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Heavily on the Heart--Saturn, Part 2 (with humor this time)

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Laughing at Saturn relieves stress.  Here's a bit of Capricorn humor.

I'm on my way to wash my hair in the sink when I sit down at the computer to check e-mails and then the next thing I know, I'm typing a post about Saturn. Last night as I fell asleep, I thought about Saturn's sense of humor--it's there.  And I told myself if I have to go on a trip with Saturn around the Zodiac, then he had better make it fun.  Nothing like a road trip with a grouch lecturing me about my childhood roots and personal responsibilities. When are you going to get married and settle down, ask Saturn.

We'll start with Saturn in Aries and end with Saturn in Pisces as he considers transcending into the unknown--space the final frontier.  Saturn doesn't like either sign and I wonder if Saturn only likes his own sign, Capricorn, the climbing goat or the fish goat to some astrologers.  What does this fish goat do, climb a mountain then jump into a lake?  That sounds refreshing actually.

When Saturn transits in Aries or when people are born with Saturn in Aries, there is a tendency to cling to childhood.  Sure, some of these folks resemble a responsible adult and they might even work hard, impress the boss and take charge of the office or household.  They walk around carrying authority, but if you look deeply you'll find that Saturn in Aries lacks maturity in some respect.  They long to race around, knocking stuff of the shelf or getting attention in some way that might often seem like they've returned to their terrible twos. When Saturn transits in Aries it's time for us to grow up and listen to adult music, joking, but it is time for us to take on greater responsibilities and look at the areas where we slack off.  Saturn demands patience here and might even cause injury via an accident to get us to slow down and take a more sober gaze at our life circumstances. We'll hear the phrase, "take responsibility" during this transit and we'll want to thumb our nose at authority and rebel.

When Saturn transits in Taurus or for people with Saturn in Taurus, we want to get our hands in the dirt and grow things--flowers or food, it doesn't matter.  This double earth transit will also cause us to slow down and we might hear voices sounding like they're coming from underwater like one of those cartoon characters from my childhood.  We could run into stubbornness--our own or someone else'.  We won't want to budge and our views fall on the conservative side.  People want to spend less during this transit or if they do spend money, it's on high quality stuff that brings comfort and hedonistic tendencies.  Or we find that we believe that we can only earn stuff through hard work so we become workaholics and lose our sense of fun and humor.  Either way, it is possible to become too grounded and stuck in the mud.

When Saturn transits in Gemini, communication turns sober and serious.  Someone born with Saturn in Gemini, might start talking later in childhood while freaking out their parents, especially if their parents are college professors or journalists. Why isn't my child speaking? How embarrassing.  My child is not maturing at the level of other children.  No worries, Saturn in Gemini is more thoughtful and doesn't speak from the cuff.  If he or she has something to say, they will say it and with authority.  Just because someone doesn't talk all the time doesn't mean they lack intelligence.  In fact, some people just chatter to listen to their own voice and Saturn in Gemini doesn't fall into that trap.

When Saturn transits in Gemini, we are more thoughtful with our communication and we use words in a more concentrated manner.  We come up with telecommunication and high tech solutions that last for years and appear more stable than any other time.  Teachers and journalists speak with more authority, but they had better fact check since Gemini is a trickster, especially with information.  The foot in the mouth problem seems laughable in retrospect, but is humiliating when exposed.  It's easier during this transit to read between lines and not fall for the car sales man talk or feel flattered by empty words.  It is also a good time to learn about the intention and power behind words so that you use them responsibly.

When Saturn is in Cancer he throws a tantrum, lol.  Saturn is in his detriment in Cancer so he doesn't enjoy his beach vacation or having tea with the crab inside a cozy shell.  During this transit, family and home take on greater importance.  Saturn in Cancer would much rather consolidate resources and stick with a smaller family size rather than add another wing to the house or mouth to the dinner table.  This is a time for looking at the food system, food safety and using old fashion common sense to feed ourselves nutritious food.  Nutritionists play starring roles in news headlines and they inverse food pyramids, telling us everything we learned up to that point about nutrition was based on faulty structure. Sorry folks.

When people are born with Saturn in Cancer, they become their own parents and authority figures.  They are both mom and dad so hopefully they had healthy role models.  They could be workaholics, but they will work from the home or  in the real estate market.   They could work as interior designers, landscapers, or in any field that deals with home and family.  They might choose not to have children because they are concerned about conservation issues and environmental issues facing the planet.  They will also be obsessed with food and never feel they have enough of it. Though these folks depending on where Saturn falls in their chart could be on the thin side or feel that they're constantly hungry.

