Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tuning into Neptune (that wonderful blue planet)

(This is an archival article from 2012). Today I named the corner of Railroad Avenue and Magnolia Street in Bellingham, Washington, the Neptune corner.  This corner provides fodder for Pisceans and Neptune-types in the form of a record (CD) store, next to a tropical fish shop, next to another pet store and across the street from another record store--all things Neptune. 

You will also find people with addictions and dealing with all kinds of social ills standing on the block next to the second music shop.  I mention, the downside of Neptune too.  You'll also find a smoke shop, a glass art store which is really a head shop (paraphernalia for marijuana users) and the drinking of alcohol on the street near this Neptune corner.

At the bus station and police department across the street, music blasts out from a PA system meant to stop loitering, but the musical choices are only conscious for achieving this aim, 6 days out of the week, and not on the day rock music blares from the PA, something about that screeching electric guitar solo that cries for substance abuse.  Okay, so you're asking, what the heck does any of this have to do with astrology?

I strongly believe, and you might coin the phrase "planetmorphizing", that each planet represents certain energies and scenarios (the universal stage, the show must go on), that seems like personalities.  Okay, so personality is too strong a word to describe planetary energies.  If you read the cookbook style astrology books, the authors will describe Neptune as mystical, spiritual, creative, artistic, musical, prone to escapism, addiction and often landing in institutions such as prisons and mental hospitals.  And Neptune and it's ruler Pisces do represent those things.  However, if you want to befriend planets and get behind the scenes, you need to get a better handle on the planets and become intimate with them like you would a friend.

And just like our energies as humans change when we meet new people, live with people, or interact closely with people, but still retain our true essence, I believe it is the same for each of the planets as they transit and aspect each other.  For instance, take Neptune and Saturn since my generation is now experiencing Saturn in Scorpio conjuncting Neptune or will do so within the next 2 1/2 years at some point.  A few different scenarios could play out with Saturn conjuncting natal Neptune in Scorpio and which scenario plays out has to do with the evolution of each soul of my generation.

The first scenario that could play out is that someone with an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or other types of addiction could find themselves hitting bottom, find the structure of their lives completely dissolve (Neptune is dissolution and Saturn is structure), which leads them into psychoanalysis or some other type of healing modality (Scorpio/Neptune).  A situation that began at birth or in early childhood when Neptune was traveling through Scorpio resurfaces from the subconscious and plays itself to the hilt. 

The person going through this scenario will try to escape, but everywhere he or she turns confrontation of self and life choices turn up.  This situation could even deal with child abuse or domestic violence caused by a parent with an addiction that now surfaces for healing.  Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid or mini-planet is in Pisces and many of the Neptune in Scorpio generation folks had Chiron in Pisces when they were born.

Now, a person experiencing Saturn in Scorpio conjunting natal Neptune could at this point drink themselves to death or overdose, even commit suicide since Scorpio rules death or the person could heal him or herself and in the process develop self-empowerment and empathy that leads them on a path of healing others.  (And this also depends on which house in the chart is highlighted by this conjunction and other aspects from transits).

On a more positive note, Pisceans and other Neptune types or people of this Neptune in Scorpio generation (late baby boomers and Gen-X) could develop new structure for their artistic endeavors especially in the fields of music and cinema.  With Saturn in Scorpio making probing below the surface types of documentaries is favored at this time.  Music therapy, the medical establishment using music for healing and music-brain research will also flourish at this time, with new discoveries coming to the surface everyday. 

We will explore how the music industry's profit-making structure at all cost does not serve musicians or music lovers.  Then with Scorpio coming in and blasting away old structure (Saturn in Scorpio, and don't forget Pluto in Capricorn also occurring at this time), music can be returned to its rightful place of evolving consciousness while also giving us pleasure.  Imagine healing through something pleasurable rather than the usual suffering and misery of conventional medicine, which in itself has some Saturn and Scorpio elements.  Personally, I don't find conventional medicine kind or gentle so how can it heal anyone, other offer some kind of placebo effect?

My main passion in life is researching music as a evolutionary tool as well as sound healing, working with crystals, and other Piscean metaphysical tools.  With this article I hope that I have tuned you into Neptune (my favorite planet) and that you will explore how Neptune's energies transform and shift depending on its relationships to other planets both in your chart (under transits) and on the world or mundane chart (which affects all of us).  In any case, I will write more on this fascinating topic in the future.  Don't worry, we're not through with Neptune yet and now the dreamy planet is home in Pisces for over a decade, Neptune has a lot to say.

On the trickier side, Neptune is slippery when wet, dissolves what it touches, and wants to merge with everything while giving off a mystical fog.  Neptune is like that friend who can't make up her mind, swimming in two directions and driving you nuts.  On one hand, Neptune searches for the escape hatch, but on the other hand, boy can this planet speed up ascension and help us to go with the flow.  It's always your choice about how you will use Neptune's energy--either for evolution or de-evolution of your soul.  But in either case, if you're the type who enjoys drama and racing around the block, eventually, you will tire of all that, and flow with Neptune.

There is one last area I forgot to mention, and that is Neptune and dream interpretation.  If you want to improve your dream interpretation and meditation skills, now is the time to do that.  Namaste.

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