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Jupiter in Cancer (Watch Your Waistline)

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On June 27, Jupiter rolls into Cancer and we will feel a shift in energy from chatty and detail-oriented Gemini (Jupiter/Sagittarius' opposite sign) to moody, mothering and nurturing Cancer.  While Gemini rules the lungs, hands, and arms, Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts, both seen as nurturing.  Gemini rules the Twins and Cancer rules the Mother Crab.

We will feel less social over the next 12 months and more likely to hide out in our crab shells, which Jupiter will exaggerate because that's what Jupiter does.  We will spend more time in the home or reflecting on mothers and what it means to mother.  We will look at the different shades of mothering from smothering, abusive, to nurturing.  Food issues will take center stage with us reflecting on food that comforts us (maybe a little too much, watch the waistline) to food security.  We will reflect on agriculture, distribution of food and where our food comes from as far as distance.  We will care more about the farm workers and people living below poverty levels in foreign countries since Jupiter represents the foreigner.  However, Cancer represents the home and also the US and Canada are ruled by Cancer so Jupiter will either bring a boost to the economies of these countries making it easier for us to obtain food that nurtures us, or we will contemplate how to bring food justice closer to home.  I think we will see both scenarios.

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Jupiter expands what it touches and in Cancer that represents self-love and self-nurturing through food and mothering.  People already addicted to food and overeat will find it challenging in the next year to refrain from indulging in food, that might not be particularly healthy for them, but that they find comforting.  We will find ourselves craving food from our childhood since Cancer also represents childhood in some ways.  On the darker side, issues of digestion, and cancer in the parts of the body ruled by Cancer and Sagittarius (Jupiter) will affect some people and this represents a fast-growing cancer since Jupiter expands what it touches.  On the other hand, we will as a society feel optimistic about healing cancer and other autoimmune diseases and some people will believe (believe is a Jupiter word) that they can heal anything with the right attitude.  Diet will play a huge role along with attitude and taking care of the liver is as crucial as being kind to the stomach.

Immigration issues in the US will grow even hotter, especially around migrant farm workers. We will recall the movements led by Cesar Chavez and the grape pickers.  Along with this, we will also reflect on the safety of our homes and see grassroots activism around banning certain chemicals in our food supply, food packaging or for use in the home.  I already saw a news headline about a study linking the dangers of BPA (in plastic) with pregnant women.  We will question the safety of our food even getting to the point of more people insisting on growing their own due to safety concerns in the food distribution process.  As Jupiter has been approaching the sign of Cancer, a case involving hepatitis A with berries sold at Cosco appeared in the news--an article that has the equation disease + food = liver damage.  Although this technically falls under Gemini too with the media picking up the story.

With Cancer in Jupiter Cancer-types (people with Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign Cancer or a stellium of Cancer planets or planets in the 4th House), will feel more athletic during the next 12 months.  They will head out to the water with kayaks, canoes, windsurfing boats or go swimming.  They will spend more time outdoors and near water.  Some will pay more attention to diet or even change their diet to give their bodies what they actually need.  Cancerians with a spiritual bent will join a Tai Chi, Chi Gong, or yoga class so that they can wed spirituality to Jupiterian athletic endeavors.

Women, especially mothers will make the news headlines in an exaggerated fashion.  We will actually grow tired of hearing about mothers.  We might see a rise in births in the next 12 months since couples and even single women will feel more prosperous and secure at this time, especially with the boosted economy in countries ruled by Cancer or Sagittarius.  However, a reality check is necessary since Jupiter will only stay in Cancer for a year, then in two years Jupiter moves into Virgo, which will feel more like a reality check.

However, I'm pleased as punch that Jupiter will transit through my 7th House for part of its transit through my chart and then into my 8th House which represents the resources of others (which is wonderful if you're trying to sell or promote something).  Last time Jupiter traveled through my 7th House I dated a foreigner and met tons of foreign men that I wish now I had developed friendships.

You must remember that Jupiter only comes around every 12 years since it takes that long for the planet to travel around the Zodiac so you need to act, even if Jupiter causes us to lie around in hammocks drinking tropical drinks.  With Jupiter in Cancer we need to remind ourselves to get our feet out of the sand from time to time and leap on opportunities that come our way.  Lady Luck is one thing, but if she comes knocking on the door and we have fallen asleep on the couch, then we missed out.

(Also look for issues of entitlement, both deserved and otherwise verses capitalism.  It's possible that any Cardinal Crosses formed between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto during the next 12 months could very well transform this planet moving us away from tribalism (which is the dark side of Cancer) to cooperation among and with people (not part of our clan).  Uranus = rebellion, Pluto = secrets revealed and destruction of old structures and Jupiter = providing nourishment and comfort for everyone.

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