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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (October 23, 2014)

Aries Moon (photo taken on October 8, 2014) by Patricia Herlevi
If you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendent in a Water Sign, you're going to love the Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio.  Remember that 0 degrees always marks a new beginning and is ripe with potential.  In order to reap that potential (no matter your Sun or Moon Sign), take inspired action.  With a Scorpio Moon and Sun (with a New Moon the Moon conjuncts the Sun), meditate or go deep within your subconscious mind to hear your intuitive voice.

Most of my drama around eclipses happens around the Lunar Eclipses and the Solar Eclipses depending on how the Moon and Sun aspect planets in my Natal Chart or house placement usually brings a boon in the areas of my life it highlights.  Yet, despite this boon I experience, all eclipses shake up our lives to let loose all that no longer serves us in the areas of our lives it contacts.  For instance, those of you in unworkable partnerships (business or romantic/life) receive a shaking up that forces you to come out of denial.  In this case the Scorpio Moon/Sun asks if this relationship supports your deeper psychological and soul requirements.  Perhaps you would rather experience a deep soul relationship with a partner but you ended up with a practical breadwinner who has no spiritual aspirations or sex appeal.  This Scorpio Solar Eclipse will have you questioning what matters most to you.

The Sun enters Scorpio at 4:57 a.m. on October 23, followed by the Moon which enters Scorpio at 2:10 p.m. (Standard Pacific Time) and conjuncts the Sun (Solar Eclipse) at 2:57 p.m. and Venus enters Scorpio an hour before the Solar Eclipse.  This further emphasizes the themes of Scorpio and I'm picking up a soul relationship theme.  Venus could also cause us to feel suspicious and jealous of our partners at this time if we haven't developed self-love and honoring for ourselves and lack self-esteem.  The trick is to find love, beauty and sensuality within ourselves so that we don't live off projections onto the other or expect the other to feed all our desires in the area of Scorpio themes. (Note corrections made to the original post).

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
In the Northern Hemisphere as autumn grows deeper with death and rebirth themes all around us, in dying leaves, the upcoming Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls Day and other mid-autumn celebrations, we feel the veils between ourselves and the spirit world thinning.  Add to that darker days in some northern countries and Venus traveling in the traditional sign of Mars (Scorpio) where she's not all together comfortable, except for the sensuality and sexuality as well as, the art of seduction. But like I said earlier, when Venus is in Scorpio, themes of jealousy surface whether that is towards a woman partner or other women who we suspect our hitting on our partners.

However, don't allow paranoid thoughts to set you off course, especially since the Sun and Moon form a trine with Neptune with a 4 degree orb.  Remember Neptune stokes fantasies and illusions so what we experience might be as real as vapor or fog--just illusions or clouds that come and go.  Don't act on suspicions now because most likely you are entertaining dark illusions.  We could also entertain illusions in regard to health or with spirituality we could connect to a trickster instead of our Spirit Guides which could also foster delusions.

But for those of you who have done your spiritual work and are on the road to mastery, you could use the power of Sun/Moon/Venus in Scorpio to bolster your intuition and get in touch with your Divine Feminine whether you are a man or a woman.  I dreamed last night that we entertain illusions thinking we are just feminine or just masculine. We are both and we require both energies to function successfully on Gaia.  We also experience Pallas in conjunction with the feminine planets (I consider the Sun feminine in this case) and she represents Athena or Divine Feminine Wisdom, war, and justice.  She is in a sense representing the Aries-Libra polarity.  Again, we experience more feminine energy with the Solar Eclipse.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Two days before Mercury goes Direct at 17 degrees Libra, the planet conjuncts the North Node of fate and again reminding us to stay in balance, which I admit proves challenging when Mercury wobbles towards stationary direct.  Remember to take lots of deep breaths, speak more slowly during this time, don't attempt efforts at multitasking (unless you're a masochist) and listen with intent/purpose to others.  They might hold the key to your fate. Pay attention to synchronicity too.  Drive slowly and carefully while remembering not to text or talk on your phone while driving.  Accidents could happen now.  Mercury also sextiles Jupiter in Leo so watch out for arrogance or over exaggeration of abilities.  Diplomacy works best along with integrity and humility (not to confuse with putting ourselves down).

Jupiter continues its trine with Uranus and Uranus square with Pluto which could come off as an over emphasis of the pushy Cardinal square with Pluto wanting to assert authority and Uranus rebelling against it.  With Jupiter involved this battle happens on the academic or religious front.  Idealism clashes and pompous behavior dominates during this eclipse.  Though if we detach from the drama we find ribald humor in it.  In fact, anyone in an authoritative position could become a target of jokes. Stand up comedians poke more fun than usual at politicians and even the pope. Though with the planets and Pallas in Scorpio those jokes could turn suddenly dark.

As I'm typing this forecast, I realize that it is more complex than I originally thought.  Look for the planetary players as they transit through your Natal Chart.  Look at the themes of the houses where the planets land and any aspects to your Natal Planets.  The area of your chart where you have Scorpio on the cusps or planets in Scorpio will engage in the Solar Eclipse theatrical play.  And depending on the aspects of this eclipse in your chart, the effects could last anywhere from a few days to a few months.  Some astrologers would even predict until the next Solar Eclipse cycle where the Sun and Moon hit around 0 degrees Scorpio. Or at least you'll experience another round of any themes or issues you didn't resolve the last time around.

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