Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't Retread on Me--Mercury RX in Cancer

I have already explored the meaning of retrograde planets on this blog and Mercury RX in particular (RX is short for retrograde).  However, we have yet to explore Mercury RX in Cancer, especially when it's opposite sign and planet, Sagittarius/Jupiter also falls in Cancer at this time.  Now, it's our job to break this down into pieces and then synthesize those pieces into whole astrology.  That's what we do here on this blog.

Okay, so that we don't give a bad reputation or rap to Cancer, let's first look at all the positive traits of the 6th Zodiac Sign (it's actually the 4th, but it represents the 6th and 7th months of the calendar year) which falls in the water element, opens the Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) and is represented by both the Moon and the Crab, both which have a connection to the sea.  And as I say those words, The Waterboy's "This is the Sea" and "The Whole of the Moon" scramble in my thoughts. Michael Scott of the Waterboys, and who composed those classic songs, has his Rising Sign in Cancer.  Ah, no wonder he sings about a crazy Moon and the wide ocean. But I digress.

Cancerians know all about moods, the coming and going of the tide, when it's best to hide under a rock and cuddle with other like-minded crabs or to slam the door shut of their proverbial shell and not let anyone near them.  Cancerians are motherly (both the men and women), caring, nurturing, creative, sensitive, empathic, and are good cooks because they love food, especially comfort food.  They make good parents if they heal their own childhood issues first, otherwise, watch out!  They are childlike even as adults, and when they're not feeling too vulnerable, they're a lot of fun with a sometimes sentimental or nostalgic sense of humor which they also share with their polar opposite, Capricorn.  In fact, coming from a family of Cappies and Crabs, we waltz down Memory Lane a bit too much.  Cancerians have a tendency to live more in the past than the present and they fear the future with a vengeance, always worrying with what ifs flying through their thoughts at the speed of light.

The Chariot (Cancer)
The downside, Cancers smother, and they act too motherly causing co-dependence in others.  They worry too much (just like Virgo), they control in a motherly or fatherly way instead of letting others figure out things for themselves, they are moody, crabby, and fear-driven.  Let me give you an example of the shadow side of Cancer played out with the country-the US.  Here is a country that is patriotic in a sentimental way that doesn't question what it should.  The country is clannish and suffers from tribalism (two negative qualities of Cancer) in how it deals with other nations.  It has food security issues and forces its toxic GMO foods on other nations with food distribution problems.  The US government doesn't allow other countries to solve their own problems, becomes fearful and spreads fear like contagions around the world which is worst than any pandemic and we won't even go down that road.  I think you see the point.

Now, let's get to Mercury RX which represents the realm of communication, education, the media, the thinking process and mechanics or machinery.  Since Cancer equals life force Mother, food, safety and security, we will revisit those issues when Mercury is RX in Cancer.  We might read many fearful articles on national security especially with the US and Canada, two countries ruled by Cancer.  Food safety and distribution problems will arise.  I predict we will see more food recalls than normal because the food is toxic or infected with harmful bacteria.  Since Cancer rules milk (as far as I'm concerned), we will hear a lot about the dangers of milk products and health issues that arise with this nurturing and life-giving source.

Cancer rules the breast and stomach so these organs will end up in the media or we will pay more attention to our stomachs and breasts in our daily lives. If we had an ailment in those areas of the body we will return in some way to that ailment, either it is finally healed or reoccurs to bring healing now or in the next three weeks.  We will hear more fear-driven stories of women cutting off their breasts because they think they might get cancer in the future, but don't have it now.  And we will keep debating this issue.

Mercury RX, the Trickster
For you personally, look at where Cancer is on the cusp of your natal chart and then watch all the planets in Cancer transit through that area of your chart, while watching the events that occur when these transits occur.  You will need to practice clear communication in that area of your chart so if you have Cancer on the cusp of your 7th House then when Mercury travels backwards through that house watch for communication glitches with your significant partners (both intimate and business partners).  Don't sign any contracts during this time and certainly don't get married when Mercury is RX in your 7th House unless you are remarrying. Be weary of your food and follow your gut or intuition and if it tells you not to eat a certain food (even if this feels illogical) listen because that food might be tainted or poisoned.

