Thursday, December 6, 2012

Define your element

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
What I like most about astrology is its orderly system.  You have three qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water, twelve houses and ten planets, if you don't count the micro planet Chiron or all those asteroids.  And another fun quality I discovered recently revolves around how the elements play out in charts and the qualities that bestows on the person with the chart.

For instance if someone has over half their planets in the fire element, they are a Fire Starter, someone with a great deal of enthusiasm, passion and drive.  They came to this planet to inspire others, to light fires (hopefully in a good way), and to bring warmth and joy.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Someone with half their planets in the water element, Conduits, soak everything in and color the world with emotions or feelings.  They are your psychic sponge who stay in touch with the cosmos.  If you need intuitive help, go to these folks.  They're easy to find because they usually work in a healing profession.

Someone with half his planets in the air element, Clear thinkers-Communicators, either has his head in the clouds or complete clarity of thought.  These people think quickly, but tend to over analyze.  They thrive with new technology involving communication, are gifted writers or broadcasters unless something in their natal charts hinder this free flow of thoughts and ideas.  You'll find these folks in the communications field, or writing novels.  They are excellent public speakers even if they don't have the same enthusiasm as a fire starter.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Last but not least, if you need someone solid and grounded, then turn to someone with over half of their planets in the earth element, Earth Connectors.  These folks might seem slow and ponderous at times, even stubborn, but you can count on them to get a job done and to do it well.  You can find these folks in environmental type employment, landscaping, gardening, farming, massage or body work, and in the business realm as well.  They are the hardest workers of the lot, thorough and meticulous. 

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Finally, we have the well-rounded people who have the elements spread throughout their chart with no one element dominating.  We also have people who are missing an element and overcompensate in the other areas of their charts or project those missing qualities onto other people, especially partners.  This could cause problems down the road if they wish to remain autonomous.

Take a look at your chart to see if you're a fire starter, a clear thinker, feeler intuitive, or earth connector.  I have fun making up these terms and coining new phrases.  Guess which element rules my chart.

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