Friday, October 31, 2014

Full Moon in Taurus--Earthy Sensuality

The Taurus Full Moon falls at 14 degrees, 26 minutes

I don't know about you, but I could use a planetary transit respite about now.  Fortunately, the Taurus Full Moon grounds us and even reminds us to practice self-care while indulging in sensual experiences.

(I'm including this chart just to give you a general layout of the planets around the Full Moon.  You can make a chart for your region in the world).

In the Pacific Northwest--US where I reside this beautiful Moon occurs at 2:23 p.m. and it's an interesting Moon since it opposes the Sun conjunct Venus while trining Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Jupiter in Leo.  So basically we experience a Full Moon with a Fixed T-Cross with supportive energy which comes from Pluto (which squares Uranus).

And lately, I've been contemplating the Grand Shift that began it push decades ago.  Now, it gathers momentum with each Moon cycle, meaning the Moon has played a bigger and bigger role in aligning our feelings and emotions with higher frequencies.  The Full Moon in Taurus with its trine to Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that we must ground all the Fire and Water energy flying in our face at this time.  Yes, follow your bliss, go with the flow, but ground those inspirations so you can manifest self-love leading to peace on the planet.  After all, whose going to go to war when they love themselves and others. This Full Moon reminds us that if we fill our coffers with peace and love, we have more of that to share with others.

For some of you this does imply indulging in sensual pleasures without guilt.  It is about acknowledging the physical body and also the material world.  Right before the Moon becomes full it trines Mars in Capricorn so our emotions gravitate towards are material ambitions.  The square with Jupiter in Leo reminds us to share the bounty with others and save the drama, though there will be a lot of drama with Sun/Venus in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus and both squaring Jupiter in Leo.  Let's not forget to focus on the big picture presented by Uranus, the Great Awakener and Pluto representing the collective consciousness and the collective shadow.

If we choose to point the finger at others and label those folks as greedy, then take a good look inside.  Shadows come out to play during this Full Moon especially since Scorpio rules shadows/projections and the subconscious.  Those undesirable traits that we find in others act as triggers for our own inner work.  Ask yourself the hard questions.  Are you jealous of people who live in big houses? Are you jealous of successful people so you fall into self-righteousness and judgement to protect your wounded ego? Is materialism really the enemy or does it just point to our own emptiness that we can't fill up with material goods?

Scorpio also rules higher consciousness.  What would it take to lose the material baggage, lighten the load and soar like an eagle? What would it take to lose the desire for materialism so that we don't judge others who worship the material world? What's going on when we judge others or when we judge ourselves? How do we detach from the material world without feeling deprived?  Where is each of us on the scale of materialism and spiritualism? What is our true path in life and how do we manifest the resources to fulfill that path? Could we possibly turn to a wealthy philanthropist for funds? But wait, didn't we just judge all wealthy people as greedy and the cause of Climate Change?  These are the types of questions that surface the final week of October and the beginning of November up to the Full Moon on November 6.

General Elections occur in the US on November 4, as we approach the Full Moon.  I predict that with this line-up of planets, that we'll experience some stubborn qualities found in the 2-party political system.  American voters are concerned about their basic material needs, but also at the same time, experience a spiritual shift in values.  Do we choose to keep playing the game of dualistic politics which serves corporate lobby groups? Or do we choose political leaders with integrity and messages that promise real transformation? Do we place environmental issues first (Taurus)? Some of us feel strong emotions in that regard.  No matter what we do, don't get caught in the projections-shadows game.  It's too easy to sling mud at political leaders when we don't even have all the facts.  Forget all the television and print ads and go with what's in your heart.  I say this again and again, vote from your heart even if that flies against all logic.

In the end, transformation occurs when each of us heals our own shadow wounds.  The real effort revolves around inner work and understanding that the movies we see outside of us come from the light we shine or don't shine behind it.  Watch where you place your focus or at least put the two together--your focus creating your experiences.  The increasing frequencies on the planet ensure that we experience instant manifestation right now so keep your motives pure and practice integrity (Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn) so that you manifest something healthy in the material world (Taurus) and this allows us to shine our true lights in the world (Jupiter in Leo) while expanding the consciousness of self-love.

I'm ending this post with "Sensual World" by Kate Bush, a Leo Sun.

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