpet glues and toxic paint fumes.  When I stood up for myself I was either fired or forced to quit the job.  Finding healthy housing was also a traumatic experience.

But during the autumn of 2014 when I found myself between homes again, I felt indignant and outraged that my community offered me no support or safety nets.  If it hadn't been for my parents dishing out cash for me to stay in hotels, I would have ended up on the street which is a death sentence for someone with MCS.  But I did manage to stay on couches in two places and I found other temporary housing until I met a landlord kind enough to rent me a detached studio.  But given the nature of my situation, I repressed my anger especially when I had to accommodate others in ways that were uncomfortable for me.  And if I had asserted my rights at any time, I could have been tossed out in the street.

So along comes Chiron to help me release those repressed emotions that travel all the way back to the earliest violations which left me defensive and guarded.  I could no longer keep the peace just to make other people feel comfortable.  I attended an event for MLK and during the event, anger started roiling inside me until it built into outrage and indignation.  "How dare these people make speeches to stroke their own egos! Where were these folks when I asked for justice in regard to my housing situation? The city officials didn't even bother to return phone calls or respond to e-mails."

And the anger just kept building. So I went for a long walk hoping to walk the anger out of my system.  I prayed for help in dealing with my anger which now bordered on hatred for my community, but for humanity in general because of the violations I experienced as child with Chiron in Pisces (with this placement the child feels invisible and vulnerable, even defenseless and usually placed in a violent situation).  So I kept walking and praying.  And when I worked on my memoir of events that happened to me last fall or worked on an article on people with MCS finding healthy housing, the anguish returned full force.

Then I hit my foot extremely hard on the corner of my futon by accident.  Remember Pisces rules the feet and the pain was so intense (I thought I broke my foot at first), that I cried out in anguish.  All the repressed emotions of the past few months poured out in tears and rage.  Then the rage returned to my childhood and the first violations I experienced to my well-being.  And as I released these emotions, the swelling went down on my ankle and foot.  I also used energy healing that I learned recently along with Dr. Zhi Gang Sha's Soul Mind Body Medicine chants as well as, soaking my foot in Epsom salt.  Then I rubbed Arnica on my foot and ankle.  By morning, the injury had healed around 90 percent.

This is when I made the connection to my upcoming Chiron Return and I marveled at the cleverness of the body to release repressed emotions from my foot and ankle represented by Chiron and my Moon/Saturn in Pisces.  Chiron transited through my Second House and opposes Pluto in my Eighth House which is conjunct Uranus in Virgo.  Chiron sextiles Jupiter in Taurus which is in my Fourth House and Trines Neptune in Scorpio in my Tenth House.  Chiron also Squares Venus (RX) in Gemini in my Sixth House of health, routine and daily environment which were all disrupted when I acquired MCS.

Once I released the rage that came up, an epiphany or vision of how I can help others with MCS in regard to housing surfaced.  I saw myself starting a women's shelter and later a men's shelter for MCS sufferers seeking emergency housing (which happens often).  I first started thinking about a thrift store where I shop and the money it raises for a women's shelter (women who escaped domestic violence) and that sparked the idea for founding a shelter for people with MCS.  After all, I had nowhere healthy to go the times I found myself without a home and many of the rentals are too toxic for people suffering from this condition.

So let's review what a Chiron Return could look like:

  • It brings up repressed emotions with roots in a childhood wound
  • The wound is emotional and psychic in nature
  • Our parents unintentionally or intentionally wounded us
  • We can't fully heal this wound but by accepting it we empower ourselves
  • The wound has physical components related to the parts of the body represented by the Sign that Chiron transits in the Natal Chart
  • An injury, accident or sudden event brings release of repressed emotions associated with the original wound and other situations resonating from the original wound (through patterns and beliefs)
  • Once we release the repressed emotions we are shown a life path or share our wisdom in a healing way with others
  • Acceptance and forgiveness bring liberation 
I hope by sharing my personal story regarding Chiron helps in understanding the power of this asteroid. While I find it challenging enough working with the ten planets in Natal and Transit charts, I include Chiron because of the deep understanding Chiron's transits and natal chart placement brings to clients.  And Universally, Chiron has formed sextiles with Pluto in Capricorn thus helping us to transform our lives and all lives on the planet.

Also note that avoidance doesn't work with a Chiron Return just like avoidance doesn't prevent a Saturn Return from tipping the proverbial cart.  It's unhealthy to harbor repressed emotions and put on a happy face to please others.  We all possess both darkness and light; often times acknowledging our darkness leads to liberation and our personal truth. For those of you experiencing major Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Chiron transits (and soon Saturn transits), take heart because if you heed the messages of the planets and take them to heart then you are well on your way to soul mastery. And if you chose to be born in the 1960's for instance, that you chose a path of soul mastery.  Chiron will remind you of this and the gifts you have to offer the world once you liberate yourself from self-repression.

I'm a practicing astrologer and intuitive coach located in Washington State.  I specialize in Pediatric Astrology, Transformational Astrology for adults and Intuitive Coaching for artists and entrepreneurs.  Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.