When Saturn transits in Leo our egos take a beating as we head back to the drawing board with creative projects or deal with childhood issues.  Our light dims, especially when Saturn conjuncts a Leo Sun, and we feel like our 15 minutes of fame have ended abruptly.  Why? We ask, when we were enjoying the our time in the spotlight acting our latest personal dramas, as if anyone actually cares.  When Saturn transits in Leo, reality bites and we need to do a lot of work on ourselves, practice generosity and get off our trip already.

People born with Saturn in Leo might lack self-confidence or feel like their stage mothers entered them in another beauty contest.  Life feels like one drawn out competition after another or an audition for a reality television show. However, Saturn in Leo tells us that creating art takes hard work and a degree of responsibility.  Sometimes we have to work harder to get our lights to shine and those hard luck lessons in childhood give us the grit we need to succeed in a competitive environment.  Sometimes we have to wait tables until the big Hollywood break shows up.  Think of that as a metaphor.

When Saturn transits in Virgo we all become insomniacs desperate for a good night's sleep.  Our minds race around, working out math problems or some analysis of the news.  We feel like Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It at 2:00 a.m. and decide to solve all the world problems in one night. Or we want to change our children, spouses or friends and during those insomniac hours we scheme our interventions.  Or perhaps we put ourselves on an improvement plan starting with finding a sleep aid that shuts off the chattering mind.

People born with Saturn in Virgo would make excellent accountants provided they don't take their problems home with them.  They bring discipline to the work place, solve problems, and generally are hard workers, though some fall prey to workaholism, especially if they work from the home.  They want to fix you and fix the problems in the world, but they do this more from a place of analytical thought, and not necessarily compassion.  They believe that we are all here on the planet to serve in some way and if we don't serve then we will suffer for our selfishness. Puritans? Possibly, but they do want to make the world more liveable for everyone.

When Saturn transits in Libra, it's possible that marriages or business partnerships will break up, but not if both partners use integrity and work out a win-win compromise.  Saturn asks us to bring greater balance to all areas of our lives and to take full responsibility for our contributions to others.  People could find themselves in court during this time or dealing with lawyers in some way, usually but not always, divorce lawyers.  This is also a good time to take care of the physical body because beauty comes from the inside out and if we don't radiate health beauty soon fades.

Cary Grant
People with Saturn in Libra bring a realistic attitude to marriage and would make excellent marriage partners if they don't allow the other person to walk all over them.  They are willing to compromise to keep peace, but they can also act passive aggressive or just plain aggressive like a father figure on steroids.  For this one, I see an image of Father Knows Best, or I see Cary Grant dressed in an uptight suit acting civil but angry underneath the collar.  Anger management might be a problem, but it's more likely that Saturn in Libra will repress anger with a pretty smile on the face as they hiss, "have a nice day" to you.

When Saturn transits in Scorpio, as it is currently doing, we uncover dirty, dark secrets and we have a tendency to shame others, even our pets. Have you seen all those shame the cat and dog videos on YouTube? Yikes! Don't humans have anything better to do than to video their dogs or cats caught in the act? Turn your video devices to corporate executives caught in the act instead and let Fido and Fluffy off the hook.  So your dog peed in the house or your husky ate your couch? It happens.

Seriously, there appears to be more surveillance during this time with hidden cameras on buses, on streets, in buildings, and hopefully not in our homes as we try to catch the culprit.  We uncover secrets but we don't know what to do with the secrets once we have them.  We toss them from journalist to lawyer to advocate like a hot potato that leaves third degree burns on hands.  I guess we could use the words red-handed.  But with Saturn in Scorpio we can use this information to change political and economic policies and that is the point of Saturn in Scorpio.

People born with Saturn in Scorpio sneak around like spies, watching our every move and twitch of our mouths.  Ah, hah! They whisper, "Did you see that expression in that man's eyes? He's guilty." These folks uncover those things we hide from others and especially those psychological traps we hide from ourselves. They watch us in silence like a fox hiding in the brush to see what we'll do next.  Saturn in Scorpio natives also might have hangups around sex and reproduction.  They might wish to procreate but at the same time worry about overpopulation, conservation and climate change. They tend to think on the dark side and could use more Sagittarius and Jupiter types to help them lighten up.  Hey, guys, look the black clouds have disappeared.

