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Crosses that We Carry, Part 2

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As promised, I will now present to you three astrologers experiences with T-Crosses which include, two women and one man, all over age 40.  I am particularly interested in astrologers over 40 for this article because it takes about 40 years to get a gasps of the energies played out in a T-Cross and astrologers speak the astrological language, making my job so much easier.  I will refer to the astrologers as Astrologers #1, 2, and 3 to protect their identities since I believe that revealing one's true self through an astrological chart places people in a vulnerable position and you can double that with online media.  And having said that, I'm always honored to learn about a person's astrological makeup.

Astrologer #1 (Female, age 49, born on January 1, 1964), has a Fixed T-Cross involving Moon (Leo), Neptune Scorpio), and Saturn/Venus (Aquarius).  The 3rd, 5th/6th and 9th Houses are involved.  Release from the cross tension comes when the Moon trines Jupiter, and several Neptune transits including Chiron, North Node (fate) and sextiles with Uranus/Pluto (Virgo and generational) and Venus sextiles Jupiter.

The astrologer answered yes to learning the purpose of the T-Cross as she grew older.

Now, before I jump into her personal notes of her observations, I look at the planets involved and I see relationship issues right away with the Leo Moon needing self-love and attention from others, but authority figures, who might seem overly progressive, cold, detached or eccentric denied the Leo Moon recognition or even affection with Saturn/Venus involved, with Saturnian women, perhaps a mother giving the astrologer #1 a cold shoulder. This could represent a feminist mother or feminism in general which confused the astrologer when she was a child (Leo represents child and Moon represents mother).  Neptune in Scorpio additionally could come up with dark religious experiences or dealing with someone with an addiction or psychological problem when presented in this T-Cross.  Both the Leo Moon and Saturn/Venus square Neptune setting up confusion in the 5th and 6th Houses (childhood, health, daily life, job, work environment, and creativity).

Astrologer #1 said these things about her T-Cross experience:

"I have a strong Saturn (Saturn appears in the T-Cross)--not just because it's in Aquarius, but also because I'm a quadruple Capricorn (Sun, South Node, Mercury RX and Mars)."

"Saturn (Aquarius conjunct Venus) opposing my Moon (Leo) was completely about me not feeling worthy to meet my needs (and I chose parents for that).  Saturn conjunct Venus in Aquarius was slightly easier but Saturn had the stronger expression than Venus, for sure, so again my self-worth suffered."

Paraphrasing two pages of notes:

Logical Saturn battles with dreamy Neptune causing Astrologer #1 to disown her Neptune energy.  In doing that, she projects this weakness onto others thus attracting "losers, wannabe creative types, drug addicts, alcoholics and liars" as partners.  She found the stable type boring.  When she looked at her family roots, her alcoholic father (Neptune in Scorpio) came up and her "mousy" mother (Pisces) was seen as weak and her mother played a silent martyr role to the alcoholic father.

After dealing with painful situation dealing with an alcoholic partner, a court case, visitation rights for a child, and watching the court system take sides with the alcoholic partner, Astrologer #1 discovered strengths in Neptune and stopped disowning this part of her self.  She began pursuing a creative path and attracted successful creative types. She married a strong Pisces man (now deceased) who helped with raising her child.  Astrologer #1 integrated her Saturn and Neptune energies with wonderful results.

"So one of the tools I learned about T-Squares was that the point opposite the middle planet would help give the T-Square a push towards making progress." She gives the tips of looking for asteroids at that point in the chart and looking up the mythology of that asteroid or asteroids, for her it was Circe (creativity, magic and weaving).  Her lessons have filtered down to both of her children who also have T-Squares in their charts.

Astrologer #1 impresses me with her integration of the T-Square (I use the term T-Cross) planets and Neptune and Saturn are not easy energies to master since they do oppose one another--the realist and the dreamer.  However, when Neptune's creativity partners with Saturn's discipline and sense of responsibility, these planets bring out artistic talent coupled with business know-how (head in the clouds, feet securely on the ground).

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Astrologer #2 (Female, age 58, born February 12, 1955)

Here we have another Fixed T-Cross or T-Square with Mercury/Sun/MC in Aquarius--3rd/4th opposing Pluto in Leo (generational)--9th/10th and squaring Saturn in Scorpio--6th House.

Relief from the tension comes from Mars in Aries forming a sextile to Sun/Mercury/MC.  Neptune in Libra and the Moon at 0 Scorpio trine the Sun/Mercury/MC and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Cancer trines Natal Saturn.

My impression is that of someone who works in the psychological and self-help field using new age approaches and tools such as astrology (Aquarius rules astrology) to shed a light on darkness (Pluto in Leo) in the house of higher learning, religion, and exploration and Public House.  But this is someone who is taking the journey (her own personal journey) along with those of her clients.  Mars in its own sign forming a sextile with Sun/Mercury and the Mid heaven provokes a spiritual warrior image or ideal.  Uranus in Cancer wants to take an innovative approach to self-care and nurturing (again something new age or in energy medicine) and Neptune in Libra is about balancing emotions.

