Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pushing & Pulling for Change--Nodes in the Cardinal Signs

photo by Patricia Herlevi
After writing the post on North Node in Libra, I realize that I also needed to mention the North Node in Aries will experience a North Node opposition with North Node in Libra and North Node in Cancer and Capricorn who experience a square with North Node in Libra.  You'll need to look at your natal charts to see if you have your nodes in Cardinal signs, but even if you don't personally, someone you know does.  The North/South Nodes stay in their respective signs for a year and a half approximately.

Let's start with those of you with your North Node in Aries and your South Node in Libra.  Since you are comfortable with the Libra energy, you will find yourself falling back into the traps of your South Node while the North Node transits in Libra for the next year and a half, but you will mainly feel this when the North Node in Libra is in orb (5 degrees or less) with your South Node and opposing your North Node in Aries.  This could feel like you're being tested by fateful situations and encounters that force you to surrender to your North Node in Aries.

I spoke about nodes by sign in an earlier post which you will find under popular posts on the right side of the blog.  You might wish to review the information in that post.  So North Node in Aries folks your lesson is to learn how to strike out on your own and stop seeking the approval of a partner or group when pursuing your life mission and heart's desires.  You already learned how to do the partner thing which is the energy of your South Node in Libra.  With the North Node in Aries now you must learn to confront others without passive-aggressive behavior.  It is time for direct communication, setting boundaries, and becoming an authentic leader.  This does not imply that you don't ever fall back on the lessons of diplomacy you learned in the past (South Node in Libra), but it does mean that your strength and courage has greater weight now than charm and grace.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
If you find yourself stuck in a relationship or marriage where you constantly succumb to the other person's wishes to keep the peace, stop this behavior.  If you say yes when you mean no, then you're going to get yourself in trouble because you are not acting authentic.  Stop pretending, stop acting like stuff doesn't bother you and speak up for yourself.  Grow some backbone.  That is the message of the North Node in Aries warrior.  Just think of the sign Aries, ruled by Mars with the key word initiates action, renews, sprouts, brings new growth and ushers in the season of spring, at least in the northern hemisphere.  While Libra revolves around balance, Aries needs to topple the cart now and then and shake things up.  While we do ask you to come from a place of kindness and compassion, don't cry crocodile tears to prove how compassionate you are.  Your mission is to find truth in the world and that begins with the truth in your heart. So search for that truth and then if you must, play the role of the tigress to get that truth planted in the world.

North Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer will experience the North Node in Libra as a square.  We will feel tensions, irritations and not have the outer confrontations of the North Node in Aries folks.  We too get the message of working for balance in our lives.  For Cancer that is around diet, self-nurturing, and nurturing others and most likely takes place on the home front, but if we work in a caring profession, it could take place in a work environment too.  Cancers looking for a nurturing partnership now, attract this partnership by first nurturing yourselves and this begins with the food you place in your stomach.  Much of what is sold as food these days is poison or laced with dangerous bacteria.  Cancers educate yourself about the food system and proper nutrition and you will bring balance to your life.

With the Libra North Node, Cancer your job might be to fight for food justice or bring equal rights and funding for small family or organic farms which are not served well through the Farm Bill.  You might find yourself as a spokesperson for a particular food or dietary lifestyle.  Or you just as well might find yourself working as a legal advocate for small farmers, migrant workers or for low-income children so that free healthy lunches and breakfasts remain in the public schools. Without the proper fuel these children are at a disadvantage to learning.  And don't even get me started with the failing public education system in the US.

With the the Libra North Node, North Node in Capricorn folks must achieve balance in business and finances, at least that is the image coming into my mind for you.  It is time to stop overspending, write up a monthly and even yearly budget and stick to it.  Come up with a payment plan to pay off your credit cards, mortgages and other debts.  You might consider downsizing at this time, especially if taking a second or third job to meet your financial goals doesn't appeal to you.  Some of you might take legal action and file for bankruptcy but put some serious thought into the consequences before proceeding.

North Node in Capricorn, I'm also getting an image of bones and your spine, even though Leo rules the spine.  With Jupiter going into Leo this July, you might  experience spinal problems that can be corrected with chiropractic care.  You would also benefit from deep tissue massage since much of your financial stress has left knots in your muscles and tendons which I see an image of rubber bands stretching too far.  Also take care of your knees and cartilage.  Take care of your teeth, skin and connective tissue now too.

While we are all feeling a slowing down of processes, but a speeding up of time which causes us stress and frustration, North Node in Capricorn is going to feel out-of-time and possibly out of sync with the rest of the world.  This is probably true for Capricorn Sun, Moon and AC too.  As we move from the third dimension to higher dimensions, we will slip in and out of time and space reality.  We will fall asleep for what feels like hours and we look at the clock and only five minutes has passed by or we feel that only five minutes have passed by and we look at the clock which says five hours had passed!

Some astrologers pay more attention to the nodes than I do.  Some will first look  at the North and South Nodes in a natal chart before checking out the other planets and points in a chart.  For anyone interested in their fate or the fate of others, the North Node gives us an idea of the themes of our destiny as a planet and as individuals.  The Nodes represent our life lessons, but not just us as individuals but also our peers who were born in the same Node period which lasts approximately a year and a half.  So you'll find that your friends and colleagues born the same year as you struggle with the same issues, and you will definitely see these themes play out with graduating classes.

Since the planets and nodes will be traveling through Cardinal Signs in such a dramatic matter that they grab our attention almost on a daily basis, the North Node in Libra asks us to bring balance to our personal lives so that we can bring balance to the planet.  We cannot experience peace without balance, but the message here with the South Node in Aries is that we need to tame the warrior but not toss him out entirely.  Sometimes we have to fight for justice even if that sounds counter intuitive.  Does this mean we go to war? No, but we do need to do battle with our egos so that we can develop our spirit further.  And this mostly means we have to conquer our fears.  We have done this in the past with the South Node in Aries, but now we need to bring diplomacy and good judgement to the situation.  Remember the saying, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  Aries is the fool (especially in the Tarot deck) or the toddler.  Toddlers aren't so great at handling diplomatic matters and so we get North Node in Libra to bring justice to the land.

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