When any planet is transiting through a water sign, pay attention to intuition because it is actually heightened during this time and for all of us, with so many planets in water signs at the moment (virtually all of them), we are all tuning into our Higher and Wiser Selves.  Pay attention.

Now, with Mercury RX, it is time to revisit and reunite with old friends.  Have you been thinking of someone a lot lately, call him or her, or send an e-mail.  Since Cancer rules our most intimate relations, mostly our birth family, we could get in touch with them too and even heal issues from the past.  It's time to upgrade software on your computer and make sure your security software is working properly.  Clean out any unnecessary files from your hard drive too.  Clean out the file cabinet while you're at it too especially when the Moon is waning (which it's doing now).

If you're looking for work, apply at places you either worked at or applied to in the past.  If you are relocating, move back to an old neighborhood or in with a friend or colleague from your past or that you have known for many years.  You'll find the past revisiting you a lot now, and don't grow overly nostalgic which this time in Cancer will cause us to do.  We will feel more sentimental than usual and slip into denial too.  With Mercury going inward we won't have the power of this planet's analytical thinking either.

Obviously, this retrograde will play out differently for each of us, but with some overarching themes we will all share.  The Fourth of July in the US and Canada Day (also at during the first week of July) will seem more surreal than normal causing people either to feel overly patriotic to the point of denial or antagonistic toward their respective country.  We might even see some kind of rally or protest on these days.  Look behind the curtain to see what the Wizard of Oz is really up too and don't get caught up in blind faith. This isn't Kansas any longer and with the Cancer theme, we still believe, as we must believe, there is no place like home.  And on some days we will feel as bewildered as the young Dorothy out for an adventure along with her barking terrier, Toto.

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  1. My mother was a cancer and your description of their motherly angst (German for "metaphysical fear" in my book), their constant deep deep worrying, their over mothering, was so right on I could have used it as a character description quote. My sister was a Gemini and my mother, very liberal about amorous matters, put one of the first IUD's, the Dalcon Shield, into my sister when my sister was 14. As with thousands of other women, problems developed internally, and since I was leaving the family hearth and moving north (my mother had been obsessed with me my whole childhood), my mother just shifted her attention and obsession to my sister and her diseases (and operations, emergency room visits, eventual opiate dependence, etc.

    To go forward 17 years, my sister never improved despite between ten to twenty major surgeries, and I tried to explain the powers of metaphysics to cure. But the commitment to obsession was total. In 1985, my mother came down with adino carcinoma of the lung, a lung cancer not associated with smoking, that appeared right where my mother felt all her pain. When she finally passed in Feb 1988, my sister died basically simultaneously with my mother in her apartment (my mother was in the hospital) - same day, year, city, and if they actually went together it is possible.

    Meanwhile, all our family friends had run away, my father went into a shell, I became an aggressive pusher of metaphysics, and to make a long story short, cancer women can suffer so incredibly much that I would not time any birth, if possible, to occur in Cancer. The men I do not know. I am Aries with three planets in Aries in my natal chart. It is wise not to make me mad LOL. I loved your article.

  2. Hi, your mother's temperament sounds more Scorpion than Cancerian with some Pisces addiction tossed in. Lungs are ruled by Gemini. Obsession is more Scorpio than Cancer.

    I'm Cancerian and I certainly haven't suffered to the extent of the description you gave. I know plenty of healthy Cancerian men and women who are creative, nurturing, funny, and a joy to be around. Then again, I don't judge a person by their Sun Sign or other planetary placements in their charts. As an astrologer, making generalizations is dangerous, however I admit there are tendencies with each of the Zodiac Signs and energies.

    I hope you meet some healthy people with water signs so that you can see the beauty of these folks.