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Astrological Forecast for November 2014--Fly in the Ointment

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
For those of you who found the energies of 2012 intense, hold on to your hats.  In November the winds of change come on like a monster storm thus leaving us on the crossroads of transformation.  Those of you who choose to heal your deepest wounds and get in touch with your heart will fair better than those of you who ignore the lightening bolts in the transformational sky.  Now more than ever set the intent to love yourself and reflect love into the world.

This November we experience several challenging transits include the tightening orb with the Uranus-Pluto Square which forms an exact orb around the American Thanksgiving (November 27) and remains exact until December 28 (30 days).  In addition the Jupiter-Saturn Square in fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio continues throughout November with the powering up Saturn on November 8th and Venus wedding Saturn on November 13 then Mercury joins up with Saturn on November 25 around the same time Uranus in Aries forms a perfect Square with Pluto in Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto turn out as the big players this November.

Other dates to watch are November 16 when Neptune in Pisces goes Direct and the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune bringing up spiritual themes of service, selflessness and sacrifice.  At least the Neptune fog clears when Virgo brings its analytical and problem-solving skills.  Remember Virgo represents earth and while the technological maiden sign is the least grounded of the Earth Signs, we still sense our feet firmly on the ground when the Moon travels in Virgo, even if we struggle with restlessness.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Before we get into the outer planet transits (my favorite), let’s look at the personal planets which move swiftly between signs.  Mercury moves out of Libra into Scorpio on November 9 then speeds through Scorpio until November 29, when the trickster planet moves into its polar opposite sign Sagittarius and squares Neptune leaving us with a feeling of spiritual expansion or that we’re hanging out in the Galactic Center.  Meanwhile, Venus which moved into Scorpio on October 23 races towards Saturn also in Scorpio.  Mars travels in Capricorn catching up with Pluto on November 11th and joining the Uranus-Pluto Square--world events rock the planet that week!

Last April, Mars in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries while squaring Jupiter and Pluto in a Grand Cardinal Square.  Then in October Mars joined Uranus and Jupiter in a Grand Fire Trine and now in Capricorn, Mars conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus.  During this time I warn the Cardinal folks (Sun, Moon and Ascension signs in Cardinal Signs) to lay low and let projects simmer in the background.  Don’t get into arguments at this time because they could turn violent quickly, especially with Uranus in Mar’s sign Aries.  Children butt heads with parents and authority figures.  Adults act childish.  What’s new Magoo?

Jupiter’s square with Saturn resembles a seesaw or the Wheel of Fortune.  This is when we see a project coming to fruition with Jupiter’s help and then Saturn slams on the brakes.  Jupiter brings enthusiasm and Saturn brings caution to the picture.  Jupiter calls for expansion while Saturn contracts and constricts. Perhaps this feels like the birth process but we don’t know when to push out the baby.  The good news is that Jupiter in Leo comes to break up the stronghold of Saturn in Scorpio as Saturn prepares to move into Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius) on December 24.

Saturn in Scorpio demanded that we practice integrity in the workplace in our personal lives.  Saturn forced us to practice transparency too because any planet transiting in Scorpio uncovers dirty secrets while Saturn brings retribution or rewards for one’s actions.  Saturn wants us to earn our rewards and punishments and Jupiter bestows blessings on anyone not too worried about integrity or honesty.  Do you see how this square plays out?

We could see big dramas playing out on the world stage at this time and most likely between countries.  We make a mockery of foreign affairs or treat the world like a grand stage.  Embarrassing and dark secrets surface as Saturn completes his transit in Scorpio then Jupiter in Leo exaggerates those secrets or spills the beans.  Many celebrities get caught in scandals.  Will President Obama, a Leo, get caught up in a scandal? Sex scandals, bank scandals and what not could surface now, but I don’t wish to dwell on the negative. 

Outer planet transits also bring awakening for the masses so if we don’t get caught up in the shame and blame game we could develop compassion for those wounded folks who fall from pedestals.  We could just open our hearts and accept them as our own shadows projected into the world.  Now, that’s big healing.

Each time the Uranus-Pluto Square returns we see a different configuration playing out.  I believe this is Square #6 out of the 7 squares between these two planets.  The next square occurs next March then the planets separate as Uranus speeds onward.  As I mentioned earlier, we could see violence from November 8 to 18 when Mars conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus.  All three planets are powerful, combustible and explosive.  Issues surface around anger management, repressed emotions and violent movies this week.  I would also refrain from watching the television news since it’s going to devastate us, if we do watch it.

Deal with repressed emotions prior to this week. Scream into your pillow if you must or throw a tantrum in private.  For any of you with anger issues, seek therapy now and get to the roots of your anger.  Now is a time of release and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see volcanic activity too.  All that heat and steam must come to the surface so we can finally deal with it and bring real healing to our wounds, mostly stemming from early childhood.  Remember when you shift energies in your personal life, you shift energy on the planet.  Your healing not only matters to you, it matters to every being on the planet.

Major Transits:

Uranus-Pluto Square, November 27 to December 28
Uranus-Mars/Pluto Square (0 to 5 degrees), November 7 to 18
Neptune goes Direct, November 13
Uranus goes Direct, December 19
Jupiter goes Retrograde, December 8
Jupiter-Saturn Square, All of November until December 6
Sun conjuct Saturn, November 13 to 22
Venus conjunct Saturn, November  9 to 16
Saturn move into Sagittarius, December 24
Full Moon at 15 degrees Taurus, November 6
New Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius, November 23
Full Moon at 14 degrees Gemini, December 6
New Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn, December 21

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