Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get Spiritualized (Grand Water Trine for June 27- 29)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
First, Thomas Aquinas and I send blessings out to the followers of Whole Astrology.  Thank you for your support.  Next, Thomas and I are spoiling you this week with yet another post, but if this Grand Water Trine ushers in world peace then it is well worth our efforts.

Besides, I'm an ambassador for Grand Water Trines since I was born with a trine with Neptune at the top.  And you all know how much I love Neptune, la, la, la Neptune.  Coincidentally, our spiritual buddy Neptune appears in the Grand Water Trine for June 2013 and so does his good pal Jupiter, also a spiritual fellow, along with Sun, Moon and Saturn, and no Saturn is not throwing a wet towel on the trine party.  He's bringing us discipline so that we can take advantage of these flowing energies.  Besides, Saturn and Neptune are retrograde at this time so Saturn is resisting his urge to control us.

So here is the configuration:

Moon conjuncts Neptune at 5 degrees in Pisces trining Jupiter 0 degrees and Sun 5 degrees in Cancer trining Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio.  Some of the aspects are exact with Jupiter with a 5 degree orb and Saturn with a 1 degree orb, still pretty tight.  The Moon will of course move on and out of the trine, while Neptune, Saturn and the Sun along with Jupiter will hold the trine through June 29th.  The Trine with Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune is exact at 4 degrees on July 17 and 18th and some astrologers are calling this "a Golden Triangle".  Certainly, these two days are golden opportunities.  (Listen to Mark Husson's Hay House Radio Power Peek Hour show for July 16 under preview archives for the best description of this Grand Trine I have come across).

Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune will keep the Grand Water Trine going until August 11 and the trine between Saturn and Neptune continues until September 22nd.  These water trines give us a boost in healing addictions, childhood wounds, making peace with authority figures (Saturn) and forging new bonds with the Divine.  Jupiter and Neptune represent merging with the Higher Mind, but we need the discipline of Saturn in Scorpio to dredge up limiting beliefs and wounds in our subconscious so that we can deliver those to the Higher Mind for healing.  People with a lot of planets in water signs will find the deepest healing now along with Sagittarius natives.  Capricorns will glean the lessons of self-love and acceptance while developing deeper compassion for the earth and its inhabitants.

We will gaze critically at the world's major religions and spiritual practices to see if they still serve our Highest Good.  If they don't we will chuck out those religions and practices at this stage, or start to move in that direction.

Anyone born now comes with a message of peace and love with the ability to spread joy.  Not only will we break away from the illusions of religion, but also of governments around the world. Liberation by connecting to Oneness and dispelling illusions that keep us stuck happens now for those of us vibrating at higher frequencies. And we vibrate at higher frequencies through yoga, meditation, listening to high vibrational sounds and music, eating healthier foods, exercising, and deleting negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from our conscious and subconscious minds.  The trines allow us to do this work, but we still must make the effort.  The rewards are incredible.  So love one another.

So what does this mean? This is a fabulous time to get spiritualized (not a word you'll find in your dictionary) and do something sacred.  This morning when I woke up I listened to a Sufi or Qawwali chant by the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, I meditated, wrote in my journal (which involves channeling saints), and toned my chakras then listened to sacred Celtic pilgrimage music.  Any type of sacred chant will work now for connecting with the Divine and the Divine channel is wide open so make the connection.

If chanting and listening to sacred music doesn't appeal to you (strange, but possible), then try trance dance, purify water with your love intentions, hang out in nature and meditate, practice yoga, or anything that will connect you to the Divine, aka, GOD.  You ask well, why should I do that? And I would say to you that the Grand Water Trine we experience today involves Neptune and Jupiter (if only we could toss in Venus too, but alas she's moving into Leo tomorrow), we could usher in world peace and ignite a mass awakening on the planet.  Yes, this is possible now, but since we are dealing with a trine, we actually need to act on this energy.

What else could happen now? Intense healing of emotions and miraculous healing of childhood wounds (Pluto in Capricorn sextiles Chiron in Pisces and this is on-going).  We could experience self-love as in self-acceptance, not narcissism because I'm talking about the type of self-love that nourishes others (that what Cancer is truly about) and I'm talking about the healthy mother image, the one that feeds us when we're hungry, clothes us when we're cold, and feeds us soup when we're sick that she made from scratch.  Now, take this feeling and send it outwards so that every creature on the planet feels it.  That's the power in this Grand Water Trine.  IT IS HUGE!  This is a time to feel At One with All because again, Jupiter and Neptune are involved.  This is also a time to admit that the healing balm for addictions is a spiritual practice so if you don't already have a spiritual practice, now is a good time to start one.

I also want you to consider the quality of water by meditating on this image, a single raindrop falling into a pool of water.  What happens to that raindrop? Can you separate it from the pool of water? If you answered yes, then you're still living in the illusion of separation and this Grand Water Trine will have none of that.  I also want you to consider that water is a conduit of sound, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc... Our bodies are comprised of 70 percent water and I believe that the earth has the same percentage of water upon it, more today because it's raining like mad outside.

I want you to consider this video of Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water even if you already know about his work and don't want to hear more about the water crystals exposed to words and sounds.

So your assignment for today is to bless every glass or bottle of water you drink or pour for someone else today (imagine if you work as a waitress or waiter) and tell this water that you love and appreciate her (or him, I don't want to sound sexist). When you bless this water, you bless yourself and others.  You bless the entire planet.  I want you to stay mindful today about water, emotions, and balancing emotions.  Face it, we're all going to feel more weepy than normal, more nostalgic and sentimental now. This is also a good time to practice the Law of Attraction or to grow more conscious of the reality you create.  If you find yourself floating between dimensions, that's normal now too.  You could just as well end up swimming with dolphins, the descendents of Sirius B.

I have one more request for you, please pass this post on to your loved ones who are open to astrology.  If everyone prays or does something spiritual today it's going to make a huge difference.  If you follow Gregg Braden's work like I do, you will know the power of prayer and intent.  Let's use the power of this Grand Water Trine to heal the earth.  Thank you and bless you.

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