Sunday, April 28, 2013

Declaration of Rights for Astrology Clients & Astrologers

Astrologers work hard obtaining information about your natal chart and transits, but they're not God and they don't have all the answers.  Keep this in mind when you consult with an astrologer.  Most astrologers don't read minds, but the intuitive life coach astrologers have both access to your chart information and can read your energy field.  So don't sit there and stonewall the astrologer.  A session in my opinion involves dialogue as well as, some give and take.  Transits are open to interpretation as are configurations of planets in natal charts, especially when a yod is involved.

As far as the client, you deserve a reading that is both positive and realistic.  You deserve to have the astrologer focus on you, the client, and not wax on about world events on your dime. After all, astrologers charge $85 and upwards for an hour reading.  If an astrologer starts going on about their personal life or about world events, gently bring the topic back to your natal chart and the questions you brought to the session.  I also advise you to give the astrologer your questions ahead of time so they know where to look in your chart.  Sometimes those charts resemble the cosmos, unending staring back at us, so we could use your cooperation in narrowing your focus.  Do you want a career reading, a relationship/partnership reading, or just want to know what's up for you in the year ahead? Let the astrologer know.

Okay, here are your rights as a client, in my opinion.

1) You have a right to a positive and realistic consultation

2) You have a right to ask the questions in your heart, even if the astrologer prefers not to do relationship readings

3) You have a right to confidentiality and not ending up in an astrologer's book as an example, unless they gave you a permission form or waver to sign in this regard

4) You have a right to privacy

5) You have a right to honesty and integrity (but you also need to practice honesty)

6) You have a right to decline learning about any future events that could cause you strife, worry or lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy

7) You have a right to ask for clarity if you don't understand something the astrologer says

8) You have a right to a jargon-free reading, especially if you haven't studied astrology or that the astrologer explains the terms to you

9) You have the right to tell the astrologer not to keep your chart on file and to delete if after the reading

10) You have the right to make your own decisions based on the consultation and you have the right to know yourself better than anyone and to own your power

Rights for Astrologers:

1) Astrologers have the right to follow their inner guidance when reading a chart and trust that guidance

2) Astrologers have the right to tell the truth as they see it, but to clarify that this is their interpretation of the transits

3) Astrologers have the right to ask the client for specific questions to narrow down their workload

4) Astrologers have the right to reject giving readings to mentally or emotionally disturbed clients or anyone who acts belligerent or negative towards them

5) Astrologers have the right to say no and set strong boundaries (especially with clients who act like psychic vampire or refuse to take responsibility for themselves)

6) Astrologers have the right to ask for a fee to compensate them for their time, attention, and expertise

7) Astrologers have the right to practice astrology methods of their choice and to make this known on their websites and blogs

8) Astrologers have the right to a sense of humor, especially dealing with Mercury RX

9) Astrologers have the right to promote themselves and their work through blogs, radio shows, and other online media and to use past experience as examples, while changing names of clients

10) Finally, astrologers have the right to follow their bliss and create the practice that suits them and their clients best

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