Tuesday, January 28, 2014

10 Reasons to Hire an Astrologer

First, choose which type of astrologer that suits your situation.  Astrologers range from old school (traditional), Vedic to Western and other cultures in between, transformational to predictive, horary and mundane.  Jeffrey Green even has his own school of Evolutionary Astrology.  Do you need to consult about business, world events, weather, health issues, your soul path, or do you just want to know if the man you're dating is the one?  Make sure that you research the various types of astrology, then first look in your region for the type of astrologer you have chosen, then check the online directories and listings with schools.  You can also check out astrology forums and conferences.  Don't just go with an ad you find online (this is dubious) unless you research the astrologer to make sure he or she is legit.

For this post, I'm focusing on the reasons for hiring an astrologer and for the sake of brevity, I will list only ten reasons, knowing many more exist. Since I only know about western astrology, I will refer to western astrology.

1. Setting auspicious dates for weddings, family reunions, launching businesses or political campaigns.  This fits under elective astrology or possibly predictive astrology so a transformational astrologer might not be of much help in these regards, ditto for the evolutionary astrologer who is more concerned with the soul's path through transformation.

2. For having a synastry or relationship chart drawn up for couples, bands, business partners, etc...Transformational and predictive astrologers can help with synastry and relationship charts.

3. Predicting health issues or looking in the natal chart for potential health issues.  Predictive and transformational astrologers could help with health issues, but they work in different ways.  The transformational astrologer will look at illness as a journey through transformation and a predictive astrologer will make predictions based on transits or natal planets in the chart.

4. Keeping track of outer planet transits.  I prefer the transformational astrologer for this purpose. Predictive astrologers tend to focus on the negative with outer planet transits unless you can find an astrologer with a more upbeat personality like say, Mark Husson.

5. Predicting world events and trends.  You go to the mundane astrologer for world event and trend predictions. Mundane astrologers place their focus on the bigger trends that can affect your business and financial situations.  They won't however get into the personal details of your natal chart.  They will cast a chart for your business as its own entity and then look at transits to that chart as well as, looking at the world trends and energies of that time.

6. Dealing with tough people and challenging situations. I recommend transformational and evolutionary astrologers if you want the bigger picture.  A predictive astrologer can forecast coming events, but not give you the deeper counseling you deserve when dealing with challenging situations.  Some predictive astrologers tend to wallow in gloom while others can give you encouraging words, but even so, I would go for the deep soul issues, and stick with the transformational and evolutionary astrologers for these situations.

7. Saturn Returns which occur every 28 to 30 years.  Consult with a transformational or predictive astrologer for Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Chiron returns.

8. Love, marriage and romance.  I would go with the transformational astrologer or a predictive astrologer who also practices transformational astrology because the path to romance begins with self-love and deep soul evaluation. 

9. Publishing books, looking for agents, releasing CDs or gallery showings.  When seeking optimal times for major arts events, go with a predictive astrologer.  You can also go with an elective astrologer who can choose the most optimal dates for you.

10. Transit readings such as Solar Returns.  Just like it's a good idea to consult with a medical doctor once a year (annual physical), checking in with a predictive or transformational astrologer once a year to have your transits read, keeps you in tune with the energies of your life that coming year.  Do you lay low or get into gear? Do you partner with others or strike out on your own? 

I give transformational astrological readings while mainly focusing on outer planet transits.  However, I slide in some predictive work as I consult with my Spirit Guides and I give intuitive coaching sessions for artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and other creatives.  Go to http://www.wholemusicexp.weebly.com for details.

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