  1. I'll add that being scapegoated can come up too since that also falls under Pisces. The week that my Chiron Return officially started, I found myself scapegoated by a hotel staff and a saleswoman at a spiritual shop shortly after. I wondered what the blank was going on, then I remembers, oh, yes, Chiron is now at 18 degrees Pisces--my Chiron Return.

    1. Yes , thank you !Mine is also in Pisces... and its similar...

    2. Oh, I wouldn't wish those scapegoating experiences on anyone. I hope you find peace.

  2. I wish I understood my natal chart. I am Scorpio with Aries rising, Chiron in Pisces 29 degrees. I have read different accounts of the chironic pain and I cant figure out anything from my childhood. all the awful things in life happened to me as an adult.

  3. You have a lot of Mars energy with a Scorpio Sun and Aries Rising. Where is your moon?

    Chiron at 29 degrees is completing the transit. Were you born at the end of the 1960s?

    Often events we experience in adulthood have roots in childhood. They could be based on beliefs, family patterns, or ancestral DNA. You might look into the energy work of John Newton who does ancestral clearings.

    Did you have any weird experiences with religion, alcoholic relations, family members in prison, in show business, escape artist types or people with Pisces themes? Also did you feel like you were parenting your parents at any point? This all fits under Pisces.

  4. I'll add that I didn't know what my Chiron issues were until recently at the age of 51.

  5. I to have had to confront my demons. Born in August 1965, I was unintentionally 'wounded' by my parents, The last 3 years I have learnt to heal myself - a very painful experience. It has not quite finished yet, although I know its not far away. Acceptance and forgiveness go a long way in dealing with it all and yes I have been told many times over the years by mediums that I am a healer. I now find myself working towards healing others, and very liberating it is to.

  6. Hi Avril, I can relate. It sounds like your Chiron Return is coming up for you since you are making peace with your experiences and making way for your healing talents.

    I find it odd that some astrologers don't even read Chiron in a chart when it brings these types of powerful experiences on a deep healing level.

    1. Hi Esoteric Artist, It's only recently that I've realised that Chiron has had such an impact on my life. With this understanding, it has helped me in part the healing process. I have in the past had my birth chart read and your're right, Chiron is not acknowledged, and under-rated. I've always known I would get the answer to my traumas one day, and have been very frustrated in not being able to serve my purpose. I know this is my time and I'm embracing it, despite the pain, like may others, I have had to endure, it will be worth it.

  7. It's absolutely worth the deep diving into the subconscious as I like to call it. Mars in Scorpio forms trines with Chiron in Pisces and also having Jupiter in Virgo opposing Chiron help with the Chiron Return process. It really is a blessing even if it doesn't usually feel like one.

    I find myself breaking free of emotional chains from childhood, getting unfrozen and being able to move forward and feeling more integrated.

    1. Yes I agree with you, a curse and a blessing. Digging into my subconscious I do on a daily basis to try and unlock and let go of the past. But there is still work to do. I believe Pisces is at 21 degrees in my chart, so I think it will be the end of June when there a retrograde when I finally make peace, and move forward. Your article is helpful to people who have to go through this cycle.

  8. In June we'll also have the Saturn square Neptune transit occurring so paying attention to how our dreams structure our lives could dovetail with the Chiron work.

    As you move closer to the end of the Chiron Return, you'll find that the beliefs and patterns spill up more quickly and intensely I think the full transit lasts a year and a half, roughly from age 51 to 52 range. The retrograde as you say is good for digging up patterns from the past.

  9. Dear Patricia your article is nothing short of brilliantly insightful & from-the-heart sincere. I felt it, kniw it & wanted to scream with you in support.
    I'm also a bit floored by, I think synchronicity is the term that Jung (love that man) used? I too was searching for the meaning of life...I mean my 29° Pisces Chiron in the 9th. And, WOW.
    And, yes, my Samhain birthday in 1968 has me preparing to meet my Centaur friend (because now I know) and thank you for the heads-up! Oh and my moon, MC & NN will be conjuncting this soiree.
    I am really chewing on this one. I wonder if...if understanding, acknowledging & really working to reconcile a lot of these old wounds (prior to the full-on transit) would help allay some of the dark nights of the soul? Maybe, hopefully?

  10. Chiron is always working on us. I was doing inner work throughout my adult years, but this work intensified as did the deeper healing during my Chiron Return which ends on Feb 6, 2016. But I believe that the healing will continue.

    So yes, you can prepare for a Chiron Return by addressing childhood wounds prior to the return. I believe that now is a good time to work with Chiron in Pisces, especially with Mars in Scorpio forming a trine with Chiron. Mars brings support.

