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Meaningful Outer Planet Transits Lead to Mastership

Archangel Gabriel, Wikipedia
We are all on a spiritual path whether we choose to believe this or not.  The outer planet placements at this time represent no accident and in fact, this is our initiation period from novice to Master with a capital M.  We can complain, experience trembling knees and listen to our hearts racing as we journey through the current planetary configurations of Grand Crosses, change of nodes, eclipses and that Uranus-Pluto square which I know is driving some of you to the brink of madness.  But we would be fools not to listen to the message of the planets because face it, this planet is on the brink of total collapse unless we wake up and stop playing games.  These words sound harsh, but please understand, they come from a compassionate heart in communication with Divinely loving Spiritual Forces.

Jupiter in Cancer is not about striking luck in the real estate market or any other mundane manifestation Cancer natives dream of at this time.  Jupiter in Cancer is about learning self-love, nurturing others, healing the food industry, and making sure that every human and creature on this planet is fed well with healthy food choices and not the trash/poison passed off as "real food".  Jupiter leaves Cancer and moves into Leo this July, so we had better get cracking with this.

At the time I write this post, the US Government has passed the Farm Bill which eliminates or begins to, an important program that feeds millions of Americans living below the poverty line, that's one out of every seven Americans without access to food in the future of this country.  And that is unacceptable in my book since I am a Cancer native who believes in feeding the world and because I'm also one out of seven Americans enrolled in this program now (truth be known).

Saturn in Scorpio represents regeneration of structure and industries, this includes every industry on the planet.  Saturn in Scorpio tells us that we need to clean up and destroy what's no longer working in the favor of the majority. This means a dismantling of the current economy, medical system, food system, and how we treat one another.  Scorpio rules sex, tax, death, transformation, other people's resources, big government and big industry as well as the medical field, especially research, biotech and all of that. Saturn rules wisdom, integrity, structure, constriction, contraction, bones, skin, connective tissue, elders, teachers, and in a sense cycles of time.

Kali, Hindu Goddess of Creation & Destruction
And to further emphasize those themes Pluto (Scorpio's planet) transits in Capricorn (Saturn's sign) telling us that we must destroy the old way of being and rise from the ashes into a new sustainable way of living on the planet.  We have much healing to do and we must act ruthless in what we cut out of our lives to make way for the new, but to translate this as taking food away from the poor, is not the message here.  We need to heal our wounded hearts and allow light and compassion to seep in through the cracks and this might just mean blessing our so-called enemies.  Why? If you curse something or someone you don't allow this decay and destruction to occur. You can not dismantle with aggressive force, but with the power of love, compassion and forgiveness.  There, I said it. We cannot play the same wicked game of those who steal power and the truth be told, we all have inner power that no one can steal without our permission.  We all have Pluto in our chart and those of you experience direct Pluto transits right now are given a gift.  Take back your power already.

Uranus in Aries (and he's staying there for 9 years instead of the usual 7) has to do with the Spiritual Warrior.  The Spiritual Warrior stands up for Truth and Justice and uses spiritual tools to achieve those missions.  Led by Indigo and Crystal children now adults, and some much older adults must get their Truth into the world now with the help of Spiritual Forces (Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors).  Don't complain or rant, but speak up in a forum and share your ideas with others.  The Spiritual Warrior is not a wimp, but a true leader who might feel incapable of leading. Think Moses with his speech impediment, Yeshua, born in a manger, Joan of Arc, a medieval woman peasant with no training in in warfare or Saint Francis of Assisi who gave all his possessions away to prove that materialism enslaves most people.

But don't mistake this for another us verses them scenario.  I think with Uranus in Aries we combine spirituality with grassroots activism in a way that serves all people or at least the greatest number.  This is about healing wounds (ours and others) and despite those wounds transforming our lives into a work of beauty. When you see something unfair in the world, stand up and speak out, but not as complaints, but with solutions you are inspired to share.  With Aries, where there's a will there is a way and we don't need to burn the city down to birth a new world.

Archangel Gabriel, Wikipedia
Finally, with Neptune transiting in Pisces, we need to heal our addiction and harness the power of music and sound vibration to bring wholeness to the world.  Slip out of illusions and delusions and get a reality check.  When I say reality check, I'm not talking about adopting a cynical attitude and siding with the negative naysayers who scoff at anything spiritual. Spiritual is reality. Unity Consciousness is Reality.  Merging with the Divine and Sacred is reality.  Let's move past our darkness into the rainbow light of reality, out of the fog into clear thinking as we shape this world into something more aligned with harmony, compassion, peace and joy.  Give up all that dark stuff of reading thrillers and murder mysteries and read spiritual literature instead.  If you don't want to see more violence in the world, stop supporting violent music, media and movies.  Replace that with sound healing, prayer, meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices on a daily basis and Transcend the chaos.

This ends the message of these outer planets.  I hope you hear the message and pass it on to your friends and colleagues.

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