Astrologer #2 shares her philosophy about T-Squares.  "I work with the challenges of the t-squares as opportunities to evolve, grow, heal and integrate (Saturn in Scorpio).  I also see them as a way to perceive what is actually required to create the life that we are here to live, not the one we think we're supposed to.  The blockage of the t-square is actually a re-routing tool to keep us on our path."

Chiron, Wikipedia
Astrologer #3 (Male, 52 years of age, April 24, 1961, with a Grand Cross and T-Square).

When I looked at Astrologer #3's chart, I actually felt tears of compassion welling up in my eyes.  While I understand this type of chart is that of a person on a path towards mastership, I also sensed the pain and frustration this astrologer endured in his lifetime thus far.

Astrologer #3's AC is in Aquarius and he has Chiron (the wounded healer) at 5 degrees Pisces in the house of identity and self.  Uranus, the ruler of his chart falls in its opposite sign (fall) Aquarius in the 6th House of health, daily work and service.  While his Grand Cross is in fixed signs, his T-Cross is in Cardinal signs.

The Grand Cross (which I'm still in the process of studying), includes Neptune in Scorpio (9th House), opposing Sun in Taurus (3rd) and squaring Moon in Leo (6th) and Jupiter in Aquarius (12th).  As you can see, communication and learning/thinking style (3rd), expression of emotions and sense of self in regard to work, health and service (6th), higher learning, teachers, and religion (9th), and hospitals, spirituality and hidden enemies (12th) play roles with this cross.

The Cardinal T-Cross includes Saturn (strong in its own sign) Capricorn in the Aquarius House (11th--innovation, colleagues, networks, friends) opposes Mars (children, men, competition...) in Cancer in the 5th House of children and Mercury falling in Aries in the 3rd House (doesn't mince words and feels competitive in a learning environment and would work well with children).

When I asked Astrologer #3 if he enjoyed being around children, he said that he did but was glad he doesn't have any of his own due to the fact that he would over discipline them (strong Saturn).

Astrologer #3 mentions relief he experiences from the crosses, "Mercury in Aries trines Uranus in Leo (Uranus in its fall) to the degree and it gives a brilliance for picking up systems I am passionate about such as astrology and the Mayan calendar."

Astrologer #3 shares his experiences.  "I have found that particularly the Grand Cross when I identify with any of the parts and take them seriously, life is tough.  But the tension involved with the crosses demands eventually that that the only sane place to witness is the center, while actors play their parts.  The tension of the cross brings an intensity that allows one to pass through the eye of the needle of the intensity to reach the center where all becomes a joke.  At least that is my experience.

I think with the T-squares another person or transit could assist with this same experience.  As my Saturn, Mars, and Mercury are not quite the gem as the Grand Cross, I feel I struggle with receiving the revelations from the T-Square."

When I asked Astrologer #3 how the Grand Cross affected his achievements and if ambition came harder to him, his response was, "It's not so much harder, but my ambitions become more about liberation as the material world definitely can lose its aura of desirable.  In my younger years, I'm now 52, I was pretty good at creating businesses when I wanted to, but it was the desire for it that was hard to come by."

All puns attended, but after reading this article on T-Crosses and a Grand Cross, you can see how some of us have grown cross with our natal planets.  Yet, as I said earlier in the first article, the harder configurations provide us a path to mastership.  One astrologer said that T-Squares are common and true enough I do find these little devils (joke) in charts of my clients along with yods.  Could this be because we are at a crucial moment at the end of a 5,000 year cycle where we had better shift our consciousness and get our lives in gear if we wish to survive?  If all we had were Grand Trines in our charts then we would all be too lazy to lead the way or do the hard stuff that needs to get done.

Take heart my fellow cross carriers, there is a message waiting for you to decipher in your natal charts.  Focus on the messages and not the struggles.  And know for every T-Cross and Grand Cross out there, you will hear pages and pages of struggles and breakthroughs.  If you are still young and struggling keep working for those breakthroughs.  I never thought in my 20s or 30s that the day would come when I would write an article while standing on the other side of my Mutable T-Cross (which still bothers me on some days) to tell you that you can do better than just surviving the transits.  Take the lemons and turn them into delicious juice that nourishes your soul.



  1. Thank you for these insightful articles on t squares.

    Mine is very similar to yours. Just substitute Jupiter for Mars and Mercury retrograde for your Moon. This t is across the angular houses with Jupiter at the apex in the 10th.

    I've also got the t square similar to Astrologer #1 minus Saturn across thd 12th, 3rd and 6th houses, same signs involved. My SN is conjunct Neptune in the 3rd. Can't have a SN without a NN which is in my 9th. So I guess I really have a grand cross though I sometjmes look at it as a t with the NN as the automatic balancer. I guess I was not satisfied with one t . =)

  2. Yes, I have learned that there are many types of t-squares and crosses and they are confusing at times. I don't have Mercury in my t-cross--just Mars squaring Pluto/Uranus and Saturn/Moon opposition.

    My sister has a t-cross with Jupiter, Venus and Mars so you reminded me of her t-cross (mutable). Her cross is relationships-the individual verses partnership, freedom verses commitment. With Gemini in release/relief section of her t-cross, she needs to get involved with an intelligent man with a gift for communicating and a variety of interests. The strong silent type who grunts as a form of communication will not work in this case.

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