  11. Dear Patricia, your article was very interesting and insightful...thank you for sharing. I was born 18/03/1966 in South Africa and my Chiron is 22 degrees Pisces in the 1st House. I feel that I an currently in my Chiron return which I believe commenced in early 2015. How do I know for sure? How do I calculate my Chiron return? Thank you so much for a great article :o)

  12. Hi Tracey,

    The Chiron transits to 22 degrees Pisces at the end of March (28) to April 4, then Chiron RX from at 22 degrees in September, then direct at 22 degrees in January 2017. So yes, you are experiencing your Chiron Return in 2016 at the exact degree. However, it's possible that you began feeling the energy much earlier, especially if you are sensitive to planetary and asteroid energies.

  13. Hi Patricia,

    Thank you so much for your reply! Love, Light & Blessings to you xox

  14. Hi Hi Patricia Thanks for your article about Chiron returns in pieces. I am kind of dreading mine which has already started, Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

  15. Hi Paul, I just completed my Chiron Return and then the Pisces Solar Eclipse landed on my Natal Chiron. My childhood issues had to do with having no faith in a loving God and feeling like other people were acting dismissive towards me.

    I attracted situations in my life that reflected those scenarios or themes until I decided to love myself and forgive others. I started therapy last August and have continued with it through my Chiron Return, not that my counselor bought into the astrology aspect.

    With Chiron in Pisces you could run into lack of faith, placing your faith in the wrong people or situations, not having faith, not believing in an unconditionally loving God, co-dependent issues, feeling invisible to others. These issues were buried until the Chiron Return and then they come up for you to face with courage. While we can't change our childhood or how our life has played out, we can forgive ourselves and others while choosing a new perspective. Then from that perspective we gain wisdom we share with others.

    Don't dread the Chiron Return--embrace it. I went through a series of outer planet transits along with my Chiron Return, as you probably have done too if you were born in the 1960s or if you have a lot of mutable planets in your natal chart.

    In some ways the Chiron Return is much easier than the first Saturn Return, but it is about gaining wisdom and maturity as well as, taking responsibility for your destiny. I'm glad I'm on the other side of it.

  16. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. Well off to do yoga now. :) Kind regards paul

  17. Yoga is good use of a Chiron Return--So Pisces.

  18. Hi Patricia,

    Your story is compelling and heart-wrenching. Thank you for sharing. My Chiron return is tomorrow, Easter 2016 at 22 degrees-my life path number as well.

  19. I wish you a peaceful and wise Chiron Return. It brings reincarnation and ascension or at least you acknowledge those themes. 27 = 9 which is the conclusion of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

  20. Thank-you I enjoyed your article thoroughly. I am currently going through a chiron return on Pisces in the 4th house. Mom/dad/home stuff for healing.

  21. Thank you, Deemarie. Yes, that sounds about right when Chiron Returns in the 4th House. You would also experience issues around career verses family, mothering styles, guilt that mothers experience when they work outside of the home or the strain that a stay-at-home mother experiences. Father and mother issues surface as well.

    The thing to remember is that Chiron Returns bring us wisdom and newfound strength even if they feel like an initiation.

  22. Hi�� Thank you for sharing your experiences! As I read your life experiences, I saw many similarities with my own. I was born 31st May 1967 at 12.20am in Croydon (London UK) I have moon in Pisces as well as Chiron. I am between homes at the moment, have broken & dislocated a toe 2 yrs ago & experienced many traumatic experiences as a child that I feel are blinding my present. I have always felt drawn to mystical subjects & have had some experience of psychic events but I struggle to believe in myself or my potential. I turn 50 in 2017 so I am wondering how my Chiron return is going to affect me�� any insight would be very much appreciated�� may you be blessed for sharing your gifts����

  23. I'm sorry to hear about your predicaments. On one hand, it's a challenge to live in between homes with a Pisces Moon because of any traumatic experiences. But on the other hand, the Pisces Moon is also flexible and goes with the flow. At least I found that to be true for myself.

    It all depends on the other planetary transits that are happening when you experience your Chiron Return. When I experienced mine we had Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and that exact Saturn Neptune Square.

    Look up the themes for Pisces and the house where your Chiron Return will occur. This will give you a clue the type of events that could come up or what you need to resolve from your past.

  24. Thank you for your MCS related Chiron story. I live with MCS, and am just now rewinding my Chiron Return (1997) as I prepare for my 69th birthday. The lessons of wounds aren't always timely, but they come when it's time. The transformative years have been those years following Chiron's Return in a Scorpio 10th House. I returned to my family home of origin during my Chiron Return, drawn back like a knat to the great Spider's web. The old homestead was literally falling apart from termite hunger. I brought a carpenter boyfriend, my husband now, to rebuild it and in the process of remodeling many ghosts showed up, old wounds gaped; and the symptoms of MCS would be diagnosed a decade later. What's timely is finding your essay and the synchronity of Chiron's lessons twenty years later. Not so very long in the greater time keeper's tracking.

    I have great respect for Chiron, and the asteroids, small and mighty sources fine-tuning. Thank you for this insightful essay.
    Thank you, this is such a great Hallow's Eve gift, and candle of light for All Soul's Day.

  25. Thank you, Mokihana for sharing your story. I hope that Chiron brings you wisdom and acceptance. It is a powerful passage.