Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ignite Compassion--When Planets Transit in Pisces

Neptune appears to be on my radar again along with Pisces and planets currently transiting in this Zodiac sign.  Neptune and Pisces represent a double-edged sword and this planetary energy proves challenging to master, let alone find balance.  And of course with the North Node now in Libra, achieving balance in all ways possible remains our focus for the next year and a half.

Pisces and Neptune represent the endpoint of the Zodiac, where we either transcend into Spiritual Oneness or we jump back to the beginning to Aries where we embark on another warrior quest.  Those folks (less than the other Zodiac Signs since the Pisces Sun transit is the shortest), come to the planet with a mission of spreading compassion and teaching deep spirituality.  However, the Pisces' journey itself focuses on experiences of deep soul transformation because how can you teach compassion to others if you don't have it for yourself? The initiation comes in the form of a variety of addictions, a feeling of helplessness and victimhood on the way to empowerment.

You see Neptune is foggy and wants to dissolve everything it touches.  Pisces and Neptune live in the world, but only participate up to a certain level, unless mental illness or emotional illness offers an escape route.  Pisces can and will make excuses for its lack of structure and its refusal to join a playing field of time-space reality because Neptune and Pisces lives beyond time-space reality.  This is why so many Pisces born people come to the earth with amazing psychic gifts. This is why you see those young Pisceans walking around the garden talking to spirits you can't see, but are more real to those children than you are.

Pisces and Neptune both long for freedom to transcend, to dream, to fantasize, to bring love and compassion to the world.  As children, they dream of becoming monks or nuns, they connect with prophets of the past and can even get caught up with false prophets and promises of our own age.  They must be careful because they are easily deceived which can lead to emotional imbalance and mental illness or addiction.  Anyone who has a Pisces Sun or Moon for instance would be wise to stay away from alcohol, drugs or co-dependent relationships since these act as downfalls.

However, many Pisces who have taken the journey of addiction and emerged on the other side of it grow into powerful counselors, therapists and healers because they exude compassion and they know firsthand the suffering they see in others.

So let's look at three planets in Pisces: Sun, Chiron and Neptune.  When the Sun is in Pisces, everyone feels compassion more deeply even if they ignore the stirrings in their heart center.  This could also be a time where the heart cracks open to allow more Divine Love in, such as in the case of a heart attack or even artery blockage.  This could show up in memories of broken relationships that call for healing now.  This could show up in taking up a cause to help people less fortunate such as homeless people or children with disabilities or animal advocacy causes.  But this could also lead people to listen to spiritual radio shows, start a coaching practice or take courses in energy healing. For some Neptune types this could represent a time of going on a spiritual retreat, learning sound healing or playing music for healing purposes.

The Sun spends a short time in Pisces and then it transits into fiery Aries where we forget about some of the lessons we learned about compassion or we don't use the Aries energy to pioneer new healing modalities or programs to help and heal others.  We become self-absorbed again often when the Sun is in Aries and we lose track on our spiritual path, but if we stay mindful we can use the starter energy Aries provides to make a real difference in the world.

When Chiron is in Pisces, those born with this transit tend to feel invisible and insignificant.  This is a psychic wound and not actual reality.  When children grow up with Chiron in Pisces, they might suffer from foot problems and also lack secure footing in the world.  They might feel like they're floating through life or they don't see their gifts because they're stuck in self-pity or addiction of one kind or another.  Now with Chiron's current transit in Pisces (a long transit) people born with this transit experience a Chiron Return so they get to revisit wounds from childhood to resolve what we can and accept what we can't change.

When Neptune transits in Pisces we reach a crossroads where we either develop deeper spiritual understanding which leads to awakening or we get lost in a fog of addiction and distractions.  This is where we are on the planet right now, at this crossroads where we have a choice to either live in denial or to give ourselves a deep healing and house cleaning of the soul.  We can choose either love or fear by either facing ourselves in the mirror or getting lost on the internet or other people's drama.  I hope that we choose spiritual transcendence and bring balance to the planet through the eyes of compassion.

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