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3 Eclipses Down the Pike (April & May)

Wikipedia, Total Solar Eclipse
For whatever reason, I thought that the upcoming Lunar Eclipse landed on April 30, but after gazing at my Moon guide, I noticed that the Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio lands on April 25 at 4:07 p.m. EDT.  This particular eclipse trines transiting Neptune 4 degrees while opposing the transiting Sun and transiting Mars in Taurus.  I'm including a wide orb opposition to transiting Venus too (6 degree orb) because Taurus rules Venus.  The Moon in Scorpio is always a time of secrets oozing through the cracks, both in our personal lives and on the macro level. Watch for headlines of a revealing nature, someone getting caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar--scandals left and right.  On a personal level, you might reach realizations and painful truths about friendships, partnerships, or even business-related ventures, if you have acted complacent in recent months and not practiced the art of discernment.

This is not a comfortable time, especially with a Full Moon in powerful, brooding Scorpio, considering that Pluto/Scorpio plays a tremendous role on the macro and micro levels at this time with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.  Scorpio demands transformation through the death of something that eventually brings rebirth.  This could for some people feel like a spiritual initiation, especially with transiting Neptune trining the Moon in Scorpio and sextiling the Sun and Mars in Taurus.  There is much force behind this transformation--like a huge push into the world.  It reminds me of the infant leaving the comfort of the womb as he or she pushes his or her way into a cold and breezy world with strange sounds and movements.  This could feel like going through a fog or a cave and ending up in a surreal landscape.

Sun and Mars, both with a fiery nature in fixed Taurus feel frustrated and possibly stuck or would rather indulge in pleasures of the earth while not paying attention to the messages the Scorpio Full Moon brings up.  The Sun and Mars feel weak in this position.  Meanwhile, Venus in Taurus also opposing the Moon, but at a wide orb, emphasizes the pleasure principle and can even soften the blow of the Scorpio energy, but this is not a good time to start an intimate relationship, not during a shaky eclipse period and with Neptune trining the Scorpio Moon.  This really is a time to lay low, do only what is necessary, and wait out the eclipse shadow period, which is three days on each side of the eclipse, sometimes longer.

Wikipedia, phases of a Lunar Eclipse
With all eclipses, check your natal chart for the house placement and remember that with Lunar Eclipses you will work with polarities and opposite houses.  Expect some disruption in those houses or something revealed to you regarding the themes of those houses.  Eclipses shake things up so we don't grow complacent and that we pull the weeds out of our proverbial gardens.  Change is inevitable under the influence of an eclipse.

In May we will experience two eclipses, a Solar Eclipse on May 9 at 19 Taurus and another Lunar Eclipse on May 25 with the Moon at 3 degrees Sagittarius.  I will discuss these eclipses in a future post.  For now, there are three things to remember:

1) Check the houses in your chart where the eclipses transit

2) Check for aspects between the transiting Moon and Sun and planets in your natal chart

3) Also check the aspects between all the transiting planets aspecting the transiting Moon and the Sun and where those play a role in your chart.

4) And if you really want to get technical, look back at previous eclipses over the years in either the same sign and degrees of the upcoming ones and see what events transpired at that time. And also look at Eclipses at the same degrees in the fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius and look at what events were playing out at that time.  You might discover that those events are finally concluding now and you can let that energy go.

Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Leo, Cancer, and Aries will feel this eclipse strongest, with of course, Scorpio and Taurus taking the brunt of it.  Some new information came to my awareness.  With Venus and Mars involved with this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio issues and events that surface around the time of the eclipse will carry the themes of death, rebirth, transformation, taxes, tax laws (maybe overturned or disrupted in some way or truth revealed around taxes), death of authority figures or coming to terms with the loss of a father figure, health issues with sexual organs, sexual dysfunction either beginning or transformed through a cure, healing around sexual issues, sexual abuse coming to the light, sexual promiscuity, prostitution, and prostitutes, and it will seem like sex in all its many guises is thrown in our face to deal with, including our hypocrisy about sex.  Porn will make the news and questions about what it is and what it isn't will be on people's minds.  This will feel like a heavier time than usual in which we will all confront darker and even disturbing subjects.

This is not a good time for elective surgery and if possible avoid having surgery around the eclipses on April 25, May 9 and May 25.  This is always a good practice with any eclipse, but I'm receiving a strong warning message for the April 25 and May 9 eclipses that I need to pass on.  Refrain from doing anything major during this time, such as do not move into a new home around the Scorpio Full Moon/Eclipse (and this is based on information I read on another astrologer site years ago about people moving during a Scorpio Moon and having to move out of that home soon after).  This is a time of revelation and we don't have all the facts (some still hidden from us, some times intentionally) until after the Moon has passed and moved into its next sign.  For instance, a Sagittarius Moon is a good time to move and so is the Capricorn or Taurus Moon.  Follow your intuition and use common sense (which will seem to allude us) during this passionate time.  Protect yourself, but don't sink into paranoia and discern.  

I try not to leave any messages that can be conveyed as fearful, but this time, I am sensing a warning from my guides to just lay low for these eclipses, meditate, do spiritual work, dance, listen to music, watch an uplifting movie, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, rest and take care of ourselves.  You can also take a walk in a peaceful park, and spend time with loved ones if they're not in a pessimistic mood, otherwise, you're better off on your own doing something that nourishes your soul.

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