Friday, October 26, 2012

Planet Tango (real dancing with the stars)

Dedicated to Dancer/Shaman/Healer Gabrielle Roth, who now dances with the planets

I want to thank French astrologer Lune Soleil for inspiring this week's Whole Astrology post.  She had mentioned that Mercury and Neptune are influencing the presidential election in the US, and I envisioned these two planets dancing with each other.  Then I began to feel the energies of each planet and then the planets combined.  Oh, no, I thought, we are in big trouble.

What does it look like when Mercury, the quick-silver planet of communication dances with foggy-oh-just-let-me-escape or rescue-me Neptune? Neptune tosses a ball of confusion Mercury's way and both planets wallow in the emotional drama posed by water signs (Pisces and Scorpio respectively). The trance that many American voters have fallen into which plays to the tune of, "I have to vote for the Dem or the Repub will get elected..." Or if the voter is not singing that tune, then he's singing, "all I want is some powerful man to rescue me from oblivion."

Neptune waxes poetry while Mercury supplies the wit.  We also need to watch out for a silver-tongued devil in disguise as a savior, because when Mercury and Neptune join in this dance, our thinking is muddy at best or full of delusions of grandeur. Life feels like a Hollywood movie and we want some figure to love and to merge with in a common mission.  We want something big, and beautiful with words that shoot arrows to hearts.  And we look for love and compassion in the wrong places, instead of caring for our own souls.

So this gets me thinking about Neptune's possible dance partners.  With the fiery ball Mars, Neptune lets off too much steam and resembles two people engaged in a slam dance so popular during Seattle's grunge and punk years.  So then Neptune dances with the Sun, which resembles salsa dancing on the hottest day in July--caliente!  Neptune connects with Venus, but too much mirror-gazing happens as if we have landed back in the disco days of the late 1970s--but this ain't no Studio 54.  Neptune would dance with Saturn, but that dark cloud is as morbid as Pluto.  Ah, but Jupiter makes Neptune feel like she's starring in a Broadway smash hit.

Seriously, each planet has its own energy and as humans we can merge and dance with these energies to our benefit.  First, we need to study the planets' attributes and qualities.  Then we intuit what those energies mean to us and how they surface and move about in our natal charts.  If we view astrology in interdisciplinary terms, we not only have a good time doing this, but we balance energies in our lives.

Spin me Saturn
The next step is to take the energies, whether that's the staccato rhythms of Mercury or the slow groove of Neptune or halting steps of Saturn and dance it.  Yeah, that's right, dance the planets.  Whoa, what a new concept!  The good news is you'll never fear an upcoming transit again.  So dance your way through your Saturn return or Mars square Mercury.  This brings awareness and stops you from falling into a trance.  You now empower yourself and like a shaman shift energies of the planets to manifest the life you choose, not one dictated to you by whomever. 

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