Monday, December 24, 2012

Quantum Astrology

I jumped on the quantum physics train in 2001 when I first heard about it, or possibly sooner than that.  Who can remember exact dates during this sped-up era? However, the law of attraction folks pulled me kicking and screaming, practically, towards their way of thinking.  I believe in astrology and I couldn't get my head around how astrology and law of attraction go together.  Could you imagine if law of attraction and astrology were two people on a date? Sparks would fly.

Some astrologers believe that the planetary alignment that occurred during our birth shapes our destiny.  Predictive astrologers give us little leg room where as, evolutionary or transformational astrologers claim that we always have a choice about how we experience the planetary energies in our natal charts and transits.  Quantum physics, from the little I can figure out claims that we live within multiple universes or dimensions.  We live all our lives simultaneously and that anytime we're faced with a decision, we end up choosing both sides of the decisions which we play out in parallel universes or dimensions.  How does one get their head around that concept?

As many of you know reading this blog, quantum physics replaced atomic physics even if many scientists still aren't convinced that we live in parallel universes that there is no space between us or anything and that we are in fact, energetic fields.  So if quantum physics is the new science, will we also discover a new way to view the planets and our interaction with them? Will we still combine Jungian archetypes with astrology? Will we still think of Pluto as the ruler of the underworld and Saturn as the strict authoritarian? Will Mars still race around like a crazy warrior on steroids and will Venus still practice the art of seduction?

How can we combine the concepts of the law of attraction and quantum physics with astrology? How do we give readings to someone who follows the law of attraction? Do we tell them that they created the transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn or Sun in their chart? Personally, I don't think we have any cooperation of that kind with the planets. We couldn't call planetary transits cooperative components as referred to by Esther Hicks/Abraham in her channeled teachings. I doubt any of us as individuals or as a collective are powerful enough to rearrange the planets in the sky, to speed them up or slow them down or to send them into black holes.

I can just see it now us saying, "Pluto, I'm giving you time out.  Into the black hole you go!"  If we could do that, we could also send Uranus and Mars into the black hole.  However, why would we do that?  I think with astrology, especially evolutionary astrology we can always choose between fear or love.  And you'll find plenty of fearful astrology such as, "Oh no! Oh, my gawd! Pluto will square Uranus and Saturn in the Cardinal element.  We're in trouble now."

Well, certainly that's one way of looking at this important transit (which already took place).  The problem with that OMG factor is that we end up choosing a gloomy reality filled with worst-case scenarios.  A series of what-ifs surface and cause our knees to tremble and our ankles to swell and our stomachs to churn.  "What will we do when the world ends up going to hell in a hand basket?"

So how else could we view such a transit?  One way is to take the transformational view.  If we admit to ourselves we know that the planet needs huge adjustments and the creatures on the planet need healing.  We know that we can't going on destroying the planet while burying our complacent heads in the earth.  We know we need to change and to transform the world, but without the push from Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, we probably would just keep our heads buried in the earth while suffocating the life out of the planet.

Pluto in Capricorn is all about transforming the earth and moving mountains with our collective minds or at least climbing to a summit where we can find a more expansive view.  Pluto in Capricorn destroys old structures and not just unfit buildings, but societal structures, which were heading for demolition anyway.  Saturn currently in Scorpio also brings transformation, but I think with inner structure, such as transforming sexuality, psychology, soul evolution, and how we view death and rebirth.  The Saturn transit lasts for another two years and I believe it will bring great changes to the earth, even if these changes feel stifled and slow.

I admit Uranus currently in Aries has caused us to take a hard and long look at the violence, especially unnecessary violence in the world.  How can humanity call itself peaceful or peace-loving and condone the current violent state of the planet? Uranus has pushed headlines in our faces that question our defensive attitudes, self-righteousness, intolerance and emotional instability.  And it's not enough for any of us to say that we didn't contribute to violent acts on the planet, because in some ways we did.

Anytime we don't address our self-righteousness, intolerance, indifference or suppressed anger or outrage, we contribute to violence we see played out in the world.  Anytime we don't acknowledge what is lurking in the shadows of our minds and hearts, Pluto shines a light on that part of us. Anytime we watch violent movies, read violent books, watch violent television shows or play violent computer games, we contribute to the violence in the world.  Anytime we support violence in team sports or support wars, or governments that support wars and conflicts, we contribute. Anytime we turn our self away from the violent ways food is grown or animals are treated so that meat ends up on dinner plates, we contribute to violence and on and on it goes. 

Like a skunk, we attract and repel
So it turns out that the energies we release in the world that create our realities has planetary interaction even if the planet transits merely show us what we have created.  Thankfully, transiting Saturn retards processes and forces us to rethink our plans already in motion or just about to be set into motion.  Pluto demands initiation and transformation leading to rebirth for the planet and Uranus rebels against old structures that no longer work and probably never did.  Jupiter expands what it touches and it's a bit touchy with Pluto and Saturn at the moment in the form of a yod. So if anyone still feels shock for current world events, look no further than a mundane astrology chart for the planet.  Carl Boudreau has some wonderful mundane astrology videos on YouTube which I recommend.

And in the meantime if anyone has ideas of how quantum physics, the law of attaction and astrology can come together and pave the way for a new planet, please leaves comments here.  Thank you.

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