Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moon beams, spaceboots & mysterious men (A watery world this summer)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Happy Solstice!  

This will be a wet summer if the water signs have anything to do with it.  Let's take a look at the planetary lineup for the next few weeks.  Neptune continues his long journey through Pisces, Saturn and the North Node remain in Scorpio, Jupiter moves into Cancer, along with the Sun.  Venus and Mercury travel in Cancer and on July 14, fiery Mars takes a dip into Cancerian water where he remains until August 29. The asteroids Chiron, Vesta, and Ceres also transit through water signs.

As I write this post, I'm listening to a Putumayo Kids disk with nostalgic American folk tunes (how Cancerian is that?)  I just listened to a song with the lyrics, "blue skies smiling at me..." and for those of you with water signs, you'll feel like you're sailing through blue skies even if rain pours from black clouds.  With Jupiter in Cancer, Cancerians especially feel giddy with that nostalgic child coming out to play.  Pisces will feel especially creative and practical (what a concept for Pisceans) whereas, Scorpions might just lighten up a bit this summer since they'll also feel creative.

Earth signs will also feel more creative and flowing with so many planets in complimentary water.  Air signs will feel suffocated by deeper emotions and Fire signs will lose some of their enthusiasm as they deal with their unconscious emotions and childhood wounds.

summer festival in Bulgaria
Lineup for June and July (of water signs)

Sun moves into Cancer on June 20 - July 23
New Moon in Cancer on July 1
Mercury in Cancer from June 1 --August 8 (retrograde in late June to mid-July)
Venus in Cancer from June 4 - June 28 
Mars in Cancer from July 14 -August 28
Jupiter in Cancer June 27 for 12 months
Saturn in Scorpio (through 2014)
Neptune in Pisces until 2024
N Node in Scorpio
Chiron in Pisces
Ceres in Cancer until June 23
Vesta in Cancer until August 7

This is a fabulous time to get in touch with emotions and listen to intuitive hunches.  It's also a good time to conceive (fertile) both human children and creative projects.  It's also a good time for therapy, life coaching, and all these planets in water, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with a transformational astrologer.  Practice self-love that extends outward towards others.  Get in touch with your children or work with other children.  And if that doesn't appeal to you, get in touch with your inner child.

Watch you diet since you'll feel tempted to eat comfort foods that are creamy in nature or leave you feeling nostalgic for childhood.  But do join with others (if you're in the northern hemisphere) for picnics and potlucks, not so much to share food, but to share each other.  Remember to drink purified water and if you have healing abilities, then use energy work to purify the earth's waterways.

Water signs also lead us to deeper spirituality so this is a good time to take spiritual online courses, read spiritual books, and attend spiritual conferences.  If crowds aren't your thing, then head to a retreat center to meditate and do yoga or go camping with spiritual friends and leave your cell phone and other electronic devices at home.  Connect to the natural world now and practice earth stewardship.  Neptune still teaches us about our connection to All that is, with Cancer planets helping us to take baby steps and Saturn and North Node in Scorpio helping us to go deeper with ourselves.

If you're in the Bellingham, Washington area and you would like a consultation, contact me at wholemusicexp at  High school and college graduates receive a $10 off special this June.

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