Saturday, March 23, 2013

Musical Spin around the Zodiac (and away we go...)

The purpose of this post is to allow you to see the Zodiac signs in action.  While I might enjoy some of the songs here, I’m not revealing my musical tastes.  Though I will say some of these performers are at the top of my A-List.  I noticed that I don’t spend a lot of time listening to contemporary Scorpio musicians.  I have no answer for this, but when I was looking up signs of my favorite musicians, none of them were Scorpio, at least not to my awareness. 

I suppose if I traveled back to the Romantic Era for European classical music I would have found a few Scorpio musicians, but I didn’t travel back that far since we don’t have footage of these musicians, just footage of contemporary musicians performing the work of the Romantic Era composers with the exception of Rachmaninoff. And I don't know his sign.

You will find jazz, folk, pop, and folkloric performers on this list.  Some of this music might possess healing qualities and other music here is just pure entertainment.  Enjoy the spin around the musical block.

Aries--Aretha Franklin,

Description: The daughter of a preacher and Civil Rights promoter, when Aretha Franklin sings her signature song, "Respect" we feel her Aries energy rising to the top. This is another musical talent who got her start in her teens, first singing in the Black Church, then later experienced a career filled with ups and downs, wrong turns, and fame.

Description: Musician/Song writer with an earthy soul and groove.  Blind since birth, this man feels his way through music often recording songs that enliven all the senses.  He could be the Mozart of our time with his prolific songwriting and instrumental skills which came to him as a young child.

Description--Singer-Songwriter who found his roots in the troubadour folk tradition with Woody Guthrie as his main early influence.  Gifted tongue and a quicksilver mind, wit to spare.

AND Miles Davis,

Description: Jazz Trumpeter/composer: A fire-starter, innovator, pioneer and ironically founder of Cool Jazz From a biographical perspective, Miles would show up late for recording sessions, dealt with addiction and kicked the habit, and he pushed emotional boundaries with others according to his biographers.

Description: Singer-Songwriter, sister of Paul Simon, associated with James Taylor, Carol King and other popular American folksingers of the baby boomer generation.  Big hit was “You’re So Vain” which allegedly she wrote about Mick Jaguar.

Description: Singer-Songwriter, pianist, dancer and show woman.  She basks in the stage lights and camera lens, wore lots of cat suits, purred when she sang, and her choreography had a cat-like appeal.  Oddly, Kate is a different person offstage, and lives I'm told like a recluse in a sort of fantasy land she built in rural England.

Description: Songwriter from the UK who blends nerdy with elegant and is a meticulous songwriter.  He has a lot of Cancer/Virgo/Libra in his chart.  Can you feel it?  He made both social and romantic commentaries in his songs, and similar to another famous English songwriter, Billy Bragg, Costello also sang about unrequited love.

Description: Eccentric Canadian virtuoso pianist.  He was mostly famous for his interpretations of J.S. Bach’s keyboard work and similar to another Libran, Saint Francis of Assisi, Glenn Gould loved animals and nature. Even though he died of a stroke in 1982, his recordings are as popular as ever and several movies have been produced on Glenn Gould since his passing.  Some people even claim to have felt his ghost hanging around, but Glenn is a friendly ghost who enjoys talking.

Description: English singer-songwriter whose big hit was the catchy pop-folk song, “Downtown” which gets stuck in my head and annoys me.

Description: What can we say about the indomitable spirit of the French cabaret singer Edith Piaf whose experiences were anything but a life in pink, but she sang in a voice larger than her petite frame?

Description: Singer-Songwriter from England who was known for his futuristic music and slow-climbing career where the musicians reinvented the wheel for each recording.  Bowie also tried his hand at acting for stage and film with success.  A true chameleon, he really seems more like an Aquarian than a Capricorn, even with his unmatched eyes (one blue and one brown).

Aquarius--Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera),

Descriptions: Both Roddy Frame from Scotland and Carol King of the US have a gift for writing romantic songs with vulnerable strings hanging off the heart.  This just proves that Aquarians do have a heart and can easily express their heart’s emotions through brilliant songwriting.  Roddy Frame cited that David Bowie inspired his songwriting.

Description: Argentine bandoneon player and composer of jazz and new tango compositions.  Piazzolla of Italian descent he innovated Argentine tango taking it from a ballroom dance to an intricate mix of classical, jazz, improvisation and tango.  This is my favorite musician on my Zodiac list.


  1. I can see the relationship between Miles Davis' behavior and Aries, but I'm pretty sure he was a Gemini (May 26th 1926). Is your intention on their behavior not their actual sun sign?

  2. Yikes, since my university years I erroneously thought Miles Davis was an Aries. I didn't look up his birthday to double check so thank you for the correction. Could he have an Aries AC? He really seems Aries to me.

  3. I looked up Miles Davis chart and there is no indication of strong Aries in his chart and his Mars is in Pisces. His Moon and Saturn are in Scorpio in the 6th house and Scorpio's traditional ruler is Mars. Miles Davis is actually a double Gemini with his Gemini Sun hanging out near the Gemini AC. Interesting chart.

    I will correct my mistake and find another musician to represent Aries and stick Miles under Gemini.