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Women Stampede--May 9 Solar Eclipse (Feminist & Relationship Themes)


(Corrections of transits made on 5/1/13).

Every astrologer has his or her own interpretation of planetary transits.  The theme I come up with for the May 9, 2013 Solar Eclipse is Divine Feminine Risen, meaning it is already done, already happened, and already healed, to quote one of my favorite metaphysical authors and lecturers Gregg Braden.  I also think that Mother Earth or Gaia is going to shake things up in the form of several large earthquakes around the planet, especially in regions where the the city or town has a Taurus or Scorpio Sun around 20 degrees, this could include Seattle (depending on which chart you read for Seattle and there are several charts for this city).  Other regions to watch out for have Sun, Moon or stelliums in Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius.

The reason these quakes whether they come in the form of inner revolutions bringing outer epiphanies in mass consciousness or actually earth quakes is that the sexes must get in balance now and I'm not just talking equal pay on the job front, I mean equal sharing of the resources on the planet and the stewardship for the planet.  Here's the line up of planets on May 9 that are related to the Moon and Sun on that day.  The Solar Eclipse with the Sun and Moon in Taurus at 19 degrees 33 (20 degrees if you round it up), conjuncts planets Mercury and Mars (with a wide orb) and asteroids (representing women), Pallas (19 Taurus), and  squares Juno (transiting at 15 Aquarius).  On this day, Vesta transits 5 degrees Cancer, Lilith transits at 26 Gemini and Ceres at 11 degrees Cancer. Cancer is a female sign and it joins transiting Pluto in Capricorn with an opposition exact to Ceres and wide orb to Vesta.  Issues around food security, nutrition, home, and safety surface now.  Lilith in Gemini brings out the journalist-messenger in women and we will jump on whatever soapbox or podium is available.  Time to speak your truth and firmly.  No more room for compromises that destroy the planet or put poison on our tables in the form of questionable foods.

Mary Magdalene, Wikipedia
So we basically have a stellium of women themed asteroids connected to planets in Taurus, co-ruler of Venus which rules women.  Mercury and Mars bring a male side to this equation even though Mercury is androgynous, though Mars is clearly male, though weakened in Taurus, Venus' ruler.  So let's just say that the male has been feminized for the sake of this Solar Eclipse. (I also noticed a trine with Saturn in Scorpio at 11 degrees with Chiron (Pisces), and Ceres (Cancer). Saturn opposes Mercury, Mars, Sun, Pallas, and Moon).  Does this signify that women in authority will rule this day or that the patriarchal energies will attempt to squelch the Divine Feminine Risen? We shall see.

Chiron and Vesta (the wounded healer and vestal virgins) sextile the Taurus stellium and are in Pisces, a feminine water sign.  Also during the course of May 9, the Moon trines Pluto early in the day, and Venus enters a new sign Gemini.  This is more significant than a planet entering a new sign because Venus moves into Gemini, Mercury's co-ruler and Mercury as I mentioned earlier is involved in the Taurus stellium that's host to the Solar Eclipse!  What does this mean? People are going to be talking and communicating about feminine issues and women's health issues.  You might also wish to buy flowers for a woman friend or partner on May 9 to smooth things over, lol.

Joan of Arc, Wikipedia
Depending on where the Taurus and Pisces planets are in your natal chart will determine where you will find feminist and feminine themes in your life no matter what sex you are.  Other related themes that day and days around the Solar Eclipse of May 9 include aesthetics, art, ancient art, women's history, beauty, gardens, landscaping, gourmet food, battled between the sexes, even ancient battles between the sexes coming back to haunt us, home and hearth, women's role in the home and in the workplace, child birth, having children verses not having children, a women's traditional roles (depending on culture and religion), women in cinema, women in the media, women role models... Please add to this list as you see fit.

It is a good time to read books about women such as "Women's Wisdom, Women's Bodies," "Women that Run with Wolves" and other psychological and physical titles.  Read books by women authors, listen to women intuitives on radio shows, watch movies about women, and no matter what sex you are, get in touch with your feminine side.  Personally, I've been watching Jane Austen movies lately, but any book or movie about protocol between the sexes will suffice.  We will deeply examine the sexual mores of our own time in comparison to the past.

Wikipedia, Gaia
All I can say about the Solar Eclipse on May 9, 2013, is get ready women and own your stuff and your desires. Now is your time to step out into the world and become a powerful woman and honor your gift of intuition.  For men, get in touch with your female side, and learn self-nurturing.  And for children, bask in the love of your great Mother Earth.  And everyone if you're experiencing health problems with neck, throat, shoulders, sexual organs or colon, seek medical attention now, even if you go the energy medicine route.  Get a massage, be kind to yourself and love Mother Earth.  She'll remind you that she's powerfully underneath your feet in the next few weeks.

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I look forward to hearing from you.  Namaste.

I found this related article to this Solar Eclipse:

And I encountered a woman who felt an urgency to wake everyone up on the planet through whatever means.  I didn't agree with her because you cannot force people to awaken their consciousness and urgency never leads to anything good, but more fearful behavior posing as enlightenment.  People often feel this urgency for change around eclipses, but pushing change on others is never a good idea.  The message of this eclipse that is coming through now is LET GO, SURRENDER.

Special Note: If you are in an area hit by an earthquake during this time, know that you are supported, nurtured and taken care of. Mother Earth supports you and you'll receive help from communities around the world.  Your needs will be taken care of and you will receive nurturing and comfort.  However, if your intuition tells you to go somewhere else, by all means, follow your intuition so that you can avoid an impact of a quake.

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