Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cardinals Marching On--Forecast for March 2014

photo by Patricia Herlevi, Late Winter
Since it's pouring rain outside with wind gust up to 50 miles per hour, I'm sitting cozy in front of my laptop.  So what a great time to write about March's transits.  If you're now used to the planets lighting up like a Christmas tree, you're in for no surprises in March.  I will say that I don't see the tension from the past two months easing as far as, the need to move ahead and the retrograde planets putting up stop signs.  The good news is Mercury goes Direct on February 28, but Mars goes retrograde on March 1st and goes direct again on May 20.

I realize the retrograde planets (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury then Mars and Saturn) have tried our patience, but think of these retrogrades as gifts that slow us down and help us to reassess before moving forward with plans.  Jupiter goes direct again on March 6, but Saturn goes retrograde on March 2nd so that first week might feel like a roller coaster ride--hang on to your hats.  If you follow the asteroids of micro-astrology, Ceres, Pallas and Vesta are also moving backwards in March.

We of course start out with the Sun in compassionate Pisces where it stays until its transit into Aries on March 21st--the first day of spring or the Equinox.  Mercury backtracks through Aquarius and transits back into Pisces on March 18 and then is out of the retrograde shadow on March 22nd. Venus starts the month off with a square to Mars in Libra, then Venus transits into Aquarius on the 6th.  At the first part of the month we also experience an Air Trine with Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Libra, which is exact on March 15.  That will give us intellectual space which we can balance with the Sun in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

During the first the first two weeks of the month, until March 13, Chiron in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn so we are able to take our recent transformational experiences and bring wisdom to them.   We will also experience a wide trine between Jupiter and Chiron which will bring both wisdom and healing, though we will find ourselves accepting our deeper wounds on some level that will bring us wisdom and maturity.  On March 4th we will experience a conjunction with the Sun and Chiron exact at 13 degrees which will leave us feeling compassion for ourselves and others.

The ongoing Uranus-Pluto square tightens so that the planets are two degrees orb apart (Aries-Capricorn) forming  T-Cross with Jupiter in Cancer.  The big fireworks will show up in April.  So I feel that we will see more of the same issues in the news.  With Mars in Libra and the North Node in Libra, I'm already seeing a campaign on Linked In against domestic violence.  I'm also seeing on YouTube and other sources a concern for all this labeling of diseases, conditions and allergies with children.

Yes, we need to clean up the food industry so that we don't expose ourselves or children to toxic food and yes, we need to address food allergies, but stop labeling children as allergic to this or that.  A few years ago while I was participating at a health fair, a young girl around 9 or 10 years of age walked up to me and instead of telling me her name and her age, she said, "Hi, I have ADD."  This child over identified with this condition that nothing else seemed to matter.  And yet, doctors, school teachers and parents keep playing this game with children--pin the label on your forehead, so to speak.

These are the types of issues we will deal with food security, healthy food, healthy water, creating healthier communities, dealing with government injustice such as passing a farm bill that cuts food programs to unemployed and other people in need.  If these issues are not addressed in a dignified matter and soon, I hope that we don't end up with angry mobs on the streets.  People have the right to eat and starvation is not an option in a developed nation or any nation.  With Jupiter in Cancer, immigration issues will also remain on the radar, but probably will grow in intensity in April.  (We will get to April in a later post, however, it isn't all doom and gloom, I have seen some glimmers of hope in the watery planet aspects).

If you have Cardinal planets between 10 and 14 degrees, keep an eye on the transits for Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter in March.  If you have Cardinal planets between 22 and 27 degrees keep an eye on the North Node and Mars in Libra.  For you fixed signs, Saturn will be retrograde from 23 to 22 degrees and Mercury backtracks through Aquarius 18 to 29 degrees the first half of the month.  The biggest concern for mutable signs are Neptune at 5 and 6 degrees Pisces and Chiron at 13 to 15 degrees Pisces.

I hope I covered all the important transits.  Perhaps, March will feel a little lighter than January and February, especially with the Spring Equinox.  But the Sun in Aries during the last week of the month is going to want to push ahead and Mars in Libra in retrograde motion is going to say, nope, sorry, turn back and rethink and reassess your plan of action.  Saturn will also go retrograde so we will feel like we have less energy to complete projects and we slow down.  On that note, enjoy the emergence of spring and the last of winter.  Take time to watch the leaves budding on the trees and the earth coming back to life.  You will definitely have time to stop and smell the roses in March, metaphorically speaking. I would also advise envisioning the world you would like to see and ask your higher self what steps you can take now to manifest such a world.


  1. Hi there, just wanted to thank you for this. I couldn't sleep and have been googling like crazy since my hunch is that "something must be up" planetarily speaking. In the past month, my sister unexpectedly broke the two major bones in her arm and required extensive surgery, I've caught wind of one stillbirth and the sudden lupus-related illness and death of an old roommate -- both of which I learned of because these folks "randomly" popped into my mind after some time. My best dear cousin (38 y/o) was just diagnosed out of the blue with advanced breast cancer, my best friend suffered a miscarriage.... And I fell pregnant unexpectedly (I did see I had Uranus transiting my 5 house)..... But learned just yesterday that I, too, lost the baby. It has been a time of unexpected events, death, stagnation, and just an overall sense of doom and gloom. Your post helped me see that there is, in fact, something brewing... Guess I need to hang in there a little longer! Rachel

  2. Hello Rachel,

    I just lost my last comment to you because I accidentally pressed sign out instead of publish.

    Astrology can't explain every event that happens to us. We all have soul contracts and those contracts include certain situations such as illnesses, miscarriages and other "tragedies" or losses so that we can grow our souls.

    However, when it comes to the transits, Uranus always brings warnings and it isn't completely true that events caused by a Uranus transit did not come with warnings. Often we ignore those warnings because we are too busy or distracted to pay attention or we don't want to face that part of our lives because it frightens us. But ultimately, even when Uranus does bring the unexpected, it also brings freedom which we see in retrospect.

    Tarot Expert Radleigh Valentine talked about The Tower card on his Hay House Radio show three weeks ago and he mentioned that this Uranus card always brings warnings. Our bodies don't just come down with advance stage cancer without any warnings. I imagine that when the body is fighting cancer, it becomes more easily exhausted, there would be pain or tenderness in that area of the body and other symptoms that could easily be explained as something else. Of course, I don't really know and I'm guessing. Our bodies come with intuition and when we tune into that intuition or into our higher selves, we are given information in advance. Dis-ease often happens when we aren't in-tune with our higher guidance or we are living out of balance in some way.

    Pluto can bring physical death, but through this death it brings regeneration and rebirth. Often the kind of death Pluto brings is the loss of an old lifestyle or employment or even marriage so that something better can come and replace it. That's usually how people experience Pluto, not saying that it isn't painful.

    Remember this, we cannot have spring without winter. We must break down the old to make room for new growth. Ultimately, that's what the Cardinal Cross and T-Cross are about--transformation by breaking down old structures to make room for the new.

    I suggest meditation and tuning into your Higher Guides and ask them to see the bigger picture of all the details you have been shown. I can assure you that the lesson isn't to become more fearful, but more courageous and loving. Loss often opens our hearts to let the light come in.

  3. I don't know of my last post posted either....just came across your response and wanted to thank you for the insights and for taking the time...it is much appreciated.