Friday, January 10, 2014

Speaking in Images and Riddles: Video Oracles Compilation

Oracle of Delphi
Since it has been a heavy first week of the New Year for me and everyone, today I'm writing a lighter post.  After all, we think of Friday as a fun day, right?  Also astrology represents one of many metaphysical tools that I use in my daily practice along with meditation, reading oracle, Tarot and totem cards and checking out my international colleagues on YouTube.  I am also an avid listener of Hay House Radio and I tune into spiritual shows on Blog Talk Radio.

So on that note, I'm presenting to you some of my favorite online oracle card readers, angel channels, and astrologers.  Some people might say that I'm biting my foot by promoting the work of other metaphysical practitioners and that I'm sending business elsewhere.  However, there are enough problems in the world and people with stumbling blocks to give all of us more work than we can handle.  Besides, I believe in passing on helpful products and services as part of my practice.

The YouTube show hosts on my list run the gamut from sober, serious, to warm and generous.  While I am not a fan of newspaper horoscopes or using metaphysical practices as entertainment (no parlor game tricks, please), I also feel that we are all on different paths and what works for one person might not work for another. Meaning you will also find entertaining metaphysical videos on YouTube which I might include in future posts.  Some Zodiac signs need fun as a motivator while others such as Scorpios need to travel into a dark mystery (go figure).  With no further ado and I won't quote Shakespeare today, let's get started.

Angel Souls (Michelle, Oracle Card Reader)

This reader fits under fun and insightful.  I enjoy her delivery style which exudes warmth, compassion and humor. She gives accurate readings too.

Doreen Virtue (Angel Channel and Oracle Card Reader)

A fiery Aries who supports Indigo Children and blends activism with spirituality, has a different delivery than Michelle.  However, she has several oracle card decks with Hay House that oracle card readers use for their online readings so watching Doreen takes you straight to the source.  Her new Angel Tarot deck is on my wish list.

Carl Boudreau, Mundane Astrologer 

Since I host an astrology blog, I'm including Carl Boudreau who gives a monthly forecast of mundane astrology by using a composite chart of the New and Full Moon set at Greenwich Time.  He has both a spiritual and an activist side so you will hear him talk about the 99 percent.

Peggy Rometo (Intuitive Coach) 

Peggy does intuitive readings for each Zodiac sign.  She's not reading astrology charts but channeling images and energy for each of the signs.  Don't dismiss her insights however since they have proven accurate for several months--at least for me. She also has the nickname at her publisher Hay House as the Psychic for the Stars since she has celebrities among her clients.

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