Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio, no laughing matter

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
A colleague and I noticed a space out going on with people of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born between 1983-1995) which involved miscommunication and frustration on our parts.  So I thought about these situations and then I remembered that Saturn had just moved into Scorpio and these spaced out individuals are in between 17 and 29 years of age.

Since the current transits fall on the extremely complex side and out of my realm of understanding, I have tapped into Saint Thomas of Aquinas, for whatever reason has appeared as my astrological guide.  The individuals between age 28 and 29 could begin a Saturn Return now as well, depending on the degree of Saturn in their natal charts, so much shifting and transformation happens within and outside of these individuals whether or not they think they are ready.  Since Saturn remains in Scorpio for 2 1/2 years, the individuals born in the later degrees of Pluto in Scorpio (1990s) won't feel the impact of Saturn until later in the cycle, but if they also have other planets in Scorpio, especially personal planets, then they could take these transformative, do-or-die energies personally.

So what's happening exactly?  Saint Thomas tells me that this powerhouse generation (double-Scorpio and triple that if the individual's Sun, Moon, or AC fall in Scorpio) came to transform the entire planet by uncovering first the dark forces at play behind the scenes.  These are your late Indigo Children.  I doubt they are Crystal or Rainbow Children since these souls fall more on the gentle and joyful side, more likely born under Pluto in Sagittarius, than Pluto in Scorpio, which would be a challenging and brutal placement for these super-sensitive souls.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
But, from what I know about Indigo Children (I'm one myself, though of a lesser shade of indigo) is that we know instinctively when others lie to us, whether that lie comes from a parent, friend, authority figure or the media.  We can't stand lies and we can't stand ourselves when we tell lies.  When Saturn (discipline, taking responsibility, maturity, wisdom) moves into Scorpio, lies are revealed in mass quantities.  This could bring relief to the Indigo Children and the Pluto in Scorpio Generation because they had a sense already about these lingering secrets and felt too stifled to say anything, as if a gag had been placed in their mouths.  But now with Saturn in Scorpio, they will start talking, and boy will these folks start revealing what they've known all along!

Depending on the parenting these 20-somethings received, they will either take on the role of victim-martyr or act courageously like the former CNN Reporter Amber Lyon, who Doreen Virtue recently brought to my attention on her HayHouse Radio show this past week.  The reporter Lyon uncovered lies and censorship in the media and the truth about Iran that has been suppressed in the news.  You can find out more about Lyon and other Indigo Children by typing in their names on YouTube or Google.

Towards the end of October, the Sun moves into Scorpio while Mars, Mercury, North Node and Saturn transit in Scorpio.  While the personal planets move through Scorpio within one to two months (for Mars), we will feel heaviness of Scorpio through December 2012.  Mercury will retrograde through Scorpio from November 7 until November 27.  We will experience 3 eclipses (November 13, November 28, and December 13, the first one involving Scorpio).  Then on the Winter/Summer Solstice, Jupiter in Gemini 8 degrees, Sat/Mars in Scorpio 8 degrees and Pluto in Capricorn form a yod configuration which we are all going to feel in the sense of dead ends. Those things that worked for us before will no longer work, on both individual and global levels, but as astrologer Carl Boudreaux says in his YouTube video for October and months ahead, with Saturn in Scorpio change comes slowly and cautiously.  Will we have the collective patience to get through this tense and unprecedented time?

As you can see, we had better get comfortable with Scorpio, Pluto, and Saturn. Another thing to point out is that the slow moving Neptune is moving direct again and moves one degree on December 29, just before the year ends.  Neptune no longer at 0 degrees pushes its energy forward and dissolves what it touches.  So as we see transformation in the world, we will also see the disappearance of tangible things perhaps due to floods, hurricanes and other types of watery events or we will see the dissolution of intangible thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and patterns.  We will either feel fearful and escape into addictions or allow this new flow of energy to direct us to soul ascension.  This will depend on the amount of soul and spiritual work of an individual or a community.  If you haven't done the work, then you could find yourself in the proverbial lemmings flying over a cliff scenario.  This is not a time to seek saviors or follow those with blind ambition.

In saying this, I feel trepidation towards anyone worshipping political or other figures at this time, and I ask those Obama worshippers to wake up and smell the coffee.  It's not President Obama so much that has caused this savior worship problem, but people's escapism and inability to take responsibility for their lives.  With Saturn in Scorpio this type of behavior comes under scrutiny, thankfully.  Worshipping other humans leads to disastrous results at worst and disappointment and disillusionment at best.  This is the message of Neptune at one degree Pisces, which trines Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio is no laughing matter, even if you filled yourself with Jupiter's laughing gas.  There is no escaping the inevitable which now stares us in the face. As soon as, the Sun leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio, we will need to face some hard and harsh issues, mainly how we live on the planet and the grave damage we have caused.  We will learn about things that we tried to keep buried under the rug, but now crawl out from out of the rug and slither across the floor or fly across the room.  Those institutions we held dear to our hearts crumble now, leaving us standing there with our minds disbelieving and our mouths gaping.  We stand at the proverbial and prophetic crossroads that the ancients predicted. We too are ancient souls and to get in touch with that, we need to revisit previous lives and rescript our future.  Do you have what it takes to brave the darker days ahead? Remember the darkest part of the night happens before dawn.  It's just a matter of how long it will take for dawn to break on the horizon and for us to embrace peace.


