Sunday, February 9, 2014

Game Changers--Iconoclastic Winter Signs

So often the winter signs, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces receive a bad rap or people completely misunderstand these three signs.  Capricorn is seen as all business and no pleasure, Aquarius is seen as icy and aloof, and Pisces as seen as victims or addicts.  However, if you look at historic people and celebrities with these Sun Signs (also Moon and Rising Signs) you will find a list of game changers.

Perhaps part of the problem lies with the drabness of the winter months.  Most of us who aren't into winter sports or enjoy snow fall, would just as well skip over this dormant and gray season.  It's too cold, the heating bills are too high, and everyone stays indoors so we have trouble meeting new people.  We see images of people wearing scarves over half their faces or just looking miserable with a head cold. Yeah, real happy images.

The three signs represent the qualities, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable as well as the elements, Earth, Air and Water.  Cardinal signs initiate change and that's exactly what Capricorn does on the Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice if you're in the Southern Hemisphere).  Where I live, Capricorn brings in the deep freeze, causes everything to go magically dormant, but this gives us time to re-structure our lives.  This is a good time to draw up that business plan, promote your business or your projects, network in your business community, secure loans, and plan ahead.

And for those of you who find Capricorn stodgy, consider these Capricorn people who acted as game changers: Marlene Dietrich, Elvis Presley, Diane Keaton, David Bowie, Michael Stipe, Federico Fellini, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Canadian filmmaker Francois Girard.  Each in his or her own way, these Capricorns revolutionized their industry or community. They brought innovations especially with structure or took their craft into a surprising direction.  Often we mistake these Capricorns for Aquarius natives because they step outside of the box and think in a futuristic way.  They are often ahead of their time because Capricorn is slow to develop with Saturn as their ruling planet.  Here you have late-bloomers, especially with Capricorn AC folks and you have hard workers who take years to master their craft.  But in the end their work endures the test of time, also Saturn.

Following Capricorn, futuristic Aquarius steps into the spotlight.  And oddly, not all Aquarius people appear as radical thinkers touting purple hair and strange footwear.  A man or woman in a business suit could very well have an Aquarius Sun Sign or even Rising Sign.  There are different ways of rebelling against society and some Aquarius people don't take the rebellion route and instead forge a path in the scientific or academic fields.

While Aquarius lacks the deep compassion of Pisces or the solid structure of Capricorn, Aquarius hangs out in the realm of air and thought.  They think their way to solutions instead of emoting and falling into the trap of victim. If we would give them a spiritual label, it would fall closer to Buddhism since Aquarius isn't likely to follow the path of the martyr as with Christianity for instance. Aquarius also has no time for playing the victim role and most likely will leave the room if people wax melodrama.  That drama interferes with clearheaded thinking which Aquarius needs in buckets full.

People born under Aquarius include: Geena Davis (who even spells her name different), Oprah Winfrey (innovated talk shows while delving into far out spiritual topics), Abraham Lincoln (do I need to say more?), Susan B. Anthony (women's rights), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and rebel without a cause, James Dean, to name a few.

Finally, you're probably wondering how Pisces, a mutable water sign acts as a game-changer.  Consider that the Surrealist filmmaker Luis Bunuel (Pisces Sun). Other game changer Pisces include: Anais Nin (author), Albert Einstein (scientist), Frederick Chopin (composer), Maurice Ravel (composer), and Audrey Hepburn (Pisces Moon).

Most of these game changers revolutionized movies, books, and music by dissolving old structure and playing upon our subconscious minds.  Even Einstein paid attention to his dreams to come up with his formulas and theories, Audrey Hepburn enchanted us with her unique beauty and soulful eyes while Anais Nin dissolved old storytelling structure by blurring the lines between dreams and reality, which is also what Luis Bunuel did with his movies.  Ravel and Chopin provided alternatives to the big musical sound of the romantic era and post romantic era composer with their smaller chamber works. Chopin only composed for a single instrument, the piano, but created music so complex you could easily get lost in it.

This winter reflect upon the cycle of game changing and see how these signs cause you to toss out the old and bring in the new.  Even in winter when it seems like the entire world has gone dormant, much growth happens underneath the surface and pops out like crocuses in March from the snowy ground.  Also don't make the mistake that someone revolutionizing an industry is Aquarius.  Consider Capricorn and Pisces too since all three of these signs works together as a whole.  Capricorn brings the structure, Aquarius the innovation and Pisces brings compassion and the big dreams.  Think of it like a sustainable house. Aquarius brings the innovative ideas, Capricorn brings the building material, and Pisces brings the vision and compassion to be kind to the earth.

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