When Saturn in Sagittarius we turn our eyes towards religion, either to philosophize about why it doesn't work for us any longer or to poke fun at religious figures.  We do this because religion frightens us and we feel confined by its dogma and structure.  Sagittarius doesn't like any kind of confinement and prefer to write their only religious text based on far out philosophies.  We could see issues around drinking alcohol and liver disease or problems with overeating and therefore new fad diets that disappear after 2 1/2 years because they were based on pie-in-the-sky ideals.  We could see Saturn types develop a robust sense of humor that also disappears after 2 1/2 years.  Oh, darn.

When people are born with Saturn in Sagittarius they bounce back in forth between Jupiter and Saturn energies--sober and serious one minute, ribald the next.  They don't want to take life too seriously, but when they don't take life seriously, Saturn kicks them in the butt.  Their marriages end in divorce, they lose their job because their boss didn't take them seriously.  But they don't care because life is an adventure. So they get married again or sail the world or they decide to work for themselves and they make their own religion.  Out of all the Saturn placements, this group bounces back from hardship the quickest and it always feels like a Saint Patrick's Day parade.  Jolly ho!

When Saturn transits in Capricorn I give you three guesses about who's the boss.  We examine structures in all areas of our life and tests them for strength and durability.  Those of us with strong work ethics and integrity get ahead as if happy karma smiles upon us.  This is a time like no other to reap what we sow and that includes what we sow in personal relationships.  We also might explore issues with father figures and authority in general.  We might opt for a more conservative government along the lines of saving money and natural resources.  We also deal more with fears and limited thinking as we clean up the mess left behind from Saturn in Sagittarius transit.

People with Saturn in Capricorn leans towards conservatism and could be workaholics.  They're the career person who has little time for family life and therefore family members usually only see the backside of this Saturn native as they head out to work with laptop or briefcase in hand.  Still, we must not forget that their work and earnings are their contributions to the family. They're not about affection, hugs and kisses or come cuddle with me, which acts as a detriment to them.

These folks need to remember to drink enough water, stop to eat healthy meals, and spend quality time with loved ones. You only have this one life as who you are now so make the best of it and stop working already and take a vacation in Mexico or somewhere hot enough to melt those black clouds hanging around your head and shoulders.  I would love to see these folks wearing Hawaiian shirts and singing "Tiny Bubbles" to Don Ho records.

When Saturn transits in Aquarius the key word is rebellion of all sorts. This is when the teens act up and young adults buck authority figures and thumb their noses at anyone who thinks they're smarter than they are.  This is James Dean on a motorcycle looking cool with no place to go.  This is Marilyn Monroe flipping her skirt up on the Avenue of the Stars. This is scenes from To Sir with Love or Star Trek as we venture off into the final frontier.  When Saturn transits in Aquarius we start thinking in futuristic what-if scenarios and we forget to live in the here and now where real solutions reside if only we could jump out of the box.

People with Saturn in Aquarius might appear conservative and well-dressed on the outside, but you can bet they're wearing polka dot socks or clown underwear underneath business attire.  Or they show up with blew streaks in their hair or tattoos in an office environment.  But they're brilliant and talented so the boss puts up with it.  They're always the odd person out, the one with the faraway look in their eyes, rivaled by Saturn in Pisces whose eyes can outdistance them.  But they have their pulse on the future and they probably have you figured out too.

Finally, finally, we arrive at Saturn in Pisces.  When Saturn transits in Pisces we want to dissolve structure. We have grown tired of effort and hard work and we prefer to go off to a mountain cave and meditate.  At this point, we surrender to a Higher Power whether that takes place in a AA group or on a mountain we just climbed.  Saturn in Pisces, well, that's a cosmic joke isn't it? And I was born with this cosmic joke in my chart.

People born with Saturn in Pisces go from total realism to magic realism within a paragraph.  You might take them seriously until they start talking about how clouds remind them of fishes swimming downstream or they start talking about how you remind them of a medieval knight they knew in a past life.  Or maybe they invite you to sing with dolphins or dance under trees.  Okay, so I'm poking fun at myself too.  Saturn in Pisces natives dream and they fantasize a lot.  They love manifesting their desires and helping others to see the realm of possibilities.  While Saturn wants to limit and build structure, Pisces won't have any of that.  These folks would rather join a monastery than the corporate world, but they'll do what's required of them up to a point, then it's off to the Caribbean to sing with dolphins.  And really, isn't this what everyone wants? I know I do.

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