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Caution up Ahead--New Moon in Aquarius & Planetary Traffic (January 19 - 25)

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We experience two New Moons in Aquarius in 2015.  The first New Moon occurs on January 20 and is accompanied by a planetary traffic jam. Venus and Mercury in Aquarius oppose Jupiter in Leo, Mercury goes retrograde, Uranus moves into an exact square with Pluto (only exact by degree not minutes), and the Saturn square to Neptune tightens.  With all this planetary activity, it will be impossible to avoid tension and confusion.  The fierce winds of change blow full force.

First let's begin with both the Sun and Moon moving out of Capricorn into Aquarius on January 20.  On the same day Mercury is conjunct Venus in Aquarius then two days later, on January 22, Mercury goes retrograde.  But remember that even several days prior to a retrograde a planet slows down and goes stationary causing all kinds of confusion and chaos. And with so many planets in Aquarius (and Mars was in Aquarius at the beginning of January), expect detachment from others along with some far out and even wacky ideas to fly in the face.

While I don't wish to scare anyone, when Mercury retrogrades in an Air Sign such as Aquarius which rules technology and computers and Gemini which rules communication, we can expect some snafus in the area of high tech and telecommunications.  Therefore, update your internet security software, scan your computer, back up your files on a hard or flash drive and don't open any dubious e-mails.  Now is not the time to act cavalier about your computer or even any form of communication.  And don't try to come off weird for weird sake although we will feel tempted to thumb our nose at conventions during this week, if not the entire time the planets transit in Aquarius.

And if life won't seem surreal enough during this week, Saturn tightens its square with Neptune in Pisces while keeping an orb of 3 degrees.  Coupled with Mercury in retrograde, don't believe everything you hear, definitely don't sign any contracts until well into February and follow your intuition because sorry, but logic isn't going to save you this week.  And how do you ask do you contact your intuitive voice? Meditate, meditate and meditate some more.  Fortunately, when Mercury goes retrograde and Neptune shows up this strongly, meditation comes easier than usual.  Remember to breathe deeply and if it appeals to you, try some yoga poses every morning and every night before heading off to sleep.  And did I mention, that sleep won't come easy during this time with thoughts racing like rabbits through our monkey minds? Only those thoughts travel backwards in time, which is perfect for healing old wounds.

Mercury conjunct Venus opposes Jupiter in Leo, but this just brings up the individual verses the collective theme. We reflect and communicate (try to) about self-love and selfless love.  On one hand we want to spend time with our own body, dressing it up, and practicing the games of seduction with others, but watch out for the danger zone where harmless flirtation transforms into brutal heartbreak. At least we can detach and hide out in our minds since this really is a cerebral time for us.  Jupiter in Leo also exaggerates our ego just as it can exaggerate heartfelt emotions. Refrain from starting any love affairs or partnerships at this time and wait instead until Valentine's Day or thereabouts. With Jupiter in Leo expect some drama of the romantic kind even if it falls on deaf ears.

Finally, let's not leave out, Uranus squaring Pluto.  Even though some astrologers would not call the square that occurs on January 22 -24 exact, given the amount of planets in Aquarius which is the ruler of Uranus, we're definitely going to feel a large dose of awakening on the planet.  Remember Uranus shocks us to awakening and how that will show up is anyone's guess.  I predict a series of shocking events this week ranging from natural disasters so surreal they leave us breathless to celebrities coming out of the closet about their sexuality (which really isn't news any longer), to humanitarian issues, to possible youth riots (though I hope not), futuristic movies hitting the box office, and Aquarius figures entering the news.  We'll also probably hear a lot about Hilary Clinton this week since Scorpio (Pluto) rules her Sun and she's an iconoclast (Uranus) of sort.  But as a whole, I don't like to make predictions.

What I will say is brace yourself for a roller coaster ride and know that by spring, all this energy will smooth out and we will work with what is left standing after this perfect storm.  We will hear a lot of voices provoking us to wake up and the diversity amazes us.  We will get lost in fantasies of space travel and a new earth as people wax on about an Aquarius Age which is still at least 100 years away.  This doesn't mean we can't dream, but when we do, let's include the Unity of all of Us.  The news on the street is that separation is an illusion spun by those who benefit from divisiveness.  But we could just focus on One Love and sing Bob Marley tunes until the wee hours.  Which will it be, conspiracy theories or brotherhood-sisterhood?

Super Moons for 2015 occur on:

January 20
February 18
March 20
August 29
September 28
October 27

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