  1. You are an indigo child? What is that exactly? I have heard the term but I don't know much about it.


  2. From what I know about Indigo Children also known as Indigos, their aura has indigo tinges to it or are pure indigo. I watched a fabulous documentary on Indigos on YouTube, but I forget the title. In this doc, the first wave of Indigos (shades of indigo) were some members of the Baby Boomer generation, then another group was born in the 1960s, with the pure indigos born in the 1980s.

    This group is among the first wave of Light Workers, followed by Crystal Children and Rainbow Children (who spread joy).

  3. i am then an indigo girl without knowing it, though always did feel a pull towards the i of the vibgyor :) purples are my faveshades..therefore twilight time, when evening deepens to purples and inkier hues :D (here, in india that's how i've seen twilight always..heard it's different elsehwere). i did go thru and still am going thru intense ransformations..funnily, my 30th birthday in dec got me suddenly thrusting into the world of horoscopes :o discovering about saturn return etc..simply meaning, if i read your blogpost say before dec last year, it wdn't have made much sense to me :D i am sagi sun, libra moon gemini ascending and pisces MC. and um saturn in scorpio and jupiter in scorpio. it's amazing as of now, to learn about my different layers, tho it can get overwhelming too attimes. luck with your indigo shades and layers etc etc :)

  4. Hello Priyanka from India. If you are an Indigo Child then your mission is to heal yourself and any issues you might have, then with the power you gain from this healing process, to bring your unique gifts to the planet.

    It sounds like you went through your Saturn return recently or that you are going through it now. Again, this emphasizes healing yourself and claiming your personal power. Now, is a good time to distinguish between your dreams, beliefs, etc and those that were given to you by others--a time of real soul searching and exploration of your authentic self. With that Sag Sun and Pisces MC, you can dream big but you do need to take care of the details (Gemini AC) so that you can achieve these dreams. Your Libra Moon brings balance and optimism along with your Sag Sun enthusiasm. I'm guessing that you are a creative person who longs to beautify the world or bring peace to it.

    I wish you the best with your journey which is only just beginning at this stage.

    One last thing, you must speak your truth with that Sagittarius Sun, you can do this diplomatically and even with charm, but speak your truth. The problem you might encounter with a Libra Moon is you might find yourself trying to please others to keep the peace, but Sag Sun is about speaking your truth and by doing so, you inspire others.

  5. Hi . I have scorpio in saturn and pluto, natal. Pluto in aspects to sun moon mars mercury. Saturn square sun and conjunct uranus. Saturn in 10th house. All natal. Could you please elaborate on my planetary placements. Thanks.

  6. Are Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio? What is the orb (less or more than 5 degrees)?

    Saturn in the 10th House is a strong placement for career and public image, though with that Pluto in the same sign as Saturn, you would need to watch for and refrain from becoming an autocrat. The motto "My way or the highway" unfortunately, is something that could come up with this placement. You are strong and powerful, but you need to own your power and use it responsibly, meaning do not play any victim or martyr games, own who you are, and live your life in integrity since both Saturn and Pluto demand integrity.

    Unfortunately, I'm not able to elaborate on these placements without seeing an entire chart and I charge a fee for a reading of a chart. I would suggest with those placements that you seek an astrologer in your region who specializes in transformational astrology and intuitive coaching, especially if you have a Saturn return coming up shortly or are in your Saturn Return now (which is from ages 28 to 30, depending on the degree of your Saturn).

  7. I`m Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon and Capricorn ascendant... I have natal Pluto-Sun conjunction in 10th house and Saturn transit over it, Pluto transit ascendant... The transit is about to pass and i found out that i can not longer keep quiet if someone tries to lie or to cover up something... I reacted impulsive at the first hint that someone is trying to lie or manipulate me or others... I managed to improve some of my friendships... I kind of distanced my self from some people that are manipulative and I still try to organize my life in the best possible way. I tend to see Saturn transit as clean up of things and people that are not good for me.

  8. I can relate to you since I have Pisces Moon and Capricorn Ascendent myself! The Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon blend well with each other with Pisces contributing compassion and forgiveness.

    A natal Pluto/Sun conjunction in the 10th House is a powerful placement and transiting Saturn would bring up any karmic issues in the area of career, for those who believe in karma. I would say that possible past life or childhood issues around power and authority are surfacing at this time. The remedy for this is to live your life in integrity, make any corrections you need to in your life, including apologizing for past deeds in some cases. It's time to take responsibility for your life and claim your power.

    Pluto over the AC (went through that myself recently) and yes, you do need to speak your truth, but do it in a way where you own the truth and don't practice self-righteousness. Again, bring in some of that Pisces' Moon compassion and see the bigger picture. If people are manipulating you, there are two things you can do. First is to call them on their stuff and the second is to own any of your own projections coming from your subconscious. That's what Pluto does for us.

