Saturday, January 18, 2014

Age of Aquarius--Somewhere in the Far Off Future

Depending on which astrologer or follower of astrologer you encounter, the Age of Aquarius is hundreds of years in the future or we are at the dawn of the Aquarius Age.  Some people think of the movie Hair and the hippies gallivanting around New York City's Central Park with their long hair flying and dressed in wildly colorful clothing.  That's hardly an image of the Aquarius Age, even if Aquarius represents revolutionary types and ideas and its planet Uranus represents shocking and spontaneous actions.  Even the planetary line-up in the song "Age of Aquarius" has nothing to do with real astrological transits that usher in a new age, and more to do with clever lyrics for a dramatic production.

And yet, when astrologers bring up the Aquarius Age, we gravitate towards the words of that song and the hippie imagery, which I can understand doesn't appeal to more conservative types who just want to own a home, raise their children and work at a job they enjoy or not.  We still reside in the Pisces Age which begun over 2,000 years ago when Christ walked the earth and prior to that we lived in the Aries Age (the fatted lamb and sacrificed ram).  Each age is said to last 2,500 years and I suppose that's enough time to get the lessons of that age or not.

We are reaching the end of the Pisces Age, but it won't happen in our lifetime, even if we experience coming attractions of the Aquarius Age now, such as switching to renewable energy, ushering in real and true human rights everywhere on the planet, and bringing in innovations that make the futuristic television shows, Star Trek and The Jetsons seem tame in comparison.  We are seeing innovative breakthroughs in medicine mainly with energy medicine and quantum physics and string theory is catching on to the mainstream, but rather slowly.

Looking back at the images in the movie and the theatrical play Hair, we see the Pisces Age in action with the Pluto in Leo (drama) folks playing the main roles as they pit themselves against the established order (Aquarius or Aries could fit here).  Their long hair reflects again the Pluto in Leo generation since Leo represents manes and you can even include Neptune in Sagittarius which begun in 1970 and was the height of the hippies movement and the anti-war protests for the Vietnam civil war and the US troops involvement.  The use of music and cinema to present the "Aquarius Age" falls under Neptune and Pisces as does this sense of victims of the military draft and victims of war. The drinking and drugging also doesn't fit under Aquarius, but Pisces, as does smoking plant substances creating foggy thinking and smoke.

And in fact, we could easily make an argument that the counter movements of the 1960s, often fueled by drugs falls under Pisces influence.  So as the Sun transits from Capricorn into Aquarius as it does around January 19 or 20, depending on the year, let's take a look at the truth about Aquarius and what this sign represents because it is more scientific and conservative than most of us give it credit.  Aquarius to me is the sign of the mad professor, the genius, the innovator, and the scientist who would rather spend time in research or a laboratory than with other people.

Another face of Aquarius is the revolutionary person, the humanitarian, and the leader of a civil rights movement, but many leaders of civil rights movements weren't Aquarius.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was Capricorn, Gandhi was Libra (thus his background in law), migrant farm workers movement leader Cesar Chavez was Aries (warrior), and Joan of Arc was Capricorn.  Susan B. Anthony and Abraham Lincoln were Aquarius and both of them had a detached manner in which they fought their causes, using the power of the mind in the process.

While you might find a few passionate Aquarius Sun natives, for the most part these folks live in their minds which is reflective of the Air element which rules Aquarius.  The Aquarius native might have a Leo Moon or Aries Rising which gives them a sense of a passionate mission, but the Aquarius Sun alone, though shocking at times, is not fueled by emotions (a Pisces Sun would be).  Aquarius has clarity in its mission, even if that clarity does not walk a straight line, think lightening bolt, is bright enough to get our attention, think electric blue or purple, and marches to the beat of a different drummer.  In fact, when Neptune transiting through Aquarius electronic music dominated pop music, even to the point of music being composed on a computer, not just edited on a computer using Pro Tools but composed on a detached emotionless computer.  Aquarius gets off on that sort of thing.

The oddity that I never could figure out is why the romantic Valentine's Day falls when the Sun is in Aquarius instead of gushy Pisces who has the urge to merge, chocolate, bows and alluring love songs.  Aquarius people are hard to love if romance is the main theme.  They are known for their forgetfulness or absent mindedness and that's because they have their eyes on a bigger prize such as saving the planet from destruction.  And you can't solve the problems that we face on the planet through emotional outpouring with two sides yelling at each other.  Aquarius knows that and their analytical thinking does the trick.

In honor of the Capricorn humanitarian

So as we enter the Zodiac of Aquarius I guess we can live out our mini-Aquarius Age, lasting less than 30 days.  We can look at ways to innovate in our personal lives and ways to bring justice into our communities.  While we think of Aquarius as the sign for humanitarians, the human spirit comes in all 12 signs of the Zodiac as we have seen by looking up signs of our most cherished human rights leaders. As far as the Aquarius Age, we'll get there when we get there.  In the meantime, we have much healing to do as we reach the tail end of the Age of the Fish.

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