Saturday, March 30, 2013

Practical Astrology--What's Your Story?

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Many people still associate astrology with paganism or the occult, in which it does play a role.  However, no one needs to practice witchcraft or draw down the moon, to reap the benefits of astrology.  Personally, I don't use astrology for fortunetelling or magical purposes, but follow Liz Greene and other astrology luminaries examples of combining Jungian and mythological archetypes with astrology to create a self-empowerment tool.  And personally, with my background in the fine and performing arts, I look forward to the day when I join with others to combine astrology, archetypes and the arts.

In his book, "Sacred Sounds," the late Ted Andrews, a well-known metaphysician and animal advocate, combined astrology with music.  Remember that each planet has its own key (and you can find singing bowls and tuning forks related to this), and each astrological sign has its own key too.  In his book, Andrews provided illustrations of an astrology chart with corresponding keys.  Then he smoothed out any dissonance caused by the aspects squares and oppositions with the harmonies provided in the trines and sextiles.  Ingenuous!  He would compose music based on the aspects in the chart and use this as a healing modality.

I have heard of an astrologer in my region who combines improv theater with astrology with a practice she calls Constellation Work.  Actors with astrology knowledge act out the planets and aspects in a person's chart for them, showing the client the shadows and archetypes as well as, the gifts in a natal chart.  Could you imagine a consultation where your chart literally comes to life?

photo by Patricia Herlevi
And of course, anyone can pick up a Moon or planetary guide (usually in the form of a calendar) and track the phases and signs of the Moon each day as it makes its way around the Zodiac.  This way you can choose to make important appointments when the Moon is not eclipsing or void-of-course and in the right sign for that activity.  People often worry about Mercury retrograde and planning around the three Mercury retrogrades we experience each year, but tracking the Moon for best results is equally important.  For instance, the best haircuts I ever experienced were when the Moon was waning in Taurus or Libra or even waxing in those signs. I imagine that the worst haircuts I received were during Moon in Scorpio or Aries. And I would never get my haircut during the shadow of an eclipse.  People are just to tense and shaky at that time.

Here are another few pointers, leave your wallet at home when the Moon is in Sagittarius, Libra or Taurus and definitely leave your credit cards at home during those times.  Otherwise you'll overspend.  And if you want to know about the Sagittarius effect on food consumption, just think of the US American Thanksgiving Day which takes place when the Sun is in Sagittarius.  Everything is exaggerated during that time and waistlines expand.  What were the founders thinking when they chose this day to celebrate the harvest? At least Christmas falls when the Sun is in Capricorn, so it might feel more restrictive and people do worry about their diets during that time, not that I promote worry.

For the most part, we can either react to the planetary transits (which will never stop moving) or we can learn what each transit means so we can plan ahead or take advantage of the best energies and not push too hard during the challenging days.  And if you think that world governments and corporate leaders don't take advantage of the practical uses of astrology, think again.  For instance, we know that the British Royal Family employs astrologers and so did the former First Lady Nancy Reagan during President Reagan's time in office and probably prior to that.  Throughout history kings and emperors employed astrologers and farmers referred to astrological almanacs.  Astrology and medicine back in the day, enjoyed an intimate relationship.  And up until the end of the renaissance, astrology and astronomy also enjoyed an intimate relationship.

Uranus, Wikipedia
Now, when I'm talking practical astrology, I'm not talking about YouTube horoscopes or newspaper horoscopes which were founded by journalists during the early 20th century. I'm talking about using astrology to learn your unique story as found in the layout of planets in your natal chart.  I'm thinking of that song by Diana Ross, "Mahogany" where she sings, "Do you know where you're going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you?"  Do you know this song?

Your natal chart acts as a map, as a tool for self-knowledge, and as a psychological tool.  No one on this planet shares a chart with you just like no one on this planet has the same fingerprints as you.  So why would you not learn at least the basics of astrology? Is it because you associate astrology with dark magic or that you feel that astrology and Christianity don't go well together? May I remind you that the Three Wise Men were astrologers?  Astrology is what you make it and the only reason I can think of for not learning astrology or having your chart read by a qualified astrologer is that you would rather live in the fog of self-denial.

I don't know why planets so far away from the earth have an affect on our daily lives, but they do.  The Sun and the Moon have the most intimate effect as we couldn't grow crops without these orbs.  I can't think of anything more practical than growing our food.  But I also think medical astrology works and I think when you learn to read your natal chart and transits, you can match up health problems with aspects in your chart.  I've done this myself and I can always find an astrological connection to a health condition.

So find out what your story is through astrology.  And in the process maybe you can find new uses and forms for astrology that takes us into the Aquarius Age.  Remember that the planets don't control you or even shape your destiny.  You have the power to work with the planet's energies in transforming your life.  I hope you choose this route.


  1. There are many ways on how you can determine your luck. One of the ways is to consult an astrologer who can give you advices with your life.

  2. I don't believe in luck, but I do believe in the Law of Attraction and quantum physics. Planetary transits don't bring us luck, but they do bring opportunities to heal, to evolve, to transform, and to move towards our goals at the right time.

    And yes, astrologers can help with this process by teaching clients how to read their charts and follow transits or to consult directly about upcoming and current transits.