Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quantum Gaze at Zodiac Signs

With astrology, astrologers explore weaknesses and strengths of each of the Zodiac signs.  However, with the Law of Attraction, teachers tell us to focus on the positive and not on what we don't want.  So how do we reconcile the Law of Attraction with modern astrology?

Yesterday I contemplated the so-called weakness of Pisces in that people with a Pisces Sun, Rising Sign or Moon tend to merge with others, often dissolving their boundaries.  What if the quantum approach to Pisces is to merge into Unity Consciousness and lead the way for the other 11 Zodiac Signs? What if perceived weaknesses in the Zodiac Signs are actually strengths seen through distorted lenses of Third Dimensional reality?

In the Western world the ideal of the individual is worshiped.  Self-actualization is the goal for a lot of teachers and students in the west.  And this too appears distorted in that every man and woman seems out for themselves.  Instead of cooperation that leads to world peace, we experience cutthroat competition for jobs, housing, status with the top dog always winning the game leaving losers casts aside, sometimes tossed into the proverbial gutters.  In this individual-centered model we never can achieve world peace.

Each Zodiac Sign contains a polar opposite sign within it.  These in a way promote dualism, but really represent balance between male and female; dark and light; night and day; and on a larger level; fear and love.  Each of us has been taught to watch our backs, live in fear (mistrusting others), and to move cautiously in the world. But this is Third Dimensional thinking and an illusion at best.  I like the saying, "There is only one of us here."  And we could look at the Zodiac Wheel as totality in that each of us contains all 12 Signs in our charts and in our being.

I find that as an astrologer I generalize traits of each sign.  While this is useful when interpreting charts, it is detrimental when taking holistic view of the planet and humanity.  The old way is to see the weaknesses and strengths of each sign then tell the client with the sign to heal their weaknesses and bolster their strengths.  But what if the weaknesses actually point to a person's spiritual path? What if those weaknesses are only distortions of a spiritual message that gets lost when deleting the program of weaknesses?

For instance, let's look at Virgo's critical eye.  Now, sometimes this critical eye comes off as harsh and hurtful, but that's not Virgo's intention.  Virgo perfects, fixes, and challenges us to find purity within us.  For Geminis the weakness and the strength is about gathering information and sharing that information in a playful manner.  But sometimes the Gemini person confuses this role and turns into a nasty gossip who we wish to avoid.  Sagittarius came to bring expansion of philosophies, religion and higher learning, but sometimes this gets caught up in pompous behavior that turns other people off or the expansion happens on the waistline and thighs from overindulging in food and drink.

Yet, each of these signs brings a totality to the planet where the so-called weaknesses merge into a marriage not unlike yin/yang.  Everything contains it's opposite.  Hot contains cold and so on.  So maybe the quantum gaze asks us to look at the lessons of each signs as boosters for the ascension process.  And this ascension process doesn't come about with astrologers nitpicking the so-called faults of each Zodiac Sign.  Weaknesses often turn out to become our greatest strengths except in Greek tragedies where they act as downfalls that bring shame, humiliation and death.

So I ask astrologers and students of astrology to take a quantum gaze at the Zodiac Signs and to remember that we get more of what we focus upon.  So if we dwell on "weaknesses" we create self-fulfilling prophecies and how is this healing for anyone?

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