Friday, March 1, 2013

Marching in Place or a Feeling of Going Nowhere (Energies for March)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Pisces and Aries dominates during March 2013 + Double Yod

In all honesty, when I decided to launch an astrology blog I didn't see myself writing about monthly transits. However, the transits for February and March of 2013 captured my attention.  February featured a dominate Pisces stellium which continues until Mid-March.  Pisces natives would have felt at home or at One during February and this feeling of spiritual bliss depending on the evolution of the Pisces native continues until the personal planets exit Neptune territory in favor of Mars/Aries.  Virgos and Geminis felt restless and Sagittarius didn't know which way the stream was flowing.

As March opens, the Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Neptune travel through Pisces.  On March 11, 6 planets including the Moon plus the asteroid Chiron keep the Pisces vibe going.  Meanwhile, Mercury in Pisces does the backwards dance until March 16, leading more confusion to a Piscean fog and Saturn in Scorpio also dances backwards until July 9.  And I haven't even mentioned the whereabouts of Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus yet.  On March 13, Mars changes signs and we feel some relief as Mars moves from fuzzy Pisces into its own sign, Aries.  The Sun follows Mars into Aries on the Vernal Equinox on March 21st and winter officially ends, with Venus moving into Aries two days later (not a comfortable place for diplomatic and peace-loving Venus).  Poor Venus falls from grace when she enters Aries and unfortunately, we will notice brash images replacing beautiful and tranquil images and circumstances.  It will feel like a rude and loud person entering a quiet gathering such as a dinner party.

And here's where it gets hairy.  First, we move from a stellium in Pisces into a smaller stellium in Aries, then transiting Mars conjuncts transiting Uranus in Aries from the 24th-27th while joining a Yod involving Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in Scorpio at 7 to 10 degrees.  And we experience a second Yod with Saturn (Scorpio), Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Gemini at the apex.  The Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Yod begins on on March 5 and separates on April 9.  The second Yod with Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn begins on the Vernal Equinox and separates on April 2.

So this means that we start off the month on a foggy, but restless note.  More fiery and ambitious folks are ready to leave the meditation room and launch new projects.  Solution-oriented or fix-it signs such as Virgo want to implement plans to solve the various personal and global problems we face, but with two yods dominating the sky, this is a time to slow down and pay attention to details.  The yod with Pluto and Saturn with Jupiter at the apex could relate to finances or how we deal with authority, banks, financial institutions and government.

Jupiter in Gemini wants to expand and analyze why the current systems aren't working for the majority of people its supposed to serve. Jupiter also pays more attention to messages communicated on a local or grassroots level and it's not looking at the global view.  Could this signify the individual reclaiming his or her personal power?  Jupiter also has a spiritual view so that pits against old patriarchal dogma and ideals that no longer serve anyone.

The second Yod involving Uranus and Jupiter with Saturn at the apex paints a different scenario.  Jupiter and Uranus converse about inner and outer revolutions and changes from the grassroots level while authoritative Saturn at the apex holds up the yield or dead end sign. It's saying, "Not so fast, buddy, you were driving under the influence of..." Yes, Saturn plays the role of the cop in riot gear showing up at a not-so-peaceful protest.  Still with all these heavy hitters and Mars temporarily in the Uranus/Jupiter/Saturn Yod we need to pay attention.  While the world will see a lot of shaking up during this time, so will our personal lives, especially if we have felt ourselves in a weak position and take this time to reclaim our personal power.

What the world resembles after March concludes is anyone's guess.  But with the newness of spring and a feeling of shedding our winter clothing and sentiments, many of us will feel like starting over or going through a rebirth process. This time will test us and let us know where we are spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  We will have a clear idea of the areas of our lives that need bolstering and the ideals we can quickly ditch for something grander that serves us better now.  Spring cleaning will take on a new meaning this March, but let that breeze of new paths and opportunities sweep out crippling beliefs and attitudes. 

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