Thursday, October 23, 2014

Solar Eclipse Message--Goddess Rising

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Normally I only write a single post about Solar Eclipses and usually with just a quick glance.  However, today's Solar Eclipse (October 23, 2014) brings a powerful awakening that launches even more powerful transits that occur during November and December. For those of you already on your path to mastership, today's transits invigorate and empower you to step further along that path to awakening of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine. 

The Sun leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio at 4:57 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time) and if we failed to regain our balance when the Sun traveled through Libra, we might fall off kilter with this powerful Sun energy.  Especially since Venus conjuncts the Sun at 1:52 p.m. followed by the Moon conjuncting the Sun at 2:57 p.m. (Moon enters Scorpio at 2:10 p.m.) and all three planets conjunct Pallas with a one degree orb.  Pallas for those of you not familiar with the asteroid, represents a fierce intellectual feminine energy.  Connected to the goddess Athena, Pallas represents war, academic pursuits and wisdom.  Yet, this does not imply under these circumstances going to war with other people or countries.  I think we do battle with the darkness inside us on a more personal level while using the darker side (Kali) of feminine energy to ruthless cut away at untruths in our lives and the lives around us.  Meaning, no more BS.

Those of you already on your life or spiritual path will experience this Solar Eclipse as a much required boost to your ascension process.  Many of you will download spiritual information of a high level today and the following days.  Trust your intuition at this time.  However, discern the difference between intuition which comes from the heart and paranoia which comes from delusional thoughts and over analyzing (Pallas).  If your intuition tells you to take the day off and sleep then do that.  If your intuition tells you to purchase massage oils and practice self-care then do that.  If your intuition tells you to take the day off from work, even working with clients, then listen to your intuition.  This is because you now require space to download huge messages from the other side of the veil.

People who aren't on their true path yet will act in a negative way now.  They will entertain paranoid fantasies and even play out dark dramas.  They will battle against the feminine energies trying to come through, especially in regard to patriarchal institutions which cannot deal with feminine energies at this time.  This is not a time to hang onto the old, but to make some sort of sacrifice of the old ways of living on this planet.  This is why it is so important to meditate now and tune into the heart center.  Listen to the still voice within you.  Remember Scorpio energy is deep and penetrating, not something superficial floating on the surface.  And with the Sun, Moon, Venus,. Pallas and Saturn in Scorpio, let's do some deep diving into the subconscious and even the collective unconscious to uncover the obstacles preventing us from ascending to higher dimensions.

Those of you with Scorpio Moon, Sun or Rising Sign and yes, Mercury, you're just not going to put up with anyone or anything superficial at this time.  You have some serious healing to do for yourself and for the planet around forgiveness and surrendering what was to now what is.  If you have trouble forgiving, find spiritual books, videos and teachings to help you with this process.  And the forgiveness might not happen immediately, but you'll still make some inroads and clear space in your heart for Divine Love to enter and reside.  Scorpio has the most challenging time of all the Zodiac Signs of practicing forgiveness.  To say this process doesn't come easy to you is an understatement.  But ask yourself if all those slights and hurts from others were intended, unintended or simply imagined on your part. Water Signs after all, delude themselves and emotions are often too cloudy to reveal the truth behind situations and events.

The Sun, Moon, Pallas and Venus trine Neptune at 4 degrees Pisces.  For some folks this brings greater spiritual awareness and a deep connection to the Divine.  For others, this brings opportunities to entertain paranoid thoughts not grounded in reality.  Some people experience nightmares now bringing up issues hidden in the subconscious.  Those of you working with psychotherapists or hypnotists shatter illusions and experience breakthroughs now that lead to deep healing of your soul, mind and body. I recommend sound healing and music therapy as well as, dance therapy at this time for everyone.  Listen to favorite songs or music that brings up strong emotions so that you can experience release of those emotions.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Watching movies with heroic feminine characters or men in touch with their hearts benefits us now.  But stay away from movies with dark themes since these could lead to experiencing nightmares and disturbing energies.  Why would you do that to yourself? I recommend movies like Under a Tuscan Sun with the protagonist getting in touch with her deeper wounded self and experiencing empowerment.  However, find the movie that works best for you.  Movies with journey/adventure themes where the protagonists face their inner demons work best now.

To conclude this Solar Eclipse post (redux), I wish you all a happy ascension.  Surrender everything that no longer works for you and know in your heart that the Divine replaces all of that with something one hundred times better.  Oh, yes, this is a fantastic time to live on planet Earth.

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