Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arrival of Aphrodite, but...

When I returned to astrology a year ago, I told my saint and angel guides that I wouldn't venture into the confusing planetary and transit realm without the help of my spiritual friends.  They sent me Saint Thomas Aquinas and his free will astrology philosophy, which sometimes to me, reads like theology, but... And so today my dear Thomas and I decided to explore the Venusian transits of late April and May.  Though while we are blessed with personal planets in Taurus (Venus co-ruler along with airy Libra), we will also experience an exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (what's new Magoo?) and three eclipses two of which are in the Scorpio/Taurus axis.

We pick up on themes revolving around sensuality (Taurus) and sexuality (Scorpio), but we see these experiences as transformative at least with the higher evolved souls.  For the others, sex is just sex and sensual pleasure can lead to excess and unwanted consequences.  Since we will experience eclipses in late April (25) and two in May (9 & 25), the New and Full Moons will carry more weight and power than usual and I advise you to use this power for transformation and not as another vehicle for a trip down victim/martyr lane, you know what I mean.  While Taurus feels lighter and more pleasant to most people, this is still a fixed sign with it's polarity in Scorpio.  Meaning in every Taurus person and Taurus experience, shades of Scorpio appear and vise verse.  This is how it works with all the signs and their opposites. Think of it as the Yin/Yang symbol.  So those Taurean experiences such as spending time in a lush garden, lying on a hammock and soaking in the sun rays or indulging in a gourmet dinner all contain degrees of Scorpio transformation, and more so now with the two eclipses highlighting this area of your chart.

On April 17, Venus left Aries and moved into her home sign Taurus where she and us have experienced a sigh of relief.  Venus did not enjoy her stay in Aries where she felt hounded and defensive and even had to defend why she enjoys certain pleasures in her life such as a peaceful home.  But with that Mars energy rubbing up against her like a needy cat, Venus needed to set some boundaries.  We all needed to set boundaries in our lives at that time against pushy and aggressive people.  Women especially had to put up with unwanted advances and attention from men.  But most of this will subside now with Venus moving into her home where she feels safe to indulge in little pleasures, even a romance, but not with the pushy type.  No, she seeks a refined or earthy type to relax.

On a mundane level with Venus in Taurus and Mars and Sun about to enter Taurus close to tandem on April 20 for Mars, and April 19 for the Sun, it's time to slow down, beautify the home and ourselves.  Go get that haircut you've always wanted, buy the scented bath salts and have a hot soak in the tub.  Buy flowers for the home, clear out the closets, desk drawers, and kitchen cabinets of anything old, moldy, and no longer needed.  Do this when Sun and Mars are still in Aries, because once they move into Taurus, you won't feel motivated to do the extra work this requires.

Venus, Wikipedia
During the month of May especially, people will choose to stay close to home and they won't budge, unless the eclipses light fires underneath their feet.  However, we need this respite after the foggy journey through Pisces and then the grand push of Aries and this Taurus period won't last long either.  So take this time to enjoy pleasures in your life and to show appreciation for all the beauty and enchantment that surrounds you.  Don't overindulge in food, but savor food by eating slowly, by joining others for a dinner party or picnic (on a sunny day) and savor the friendships in your life.

Strong Taurean days are on (unfortunately) the Lunar Eclipse on April 25 and the Solar Eclipse on May 9, and April 21 when both the Sun and Mars enter Taurus (ooh, la la!) which we will definitely feel a shift in loyalties with career taking a back seat,   And don't worry about overindulging since Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde at this time), opposes Sun and Mars on April 30 (bringing up darker impulses), and Venus on April 22 (around Earth Day, isn't that interesting since Taurus represents ecology and Scorpio/Pluto represent the digging below the earth for fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and regeneration?)  Mercury and Mars conjunct in Taurus on the May 9 Solar Eclipse.  Don't even ask me what that's about with trickster Mercury with warrior Mars in a fixed earth sign.  Mercury opposes Saturn on May 5-6 and that will also bring up interesting dialogues between the established order (banks and financial institutions?) and the media.

Venus moves into Gemini (yeah!) on May 10, a day after the Solar Eclipse, then Mercury follows on May 16, they conjunct on May 24 (one degree orb), a day before the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  On another note, since Pluto is emphasized this month with the polarity of Taurus/Scorpio, Pluto and Uranus form an exact square on May 16 that begins its separation process on June 4.  In July we will get relief from this square, but let's save this information for another post.

So the message I'm receiving from Thomas Aquinas is to not get caught up in the transits or think of them in a fearful or loathing way.  Thomas said during medieval times, which he's emphasizing again here is that the more you know about astrology transits, the better off you are, in that you can choose free will over the destiny of the planets.  You can always view a glass of water as half full as opposed to half empty.  You can always perform alchemy on your life using the energy gifted to us through these transits.  You can learn the themes of Uranus and Pluto and use the energy present in that square to transform your life, but you're going to need to perform some proverbial and mundane cleaning in your life and use the ruthless energy of Pluto to get yourself out of denial and do the necessary work.

This is not a time to fall prey to planetary energies and all you need to do is watch the news to see what those scenarios look like.  Now, is a good time to reclaim your personal and spiritual power if you're up for the task.  We ask you not to worry or fret about these transits, not to buy into all the doom and gloom of more fearful astrologers (in which there are many out there).  It doesn't matter how many squares you have in your natal chart, make lemon aide and add some Venus sweetener.  Thomas believes that you chose those squares, those trines etc at the time of your birth.  You have free will and you have to decide for yourself what you'll do with this free will.

We especially want to give a shout out to people born in the 1960s because your time of reckoning is here and you can reclaim your power now with a lot of effort on your part in the way of soul searching.  Toss out all that fearful victim stuff and stop feeling sorry for yourselves.  Do you have any idea the blessings Pluto, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune brought us in the 1960s?  You have an inner desire to transform the world, but it is the world inside you that you need to transform then with new eyes you will view a transformed world.  Do not force your will on the world and do not try to fix others.  These are the lessons presented now through the transits of the outer planets on our natal charts.

And if you need a push in the right direction and you either live near or plan on visiting Bellingham, Washington, contact me for a consultation or private lessons and I'll get you in touch with the outer planets.  Harness these work horses and get them to work for you.  wholemusicexp at gmail .com

End of Transmission

Personal note: I actually felt both Mars and the Sun changing signs and moving into Taurus.  My senses came alive causing my eyes to see more vibrant colors, my ears to hear subtleties in bird songs, and my taste and sense of smell to increase.  If you have any related experiences, please share.  Thanks.

Our Theme Song for May 2013 is "Sensual World" by Kate Bush


  1. Hello Patricia

    Aphrodite (astéroide 1388) will start a retrograde March at 21 ° Aquarius from June and until the 8 ° and direct resumption late September see objections this summer with the Sun, mercury, Venus and Mars in September...

  2. Bonjour Lune Soleil, I didn't know that there is an asteroid called Aphrodite. How appropriate.