    It's wonderful that you're in the clean up mode. This is a painful process, but necessary for self-evolution. It also lightens the load so you can bring in more of what you do want into your life. Saturn does clean up and maybe this planet transiting in Scorpio is cleaning up after Pluto's wake.

    Since you have Pluto in your First House (I have the same at the moment), make sure you aren't losing too much weight and take care of you body, especially the skin and skeleton. Do yoga, make sure that you're keeping your bones strong through diet, taking the right minerals. Magnesium and vitamin K and D are important now as is calcium, but with new research coming out on calcium, we don't want to overdo it. Too much calcium in the body causes other health problems.

  9. I am a Virgo Sun, Leo Ascendent with Moon, Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio. IC = Libra MC = Aries and Descendent in Aquarius.

    These past few years have been pretty intense not only for me but for many of my friends as well. I have moved to a different country, gotten married and had a child within the last few years... and apparently have started my saturn return.

    I have just recently started to read about Saturn Returns and to study my (and soon my daughter's and husband's) natal charts in depth. I love it, I love the symbolism.

    I can definately see a light, or a lightening up of things coming in my own life... a stepping into oneself. Although I do still sense a great amount of challange... but it's more understandable as opposed to overwhelming.

    I love what you said Esoteric Artist, "If you are an Indigo Child then your mission is to heal yourself and any issues you might have, then with the power you gain from this healing process, to bring your unique gifts to the planet."

    Love it - thank you for this post.

  10. This is an interesting combination with the sunny First House (Leo AC) and is your Virgo Sun intercepted in the First House or in the Second House? Pluto is in his own sign of Scorpio with Saturn and Moon for company. This would imply a life of transformation and constant change, but with Saturn putting the foot on the brake pedal. So it might look like stop-start-stop-start.

    The past few years have been difficult on the planet all around and the Virgo Sun tendency would be to try to fix or solve the problems of the world, while the Leo AC wants to be the creative light in the world. The Scorpio stellium (which depending on the degrees these planets are in will feel the Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013) has a transformational effect, but this transformation need not be of the dark variety despite the Scorpio signature. Perhaps, it is a lesson in feeling joy in the world no matter how dark the dawn appears. And you mention already that you see the light coming into your life. Pluto has a light side too, the eternal spring, and the emerging back into the world as a wise person.

    I wish you the best with your Saturn Return. It is a time of deepening with responsibility, making wise choices, and learning from past experiences.

  11. I have Saturn in Scorpio conjunct to Pluto in Libra (more or less 4 degrees) in the 3rd house. And saturn is the focal planet of a T square between my asc. Leo and my Sun in Aquarius. Thank God I have a strong Jupiter as well, so as to relieve some tension..

  12. If Saturn is in Scorpio and Pluto is in Libra, this is not a conjunction. A conjunction occurs when both planets are in the same sign. However, if you have Pluto and Saturn in the Third House then this is a mighty powerful house that ask you to mature before wielding this power.

    You will know when you are ready because you will live your life in total integrity, you will speak your truth, face your fears and take full responsibility for the events that occur in your life. You will communicate from a place of power and wisdom since Saturn is a teacher-sage.

    A fixed T-Cross presents the challenge of staying flexible since Scorpio, Taurus and Leo are stubborn. You will feel like you are on a seesaw with humanity verses self, and ego verses Spirit. You will go back and forth between taking care of your needs and sacrificing for the Greater Good. However, since your AC is not a planet I don't think it forms a T-square with your Sun and Saturn, though you will struggle with your identity in regard to your Aquarius Sun. Saturn in Scorpio will ask you to bring discipline to your endeavors and to walk your talk.

    Jupiter does not always release tension. Sometimes Jupiter adds to the tension because remember that Jupiter expands what it touches. So depending on how Jupiter aspects the other planets, whether it is with squares, oppositions or inconjunct or trine or sextile, this will determine how Jupiter plays out.

    For instance, Joan of Arc had a strong Jupiter signature in her natal chart according to astrologer Bernadette Brady in her book "The Eagle and the Lark," and we all know how Joan's life played out. Meaning, Jupiter bears gifts, but not always to our liking. Jupiter is about the Bigger Picture, and us humans only see the smaller details.

  13. Hi,

    You talk about a brutal fact : pluto in scorpio, I have this in my natal chart. please explain
    Life hasn't been roses and moonshine for me
    Sun in sag -house 3
    Moon in Libra
    Pluto in scorpio in house 1
    Saturn in scorpio in house 2
    Stellium in House 3

    thank you

  14. You would require signing up for a full Natal Chart reading. Though my first response is with a loaded third house, communication, mental activity, and schooling are important to you and part of your life mission.

    Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st house makes you a double Scorpio and you will see yourself as existing possibly on the darker or shadow side, meaning that you probe into your subconscious to see what lurks in there. You come off as intense to others, bring transformation to others and frighten people a bit upon first meeting them. You might also have health problems with genitalia, colon and elimination process.